Wednesday, October 1, 2008

(Random picture of the day: Curry rice I had for lunch last weeeek! Spicy, I like!)

Clinic wasn't open today. Apparently the information on the website was wrong. (Sheesh)
But I found out I had corneal ulcers. The pictures on Google Images scared me, alot.
Going to the doctor's on Saturday again, hope I can get some medication by then.
Till then, no contact lens for me, I'll be a blind rat until thn :/
(My spectacles are too ugly to be worn out! Note to self: Need new ones!)

Ah, it's 5 days to Mayi's birthday, and 6 days to Toma's birthday. :)

I like the ring. It was a gift from my aunt, she dotes on me alot.
My cousin, me, and her, we all have the same one. :)

(Note to self: Cannot. Rub. Eyes! Dirty. Hands!)