Monday, April 30, 2007

majorsadnesssss )=
the dress i wanted ,omg sold ler !!
i freaking swear i emailed the person ,but she nvr receive dao .
ohwellssss =.="

went out with piggydarling chong&greg ytd (:
at first went to meet a buyer at hougang ,thn piggy&i realized we got nothing to do .
so called chong out !
watched Retribution ,omg is a bumb der show .
the show is about these few people ,cos they saw this girl in this mental hospital/asylum &they nvr do anything to save her from dying alone ,
so they all died .
.... -.-""
waste my $9 !
somemore the ghost in the movie can FLYY ! lol ,still can open door walk out those kind .
so diao can . like superman liddat ,hahaha (:
luckily greg nvr mentioned his poly life things ,i'll BITE him ,hahahah =x

feel like changing my blog link !
but lazy to ask ppl relink lei ,how ?
im lazy ,hurhurs (:

STILL finding a job .
anyone got lobang ?

went to meet this girl last week ,she was late for half an hour =.="
forever i met buyers/sellers ,always they late der .LOL .
thn when i was going home ,i was fixing the earpiece for my phone thn ..
i knocked into a lambpost .
right infront of a bustop FULL OF PEOPLE .
omg ,so dui lian lar ,i quickly walked to the end&hide my face =.="

it's okay .
i've long ago gotten used to life when people has forgotten my existance .
things come&go ,im always as alone as i th0ught . (:
at least i know my darling ,piggydarling ,chong , greg &shimin will be here with me (:

mybabybaby ,you're the one for me
tell me im the only one for you too <3

pics next post !
comp is laggy cant connect my phone =(
off to pei darling play his game ,LOL (:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

yays !saw an online shop holding the exact shoe spreeee i wanted !!boots here i come !hurhurs (:
(in case anyone's interested ,link )

anw am gna order some instocks from Taiwan/Korea/Hongkong over&sell them on our blogshop ^^
am gna apply for a card with piggydarling sat (:
anyone wna buy anything ? ((:

bought sooo many things lately ,it's time to earn back my capital !hurhurs !

greg ,dont even start telling me about your polylife .yes im glad you're having fun but fucking stop rubbing salt into me&piggy's wounds .before we BITE .

emailed the person regarding this dresssss (: &im so hoping it's not sold !i'll cry if it is .LOL .

credits to here

credits here
just one of the MANYMANY boots im eye-ing .

i think my blog's becoming's more of my wishlist/wants rather thn a blog .hurhur !

okays ,off to sleep ! 7:33am in the morning ,when my darling's alrdy sleeping at 3.30am .without me ! LOL .tata ppl ! ((:

my babyboy ,iloveyoumorethnwordscansay.
mybabybaby ,stay&i'll make it worthwhile <3

p/s: chuchin ,you meant the spring beauty/?[i forgot the name ] one ?the one with the pink cap ar ?LOL

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

i wna get boots ! saw some boots online but didnt see any shops holding the spreees ):
if i were to buy them directly sure cost like bloody lot =.="

&& ,i wna get THIS !

DOMO KUN ! it's a purse/wallet ,costs $10 !
picture credits to HERE

should i get this or my eyelashes ? (troubles)

awws im preeetty bored >"<

&& ,happybirthday to all the april babies (:

will you be with me when the next sunrise falls?
i thought of days without your hugs&kisses& i realized im lost .

Sunday, April 22, 2007


this draft has been sitting in my blogger for VERYLONG .cos my stupid internet connection is like #$%^ hence cant update .like jing always say ,Ctrl + C before you publish !if not will later blogger EAT away your post ,LOL .

riiiiiiiiights .interview .no ppl called back luhs ,so that means -.-" && friday ar me&piggydarling went to this place in Loyang search for the place ,zz the woman who called gimme WRONG ADDRESS .is supposed to be 13 xxx lane ,she tell me 11 xxx lane .there's NOSUCH lane there lor ,wtf .in the end ar we found the place the security ppl said the interview was over 2DAYS AGO .which was the day she called =.=

jobjobjobjobjobjobiwnaJOB !

last sunday went with joel&hui&mydarling to the Euro funfair at compass there .sadly didnt go on any rides cos there werent too many ppl there&it was quite ex =X

lesson learnt that day ,boyfriends&own cliques ,hard to match together )=

gahs the weather so hot recently T.T i think i might just turn into roast pig =.=" mydarling said ,nvm ,roast pig nice to eat =.="" the end of the world is coming we're all gna die T.T

Euro funfair picsss (:
i wna go on the Euro wheeel next time !~ when the seat is dry that is .HURHUR !

chuchin !
happybelatedbirthday !
got no present for u ,giv u kiss want ? =xx
hahaha =xxxx

mybabyboy ,will you stay by my side like you said you would?
would you hold my hands&promise nvr to let go ?
or would you give me empty promises&break my heart all in the end ?

xbear: hahahah ,okok lar ,dont sad lar bearbear !thn next time u must tag me MORE often ar ,if not i go flood ur BLOG .LOLOL
chuchin: lol ,really ?u all go organise lar ,i incharge of attending the outing jiu hao .wahahaha =x
april: i didnt !ask ur boy top up for u lar ,hurhurs ! (:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

hurhurs ,am back for my weekly update ! sent resumes to afew places&now awaiting for reply ,&& registered for 3rd applications to ITE ,so i'll need loads of luck this week .wish me luck people ! ((:

business at the blogshop has been rather quiet ,probably cos i havent been doing my mass-advertising lately .hurhurs ,am LAZY !so piggydarling ,dont kill me ! =x

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i bought this for my darling&myself (: coincidence that both March&July babies are PINK ! others all different colourssssss ~ ^^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
sunrise at yishun (: taken at darling's house (:

nxt ,went to Vivo to catch Meet the Robinsons with darling (: Very nice movie ,especially where the dinosaur said ,i have big head&little arms!like LMAO lor ,damn cuteee !4.5/5 stars !we bought popcorn&drinks but in the end couldnt finish eat till =.="

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The Ring .LOL ,not luhs ,eye make-up for that day .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
the ENORMOUS drink he bought .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hamsters at the Pet Safari ! awws super cute lar .see 5 hamsters squeeezing together ~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
XIAOZHU !the other day Entertainment 100% got xiaozhu ,omg shi shuai de lor !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
as usual .

tml's friday the 13th ,hurhurs !

chuchin: lol ,we're both not les lar .if really is ,me is bisexual cos i got boyfriend .LOLOL .when TF gna gv u ya pay ?go burn down TF =X
april: hurhurs ,kan der chu lai rights .hahs ,whats so "bu cuo"-ish ? anw ,i saw your friendster comment ler .u wna go ,sms me again yeps . (:
xlamb: in the end also nvr go ,hahaha .when we go can take neoprints&can rot der ?LOL =X
xbear: xiaobear only taggs me when she updates her bloggg ~hahaha =X i miss you too luhs bearbear!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
time flies .every passing minute i just wish time would pass slower ,
so i would have more time to spend with you .
i have nothing but loads of loves for you ,do you have the same for me too ?


Friday, April 6, 2007

im bored ,im VERY bored .hence decided to blog .

last few days went "camping" at my darling's house .rotted at his home for sometime&came back today cos have to go bai4 my grandfather tml .

btw ,appeal failed ,fullstop end of story . FUCK . am gna find a private school or something now (:

this saturday's me&darling's 9months ,hahaha (: time flies so fast ..all the silly things we've done ,all the memories we've created ..i wont forget ,but i will remember (:

so looking forward to next wed !midnightsafari/lucificans outing !wahahaha =.=" but we havent decided where to go zzz =.="

random pictures .

fake eyelashes i bought from online ! one stil got glitter one ! so pretty =DD

told ya i was obsessed with checkered .hahaha



ishouldntthinksomuchishouldntthinksomuchishouldntthinksomuch .
i will stay happy & smile & pretend that im so happy .
i will smile & not cry even though my heart is ripping inside .
i will continue to laugh even though i know my tears are brimming .
i will i will i will .
because of you ,i will .
just promise you wont break my heart ,please ?

april: hahah ,guess ? ^^
hui: aiyo darling ,wo mei shi der la [: thanks dear ! ((:
joel: erkk ,u wna go sms me lar .u come here tag how i know T.T
daiis: Lol ,where notti ?i very nice der =X if i pay for the bear ar will (faint) bah haha .anw the bus also no have ppl =X
chuchin: LOL !love your kiss .hahah if u type that so gay =X ppl think i kiss yoooou =X
xlamb: hahah !cute riiiiiights =X lol ,i like it ALOT too ! ^^ yay so looking forward to next week [:
Vanessa&Pakling: ((= welcomewelcome luhs [: you 2 like jiu hao ! ^^