Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 recap

Initially I really didn't want to do a 2012 post, seeing so many others do it as well.
But I thought it'll be a nice post for me think back & reminisce, to see what I've done the last year

What I did in 2011:
  • I travelled 8 times this year! (Penang, Hong Kong, Bintan, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Batam, Malacca) I am also planning to break that record next year.
  • I got a pay raise (Minimum amount.. But heck: Still a raise nonetheless! Still pondering if I should stay, or go though. Something to think through this new year!)
  • I went to USS this year 3 times. It was also the first time I managed to sit on Battlestar Galactica with my eyes open.
  • I learned how fragile human relations really were. Make or break: Such a thin line. I met people who taught me how easy it was for them to change sides or to backstab someone. Something I still cannot comprehend till now.
  • Realized how much my family has aged. I learned (even more than ever,) how important family is. Family are the one people they will always be by you, regardless the situation. I'll always put family first, even before love/friends now.
  • I loved - got my heart broken. I unloved - got my heart broken.
  • Sadly, I grew fat.
Not bad for a year, I think. I don't think Imma bother with resolutions for this year: They only last as long as you remember anyway.
To make this post less wordy: Here are pictures from my Instagram account (P/S: I'm pingping7 on Instagram!)
1. After I had a bad haircut. Thank God it's finally better now.
2. My first Christmas present this year from Jiewei's sister! Thank you
3. Treats for my colleagues at the office
4. My toot haircut finally getting better.
5. I love getting flowers
6. Pretty glassware I saw at Daiso!
7. Scrumps accompanied me when I had a high fever afew weeks back. My fever hit 38.5 degrees. Thanks to my love who took care of me.
8. Super cute reindeer ears I got at Daiso for Christmas (Which I forgot to wear during Christmas celebrations.)

2012, let's work hard together! Yoshi~~