Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"If a person can bring you a great amount of happiness, he can also bring you a great amount of pain." (Random quote of the day)

Sometimes I wonder, are all humans meant to be selfish?
Is there a single person who would think of others everytime before themselves?
If you're happy, and a person comes by telling you of their sad predicament,
would you still continue to be as happy as you are and ignore their sadness?

It's not the first time I'm feeling this way anyway.
Though I keep telling myself she's still the same person, there's no denying the truth.
My eye hurts from my infection, seriously I am in no mood to hear you preach and go on & on.
I didn't think you cared, after all you just continued rambling, and you gave me a
'Oh-you're-so-busy-talking-to-your-other-friends-go-do-it-and-ignore-me' kinda attitude.
All I needed, was a word of concern.. Ah whatever, I don't think she'll read this anyway.

The rainy day suits my mood just fine right about now..