Tuesday, December 25, 2007


May everyone get their desired wishes & have a happy holiday (:
(P/S: Those who received my sms last night, arrange a meetup with me for your presents ~ :D)

So Christmas have been fun overall, with all the fakers & everyone I've met :D
Will update details again these few days :D
Meanwhile, have fun, spread the love, & have a happy holiday all! :D

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Make your own error message here! (:

I like Haloscan commenting, cos I kept alot of spam away with it :D
But the number of tags I've got seem to be have decreased :x
So people, do tag more, haha :X
(P/S: Previous tags have all been replied, please refer to the Haloscan link @ the past entry :D)

So.. After Darling has had his POP (Passing Out Parade, graduation from BMTC)
we've been practically going out & spending money! Haha :x
Over the course of next few days various events have been planned,
but everything depends on the weather :D
I love my Darling!(s) :D

Have been Gaia-ing recently,
the avatars inside are so cute please! (:
& you can customise your own characters & buy clothes & things for them! :D

This is what happens when you've neglected your Facebook account for too long = ="

(Click to enlarge)
Webcam-ing with Joel, he was having fun with his new webcam, lol! :D

♥ Swensens' with fellow Tako's

Been so long since I've met my fellow Tako Darlings!
Gosh, we've all changed!
It's like, we've become young adults (Okay well duh, we ARE),
where we can sit in a resteraunt & just sit & talk (:
Very nice feeling I must say (:
So we caught up & headed back to my house where Piggydarling went crazy over my PC games
& Greg together with Weichong went crazy over my printer, trying to configure it :x
That marks the end of a very nice day :D

Pizza was a small serving :x

My Breaded Chicken (Or something :x)
I only managed to finish the fries :x

Apple Crumble

Chocolate Fondue @ @
Superrrrrr nice!

Greg :D

♥ December 11 2007, Darling's POP!

Finally 3 tough months passed & Darling's having his POP!
Congrats on passing your BMTC darling! (:

Had Burger King before that :D

They had 4 French Horn players, lolol! :D

They gave us nice pastries..

which expired on the same day.

We went to have dinner after that at White Sands :D

It was supposedly Japanese Spicy Noodles but it was more like laksa without the coconut taste.

Darling bought for me a GIANT Eeyore! :D


♥ Show Luo Zhi Xiang's Autograph @ J8

That day was a fucking terrible day.
Met Chuchinnnnnn that day @ 2pm, & after buying her lunch,
we headed to the autograph area to queue.
Initially we were damn happy, because there was so little people there &
we ASSUMED we were the first few. ASSUMED is the word here, cos after we saw this sign.

..... =.=

Okay fine. So we walked to Long John Silver's, with this sinking feeling..
& guess what, the queue was so long it could might as well surround the whole Junction 8 please! =.=
We walked such a long way before reaching the end of the queue, & started our long wait.
Actually time seem to pass quite fast, we had alot of random chats :D
We talked from Show (Well duh :x) to eyeliners to handphones. Very random :D

The REAL ordeal started when we finally started to move to the level 3 areana.
We encountered so many kiasu & kiasi china & singaporeans who cut our queue.
Like WTFFFF please we were like so infront of them yet THEY CUT OUR QUEUE!
Me & Chuchin were damn pissed, we delibrately said,
"Wah, some people, they have just the thickiest skins to do these kinda stuffs!"
Got ignored! Never mind, we tried again, louder.
Got ignored again! We got cut by so many people even a million fingers couldn't finish counting them all!
Damn damn damn angry!
The most angry thing was when we finally got to the 3rd floor,
We were left standing there like idiots while others who are WAY BEHIND US got in laughing & smiling. Like FUCK please!
Finally when we got in, we were like so behind we couldn't even see anything =.="
(Stupid security, I swear you're gonna get complained like fuck!)

Show arrived late so we got squeezed for around 45 minutes until he started singing. He sang Yi Zhi Du Xiu & Wo Bu Hui Chang Ge,
& he & Peifen chatted for quite awhile & the autograph FINALLY started. (We were being squeezed all this while)

The only good thing was when we finally got near to the stage, (after being squeezed by 5 million people)
me & Chuchin & Huidarling suddenly got very nervous. It was like, okay finally,
this is the time! :D
(Peifen mentioned on the stage that I specially prettied myself up for Show, lol!
& she kept waving my scarf, haha :X)

When we saw Show, I told him, Xiaozhu, you must jiayou!!
I have no idea why he gave me a shocked expression, but it was cute nevertheless :X
We finally walked out of the autograph alive @ 9.45pm, after being squeezed by the crowd for 1 hour & 45 minutes. @.@

While waiting at the queue.

This is all the fucking crowd that cut our queue.
This is only the beginning. =.=

We saw this ad at Breadtalk, haha!

What I wore that day :D

♥ Ikea with Darling

Went to Ikea that day with Darling & we got ourselves little lights to hang around the room :D
Nothing much, pictures! :D

Got another 2 Eeyores :D

♥ Bugis with Darling

All I can say is, I will never shop with Darling again.
'Nuff said. :X

♥ Alvin & The Chipmunks with Mum & Darling!

Went to Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday to shop around & we watched Alvin & The Chipmunks :D
Extremely quick movie please, I couldn't stop squealing at the chipmunks, aww!
4.5/5 :D