Friday, September 28, 2007

Listen to my new blogsong!
It's uber niceee, if you can't see the title,
it's by 张靓颖 - 我们在一起 (:

No worries dears, thanks for all the sms-es & I'm fineeee luh.
Just abit disappointed about what happened.
& I thought we were best friends?
Hahah, so I have lesser true friends then I thought I had.
But it's okay, it's these few that matters!
Piggggggydarling, Huidarling, Joeldarling & darling! =D
& Chuchin & Pierre & xbear & xlamb..

I shall stop in case it overfloods, hahaha =D

I'm becoming more & more of a housewife already T_T
First it was 'F & N day' with Joel & Hui,
today was caramel pudding-making day with myself!
I think I failed at the caramel sauce, but it tasted great though!
Shall wait for darling to taste it tomorrow & see if it's good ^^
Tomorrow's gonna be fun! Cos darling's back =D

On a random note, MSN never returned me my Ratatouille game anymore!














Thursday, September 27, 2007


Maybe after all these while,
I was stupid enough to believe things hasn't changed abit since.
Maybe after all, we weren't ranked as your best friend(s).
It's a truth we should have long accepted. (& a heartbreaking one at that)

22 September 2007, Saturday

Saturday was sushi-making day with Huidarling & Joeldarlingggg ^-^v
Met up early at Compass Point to buy all we needed,
then set off to Hui's house to do the cooking!
We slacked, spree-d online, baked cookies, & played with candles till the wee hours (:

Joel's making the sushiiiiiiiii

Ingredients: Crabmeat, eggs, Unagi, egg mayo, hotdogs, & corn

I don't know why my picture turned out so small. Lol.

View from Hui's room (:

Cookie mix

Joel with his campfireeee

Cos 'Z' is for .. ♥

Cos the hundreds of candles are not enough to signify the love we hold -

23 September 2007, Sunday

Went to Plaza Singapura with piggydarling for a eating bingeee.
Ate our favourtie Takoyaki balls, & settled at this shop called, "Ice Monster".
All I can say is, $7.50 for a bowl of Mango Ice which doesn't taste very good?
Piggy also bought me an entire box of Missy Donuts!
I felt like her little mistress that day, she was paying for everything=X

Some fat! goldfishes

This was the $7.50 ice. Mango indeed.

I found this one very rich in peanut butter,
the taste was abit too rich for me.
It felt very fattening indeed!

One of my personal favourites (:
I can't help it, I have a sweet tooth! =X

Suddenly I'm craving for more again T_T

26 September 2007, Wednesday

Went to Compass Point with Mummy today, her day off (:
She was feeling rather generous today,
buying me whatever I wanted, haha!
In the end I returned home with only 'Secret' DVD, satisfied with the buy =D

Meatball Spagetti (:
Really suitable for 2 people to share, actually.

Um, some dessert which wasn't sweet at all.

Illusions of the night
When I dreamt you were holding me close in your arms
But I awoke crying & realised you wasn't there
Cause it was just a dream I had last night..

The Empty Box.

The story goes that some time ago a man punished his 5-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of expensive gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became even more upset when the child pasted the gold paper so as to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift box to her father the next morning and said, "This is for you, Daddy." The father was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found the box was empty. He spoke to her in a harsh manner, "Don't you know, young lady, when you give someone a present there’s supposed to be something inside the package?"

The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, Daddy, it's not empty. I blew kisses into it until it was full." The father was crushed. He fell on his knees and put his arm around his little girl, and he begged her to forgive him for his unnecessary anger.

An accident took the life of the child only a short time later and it is told that the father kept that gold box by his bed for all the years of his life. And whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems he would open the box and take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

- Hahah, no problem! ^^ I re-linked you too! ^^
- Lol, you are correct pretty, I'm not human I am PIG! =X Aww, I wonder when's the hug gonna come! =X
- No problems sweetie (:
- DARLING! Why your quiz so long de, omg! =X
- Hahaha, so cutee right! Is an advertisment! =D
- Hurhur, nothing already luhs (: Thanks sweetie!
- Lol, thanks!
EDIT* : I realized I tagged people with the wrong date
for the post! LOL.
Is THIS post! 25/09! =X

This is my twin & she says 'Hello!'. LOL.

Just because someone doesn't love you in the way you want them to, doesn't mean that they don't love you with all they've got.

Ohmygod, this quiz is so long T_T
Tagged random people to do this quiz! Hahaha =D
Will update by tomorrow if possible, I'm lazy to edit everything! =X

Tagged! i have been tagged by HUIHUI!

1) List out your top 5 birthday presents u wish for:
  • BIG! Elmo plushie! (Or anything big & huggable, lol)
  • Flowers (Which piggydarling fufilled for my birthday)
  • A birthday celebration with alllll the people I love celebrating it with me =D
  • A proposal on my birthday! (Lol, I admit I really do think alot =X)
  • $.$! (Did I say more? Lol!)
2) The person who tagged u is:

3) Your relationship with her is:
She's my darling bestie & I love her! (:

4) Your 5 impressions of her:
  • Superrrr cute,
  • superrr lame (like me! =X),
  • always there when I need her,
  • & she's reallyyy pretty but has not enough self esteem =/
5) The most memorable thing she had done for you:
She understands me well & is there at my lowest point. ILOVEHER!

6) The most memorable words that she had said to u:
I will be there for you de darling!! (Aww see that's so sweet right? =D)

7) If she becomes your lover, you will?
Become LES! =X

8) If she's your lover, what she has to improve on:
LOLOL!~ I will force her not to diet cos she's pretty the way she is already =D

9) If she becomes your enemy, you will?
Nah, never!

10) If she becomes your enemy, the reason is:
Lol, impossible to happen la. =D

11) The most desired thing you would like to do for her now is? :
Go the the ZOO! & BIRDPARK! after Joel & her exams! Yay! =D

12) Your overall impression of her:
Pure loveeee (:

13) How do you think people around u will feel about u:
Me? Um, blur & dao & fat. LOL.

14) The character u love about yourself is:
My listening ear? Dunno.

15) On the contrary, what character u hates about yourself:
Tend to overwork my brain & end up being emo.

16) The most ideal person I would like to be:
Uh, I have no idea.

17) For the people who cares & like you say something to them:
You guys have never failed to bring me smiles when I'm down! You all are pureeee love! I swear all our friendships will last forever & ever

18) Pass this quiz to 10 people that u wish to know how they feel about u.

#1 Darling!
#2 Chuchin
#3 Evonne
#4 Ervine
#5 Gracie
#6 Jiamin
#7 xbear
#8 Piggydarling
#9 xlambbb
#10 April

Who's #2 having relationship with:
Lollll, I have no idea. =X

#9 a female/male:

If #1 & #10 be together, will it be a good thing:
CANNOT! What about me?!

When was the last time you chatted with #3:
Uh, sometime ago.

#2 studying about:
Her O levels. JIAYOU CHUCHIN! =D

What kind of music does # 8 like:
We used to likeeee LUCIFY together, heh!

Does #6 has any siblings? :

Will u woo # 3? :
Eh. I'm not les la.

How about #7?:
Not les la, besides she's attached! =X

#4 single:

Surname of #5:
Omg. I have no recollection. -.-"

What’s the hobby of #5:
I think she is quite into Zhong Ji Yi Jia recently. =X

#3 studying at:
Bishan ITE.

Have u try developed feelings for #8?
She's my darling already =D

Where does #9 live:
VERY VERY VERY far from me. LOL.

What colour does #4 like:
Judging from his blogskin, I should think blue. Guess de. LOL.

Are #1 & #3 best friend:
They are siblings. What do you think? LOL.

Does #7 like #2?:
*Gasp! Not possible la. LOL!

How do you know #2 :
Lucifyyyyy =D

Does #5 has pet:
Er, no idea either. -.-"

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm not sure what has gotten over me,
but I think I'm missing you quite badly.

Suddenly, all I yearn for is the feel of your arms around me.

曾经誓言, 要爱到轰轰烈烈,
爱让全世界妒忌我们的存在 …
怎么现在, 却只是我在妒忌他们,

你说你要买个大大的房子, 让我在家能够舒舒服服,
做个太太, 只需要等你回来。
你说你要生个儿子, 我却说我要个女儿。
后来才仔细想, 其实生两个也没什么不好。
你喜欢说我肥肥的, 但每次我要减肥时,
你却不让, 坚持说肥肥才可爱。
我喜欢躺在你的怀里睡觉, 虽然有时你的手臂回被我躺的麻麻的,
你喜欢用电脑用的很迟, 却很早起床,
我习惯了起来时, 看见你的背影, 那个一听到我起床后就会给我拥抱的背影。
我习惯了每天吃饭, 会有个人会陪我谈天说地,
我习惯了三更半夜, 会有人陪我去买泡面吃,
习惯了的一切一切, 突然间变得很无趣了。

看着空荡的房间, 什么都没有,

Because I miss you, I miss you,
I really miss you.

I know I promised not to cry.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

- Yea, well, sad things are most often true isn't it? =/
- Lol, the price is amazing too! =X But hor not sure if the brand can be trusted though. =/
- Mine's a different version dear. & it's more towards relief, not funny. LOL. -.-"
- Will it be 25648748412 years later? =X
- Hey! (: I'll ask Leemin & tell you again? (: Thanks for asking, anyway! ^^
- I am feeling better, thank you! (: The font's called Arabic Typesetting, you can download it @ (:

Fight for kisses.
As from Xxingg's blog (:

Watched repeat of Shoot! 3 on Channel U last night,
& all I can say is,
Steven Lim has truely disgusted me more.
So all Xiaxue did was speak afew truths that were not nice to hear about (Ever heard of 忠言逆耳?)
& you had to kick up a ruckus.
Wow, what a man.
No wonder you have to try so hard to get a girlfriend (or stead as you term it)

LOL. Just browsed through my Friendster pictures & realized there are 4 idiotic fools
who have commented bad things about me.
(Even though I have no idea how they got there cos my profile is private)
Lol, I think those losers should get a life luhs. (They probably don't have one, duh)
Hmm, one of them said to buy me a new BIG mirror, so,
'Hi sweetie, please don't be a bitch & remember to send it to the right address! (:'

Was gaming just now with IGC & Mayi who kept me very occupied with their gay talks!
Howeverrrrrrr, I got irritated cos I kept meeting people who KS-ed my mobs.
Well, stop KS-ing me before I get flared up & PK you! =X
Lol okok, I'm being random again =X

Yay! Tomorrow (Or today) is Sushi Making Day with Joel & Huihui! ^^
Will post after tomorrow (:

& it's 6 more days.

I miss the times when I wake up & I see you smiling at me,
coming towards me to give me a warm hug.
I miss the times when I go into my room & you'll turn back & smile at me,
calling: "darling!" with a beary hug.
I miss the times
when I forgot to bring my keys,
& all I had to do was knock on the window pane so
you could open the door with a smiling face,
giving me the, 'Why you're so blur!' face.
I miss the times
when I had blisters from wearing heels
& you would chide me sternly, saying, "Don't wear le lah!"
just because you were feeling the heartache about the pain.
& what I miss most is the hugs & kisses I won't be getting as much anymore,
the missing resence of you by my side.

There's this feeling tugging at my heartstrings,
it's the first time I'm missing you so deeply.












  多么璀璨的爱情,有一天,都要脚踏实地,何必把标准定得太高?因害怕寂寞而去爱一个能令你不再寂寞的人 ,因为想得到他的爱而去爱他,有什么不对?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bah, I'm feeling so goddamn guilty today!
I'm so sorry my dearie Huihui!!
I really didn't mean for our shopping trip to end so fast today,
so much for my anticipation =/
I promise I'll make it up to you!
Sorry dearie! =(

Darling is sick today!
Rushed home after an hour's worth of shopping with Huihui dearie when he called =/
He got 2 days of MC, & plenty of medicine =(
Perhaps I shall sneak a picture of him next time =X
He's looking thinner & thinner each day, aww =/
DARLING! Get well soon uhs!

& I've realized today,
hmm, I've got some pretty decent friends that are gonna last me a lifetime (:
I'm a happy lil' girl today! (:

• The guy who loves you, cannot tell you the reason why he loves you. He only knows that in his eyes, you are the only one.

• The guy who loves you, will always make you mad, but he will never know what stupid thing he did, because to him, everything he has done is for your own good.

• The guy who loves you, seldom praises you , but in his heart, you are the best, & only he knows it.

• The guy who loves you, will scold or complain if you din't reply his messaged but not others, because he cares.

• The guy who loves you, will remember every word that you said, even by accident. And he will use those words always at the right time.

The guy who loves you, will not give any promise that easily,because he doesn't want to break the promise, he wants you to trust him, and he will always give you the happiest and safest life.

The guy who loves you, always tell you not to think too much, because he has already planned it for you, he wants to give u the best life in the future, he wants to give you a suprise, believe that he can do it.

The guy who loves you, maybe he can't remember special occasion like anniversaries, but , he do know that, every second he lives, he's loving you, no matter what day is today.

The guy who loves you, would say "i love you" on and on,because everything he has done for you shows that he loves you. He will say the word at a special situation, because he dun wan u to misunderstand, he wants to make sure u know that he still loves you.

• The guy who really loves you, will feel that, somethings hav to be said for only once, because he thought that u hav understood him, if talk too much, there will be nothing for you to cherish.

The guy who loves you, will go to airport to fetch you, he won't carry a bunch a rose and call you "darling, what you expect?" but he will carry your luggage and ask you " why hav you became so thin within two days?" with a sincere heart.

The guy who loves you, will listen quietly to you when you are mad, until you're finished, he would say, "you still got class tomorrow, sleep earlier." with a smile.

• The guy who loves you, won't know that whether he should call you or not when you are angry, but he will send a message to you after few hours, ifyou ask him why he didn't call that late, he will say, "when you are angry,my explanation are all rubbish. But when you calmed down, my explanation will make sense."

• The guy who loves you, will always call you 'little girl', b'coz he wants u to stay young n cute all the time. But everytime before making a big decision, he will first want to hear your opinion n advice.

• The guy who loves you, while quarelling, he will apologize without seizing, althought you are the one who's wrong, and later, he will sent amessage to you with "baby, actually its your fault, you know it urself"

• The guy who loves you, while really miss you, he will want to buy a bunch of roses and wait for you stupidly under your apartment, without even telling you. But in his heart he knows that u can sense his presence n u'll come on ur own.

The guy who loves you, will not always understand you, or never will know when u'll get angry, but he is actually trying his best to understand.

• The guy who loves you, will buy u something u least expected on ur birthday, but he actually had planned that gift, months before ur birthday~

The guy who loves you, would find it very hard to the first 'i love you',bcoz he worries that u might not like him. He worries of loosing u.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Aww, thanks! But I'm not la, haha =x Thank you anyway! =D
Haha, I won't treat you like him okays! Don't be lost darling, we kanbette together! Love ya! =D
At least you got a job I can't find one! =X I hope we won't meet 454854545487 years later k! =X Miss ya! (:
Darling!! I miss you lot lot lot!! =(
Yes yes, where's the spagetti you said to cook for me? =X
Lol, I'm only human dear sweetie =x Of cos will pain =/ You give me hug & I won't pain anymores! =X
Haha, I will!! Thankyou jinggggg! I saw the Xzhu vids on your blog, made me melt lor hahaha =x
Haha, thank you! I'm cheer-ed up already! (: Hope to see ya too! :D
LAMBBBB!~ Aww where's my hug?! =X Hahah, thanks lambbb! =)
I know he will luhs, but the waiting time very long.. =( Thanks sweetiepie! (:

THANKS ALL for tagging & consoling me!
I'm really feeling quite okay now, no worries! (:
&& I have ALOT of pictures to update today,
so all might take awhile to load (:
Be patient people! (:

P/S: I'm at Qns 50 of The Impossible Quiz: Part II already! (:

12 September 2007, Wednesday

Went to Courts with Darling to settle payment for Mummy,
but I couldn't pay cos she needed the Account Number!
(Later Mummy told me she went there & just paid without her Acc. No. ,the cashier bluff me! -.-")
Walked around Ikea & Giant (again) & went home just in time for my 7pm show =D

He's trying to promote Yeo's! Lemon Barley drink =X
I'm promoting my Sony Ericsson phone! =D

Let's get drunk tonight..

14 September 2007, Friday

Friday was a sad, sad day. =/
My eyes were all swollen from crying on Thursday =X
Thanks to all my darlings who aided me through the day! I love you allllllllllll! (:
Went to Tekong Island by ferry & almost vomitted cos the boat kept swaying!
Ugh, hate boats!
Ate & walked around there, (saw so many botak's, LOL)
& then headed off to meet Tako's @ Plaza Singapura for dinner! (:
The Pizza Hut there had a nice ambience, I like!
(P/S: Sorry to my fellow Tako's, who were probably frightened by my sudden breakdown @ Pizza Hut =X)
We went to play basketball @ the arcade & almost got hit by the ball, lol =X

On the ferry @ Changi (Er, I'm not sure where either =X)

Darling's little sister, Xueting (:
I always like holding her hands, hurhur (:

The meal they provided @ Tekong, very fattening indeed!

Sausage baked pasta (Or something I forgot -.-")

Creamy Pasta (Or something -.-")

Spicy Drumlets

Fruity Paradise (Or something. FINE I'm horrible at remembering names -.-")

Beloved Tako's!
Greg is the one in yellow (:

15 September 2007, Saturday

Headed to Pasir Ris, Simei, then Bugis all in a day!
3-inch heels killed my legs totally, blisters everywhere! =/
Went to Simei's SE Center to fix piggy's phone but I don't think they did anything except scratch her cover -.-"
(There are a few dents on her cover now)
After which we shopped & rested our poor legs @ Bugis Cafe,
& I gave up on my heels & took them off, walking home barefooted =X

She's enjoying the Coke float (:

Very niceee coke float! (Which cost quite much =X)

Onion Rings

Spagetti (My loves!)

Mountain Fries

Heels which killed me.

She's my other half & I'll die without her (:

In the lift, barefooted. LOL.

So it's 11 days more till 28 September..
It's the calls that you give me daily that gives me the strength for the days ahead.
They're vitamins for my heart <3