Friday, August 28, 2009

Underwater world trip

Today's picture: Darling and I got these while watching Harry Potter last time! Bad thing is, once the straw drops in the cup you can't get it out without opening the cap. (Which happened twice during the movie.)

And here are the overdue pictures. Though I still don't have the complete set I decided to post them up anyway. We're on Sentosa Express here!

Looking completely touristy, Hui and Joel.

I miss my fringe. (Hui, see what I mean about hair = haystack? LOL.)

Underwater viewing chamber right outside the Underwater world, I always love coming here whenever I'm at Sentosa. (You don't even need admission tickets)

Fat thighs with skinny boyfriend. (*sigh)

Snake trying to get into my pants. (As you can see I'm stiff because I didn't dare to move. I kept telling the snake handler; 'I don't want to hold the head I don't want to hold the head ahhhhh' HAHAH)

At the Dolphin Lagoon 30 minutes before the show starts. We just sat there and looked at each other. (LOL no I'm joking)

Continous shots are awesome!

See? Best invention I tell ya. (I put this picture as our desktop wallpaper and Darling went, "Flying dolphin!!" Totally wtf)

The more pink it is, the older it is.

We all agreed that this bus ride was the best part of the trip, being on the open-top bus!
We took a full round just to enjoy the breeze and scenery, and it was greeeeaaat~(And we didn't have to spend a single buck LOL)

Rollercoasters at Resorts world in midst of construction

Besties in another touristy shot

They decided to get airbrush tattoo (Is that what you call it?)

The first thing we noticed after stepping into Underwater World was the reef sharks attacking one another :(

We also fed the stingrays, where I was scared stiff that they would bite my hand off. (They didn't.)
(I thought they were quite stingy with the amount of food given, though. 6 pieces of extremely small meat for $3 wtf)

Once you put your hand in they'll be sure to swim away. (Unless you've got food, which is a different story.)

Sea Angels!

I told Darling that I liked jellyfishes cos they swim (or float?) rather gracefully (In my opinion) Darling thinks they are evil creatures who sting people. -_-

At the Living fossils exhibit. You can climb in this thing and see the fossils from the inside, though I'd recommand not doing so cos it kinda smells in there.
(LOL @ Darling's expression)

Hui making a funny face at me

Joel in wonder in the exhibit


More photos of the trip are available in my facebook albums and also Hui's facebook account!
(Next time we should totally go to the Megazip Adventure Park! *hints)

Darling and I are obsessed with these machines lately, anyway. We went to Iluma on Tuesday (?) and spent over $50 on them -_-
I told him it's okay if we don't catch anything, but what can I say, stubborn boyfriend. (Stubborn boyfriend = stubborn girlfriend)

And we are totally obsessed with this game of late! Though the story is quite repetitive the different characters are fun to play around with, both the good guys or the villians.
Favourites to play are definately Squall and Cloud, easier navigation (and cute ahem) in my opinion.
(They sound better in their original voices as compared to the english version :/ Youtube link)

Monday, August 24, 2009


Knowing that you're tired and you're lying on the bed yet you can't sleep because your nose is blocked sucks.
Totally sucks waking up to a full-blown stuffed nose.

Grandma came by the other day and she was talking to me about an upcoming wedding of my cousin's.
Talking about guest lists, family matters.. And my parents. How she doesn't like Mom or thinks Dad isn't very ___.
It's not a secret the Mom-and-mother-in-law relationship ain't good between them both. It's always been this way.
But it just doesn't feel very good hearing about your own loved Mom's bad words from your loved Grandma, is it?
If I rebut her it wouldn't be nice either. How could I? I wonder why I'm liked, though my parents aren't?

I like to think it won't happen to me, because boyfriend's Mom and I get along OK. I mean, we aren't exactly besties, but we do talk and sometimes she calls me when she can't get boyfriend.
So I guess we're on a mutual level of 'friendship' towards each other. Which is a good thing as opposed to Grandma and Mom.

On a random note, I am going to dye my hair tomorrow. /shivers
Can't say I'm exactly excited but can't say I'm not anticipating it either.
I hope I don't end up looking like some chao ah-lian HAHAHAH.

Here's today's random picture for ya.

Mr turtle! Haven't got all the picture from Hui yet :(

Just accidentally scratched my leg with my new bag -.-
Great. Another scar on my legs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shopping urges (depleted)

(Random picture of the day: Darling caught this for me! :)

Usually I always shop online. As you guys know 75% 90% of my wardrobe are clothes I've ordered online. But in the few recent months the urge has depleted to a (very sad and) minute level.
Even when I go out to shop I end up buying nothing at all. (Nothing but food. Food = weight = not good.)
It's good in a way that I'm saving money (though not on food) but bad in a way that my wardrobe's been the same old thing it's been. :(

This is the only thing I've been interested in. However gorgeous it is, the only reason why it's not in my shoe cabinet yet is that its' thin (and killer-ish looking) heel would probably kill me.
It's 4.5" for goodness' sake I can't even walk right in 3" heels already. :(

I'm also having breakouts lately due to the stupid haze. Not only has it been irritating my nose, but also my face. GREAT.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

(No subject)

It doesn't have to be anything much to mean something at all.

(Pardon the messy table. *scampers away)