Saturday, October 23, 2010


Do you ever feel like sometimes, people are only good to you because they want something from you?
Like people want to know you only because you have something they find useful?
I find myself doubting people, especially after Boyf's words. He says, I shouldn't be as trusting as I am.
Hmm. Sometimes I feel like it's a world where everyone is just making use of another.
Humans.. We are ugly sometimes.

Some shots taken not by me but with my camera. A Malaysian cousin dropped by to visit, Mom & me tagged along when her friend brought her around to really uninteresting places
We made awkward conversation.

I should be happy because next week is payday but I am not because I am $650 poorer.
Thinking of a short getaway since there's a long weekend 2 weeks later... :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best friends

Because with them, I can be whoever I wanna be, and they won't judge.
Simple dinner and supper and wine and silly photos and talking till 3am.. Nothing beats that. Love you guys!

P/s: Happy 21st baby, love you deep deep :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, the horror!

Together with my best friends (whose birthdays are arriving), we went to the Night Safari for the annual Halloween Horrors 2010!
Yea, he has red eyes as you can see. Cool right! Too bad he scared more people than he got scared that night. Haha!

This is the Geisha whom Joel & I nicknamed "Zhang Ziyi". You know, the actress who acted in 'Memoirs of a Geisha'?
She's superbly chio in real life! (I meant the one I met, in this case) And doesn't scare people. I like her. Haha!

HAHAHA I wanna laugh everytime I see this picture!!
This guy with the doll was the creepiest, hands down! He'll not only stare at you fiercely, but do a sudden 'ROAR!' at times~

Group photo~ On the left is a friend of my dear Hui's! The ghoul doesn't really care about us, as you can tell.

He kinda stinks. Joel kept urging me to stand closer to him, but to be honest I was scared he might run and scream at me or something. Yea, he does that.

I'll totally creep out if this was a guy! Cos he/she was practically on my boobs. LOL!

She tried to scare Joel, but he turned and said HI! instead. Attempt #FAIL lol!

And here's something completely unrelated, some candies my boss gave :)