Saturday, June 30, 2007

typed this afew days ago but forgot to publish .LOL .
so i dont care this is to be published as June's post d=

Went to Bugis&Hougang ytd/Saturday/? with Tako's !
Met them around 2+ ,left darling at home a g a i n =x
Sorry darling ! Always abandon you at home alone when i go out =x
Went to walk around Bugis Junction&ate Fish&Co .
Seriously abit sick of this kinda food ,
couldnt finish my serving ,glad that Greg&Chong (the rubbish bins) were there to help ! =x
After that went to walk around at Bugis Street ,
where i bought a top on impulse (i was DAMN determined to spend money&REFUSED to go home empty-handed)
Wanted to head to Hougang to play pool after that ,
but it was kinda late so we just slacked around Hougang Mall area .
Random picsssss ;

Bugis .Bored .Pics .

Fish&Co . = ~ ="

They were selling this Pufferfish called Ping there .
To be honest ,it really looks quite . . . . UN-cute . LOL .

NLB ,thn Greg suddenly walked into the picture = ~ =

Piggydarling&my FAT legs .

Chong sleeping on the bus =x

the game that my darling LOVES =x

cos i picture us ,
walking hand in hand ,
towards the future together <33

can you promise to stay by my side ,&nvr to break this promise ?

evertime i rmb the fact that my darling's gna go into army in Sept ,
i cant help but tear up .
i try so freaking hard not to think of it ,but i cant avoid it .
the thought of not having him to be dependent on ,
the thought of no one to talk endless crap with me ,
no one to play silly phone games with me ,
no one to joke with me throughout the night ,
no one to pei me go to 7-11 should we get hungry ..
im lost ,so confused .. its' as if someone just taken part of me along with them ..

cos im quite sleepy ,so tags replied tmr =x

Friday, June 29, 2007

decided that i would update before July starts ,
before my entries for June turns out too sparse =x
but turns out i have nothing much to update (or rather i forgot)

*credits here (:
me&piggy bought these 2 necklaces from a blogshop ,
&just ytd i gave the necklace to piggy .
she worn it for ONE minute ,thn tried to see the elastic-ness of the necklace by bending it .
&it broke . = ~ = "

new 88 bus ,plastic smell included .

darling tried to stuff an ENTIRE oreo inside his mouth
&this was the result . = ~ =

THIS TWO has gotta be the CUTEST !
Show&Rainieeeee <3


7 days away from my 070707 birthday !
SE7EN's my lucky number =D

im so scared of losing you ,
much much more thn im losing myself ..

Sunday, June 24, 2007

was supposed to blog on saturday ,but was lazy&procastinated .
was supposed to blog on sunday ,but was lazy&procastinated a g a i n .
so im blogging today ,haha x=

okays ,got loads of pictures today !
so if it lags or something ..nt my fault .hurhurs ! =x

20 June 2007 ,Wednesday
went to Giant&Ikea with darling tdy ! (that day ,whatever)
started off only at 5+ ,cos he was being a PIGG ! =x
walked arond Ikea first&we bought flowers !
(bought fake ones cos real one wither&they werent selling real ones either)
ate hotdogs (rahhh hungry) &headed off to Giant !

my cousin thought i was in house of mirrors or smth .LOL .

as in order ,this is what happened on that day .

Me: dear ,take pic leh .
Darling: hmm this mirror can put lei not bad . (havent realize i took pic liao)
Darling: hmm this one also bu cuo (2nd pic ,still havent realize i took pic alrdy)
Darling: eh ?! okok take pic take pic (3rd picture )

LOL rights ! my darling ,blurblur one .LOL !

flowers i bought(: hotdogs ! &plant with holes ?! -.-?

as usual ,
walked around&bought foods !
forgot much of what we did ,pics !

cos we were quite tired by thn so not much pictures =x

23 June 2007 ,Saturday
was intially quite worried that it would rain but it didnt !
so went cycling with my Tako's !
Greg intially wanted to rollerblade ,but cos none of us wanted to ,
so we stuck to cycling instead ! =)
thanks to Greg&Chong who took turns carrying my bag !
&&as usual ,left my darling at home a g a i n =x
sorry darling !&thanks for not blaming me (:

pictureeeeees !

me&piggy's bikes (: my gear was abit screwed =x
Horse farm at Pasir Ris Park ! some coolness !
&yes ,that water under the white horse is it's **** no doubt =x

Chong&Greg said cos piggy was too small ,
you couldnt even see her in the fourth picture .LOL .

FOODS ! mine ,Chong's ,Piggy's ,Greg's .
ate at this Cafe/Resteraunt at White Sands ,the food was good ,
but the best thing was ..

iced milk tea ,had ice cream in it > , <
cravings ! =x

Basketball Machine the FOUR of us were crazy over .
Spent tons on it !

&randoms ;

my birthday ! hurhurs xDD

there's this blogshop selling the heart pendants which are available at capsule machines for $1 ,
they're selling it at $3 .
w/o chain somemore ! =x
okok fine believe in karma ! =x

没有真正的翅膀 可以飞去你那里
没有真正的光环 可以照耀你身旁
如果你发现 我不是真正的天使

Rules of the game: Each player of this game starts off with
ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself.
People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird
things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their
names. No tagbacks!

#01) I think guys who type in TWIT are GAY .
#02) I HATE people who nudge me on MSN .
#03) I'm an auntie at heart .LOL =x
#04) I like blanking out all of a sudden .
#05) I think people who use leggings as normal pants are weird =x
#06) I dislike typical answers like 'oh'/'icic' .
#07) I hate hypocrites ,especially 'HER' .
#08) Im a damn childish person ,LOL .
#09) The first thing i do everyday when i wake up is: Sit ,Stare at Ceiling ,Collaspe back in back .
#10) Sometimes im lazy to remove makeup&i sleep with it on .LOL /

whoever wna do this ,just do it .
cos im damn lazy to tag =x LOL !

im gna change my blog link soon ,
probably on my birthday (:
peeps be prepared to relink ! =D

time is passing faster than i had expected ..
&i just cant bear to leave you =(
you're just all i have -

Monday, June 18, 2007

lol clicked the wrong blog&almost blogged this at my blogshop . =X

updates for weekend !
16 June 2007 ,Saturday
was supposed to go out with Chong Greg&piggy to go cycling !
but Greg's grandma died so we postphoned the date )=
dont be sad Greg ! me&piggy will give you a hug when we see you ! =)
me&piggy metup for a meetup (?) at Tampines ,
shopped around&i bought my desired Red patent heels at $10/pair !
legs almost broke cos i was wearing heels all day - . - "

my Red patents !
love the ribbon at the back lar ,so cuteeee =D

17 June 2007 ,Sunday
slacked at home with darling&went around downloading Brushes&Fonts !
thn went out with darling in the middle of the night (3 - 4am+) [lol i know we're crazy]
walked arond&bought loads of snacks !
darling was happy&i was happy too ! ^^

the vending machine we spent a bomb on =x
still got other people buy ler forgot take ,thn darling&i take&eat .LOL !

junkfoods ! =DD
my diet's saying bye-bye to me liao - . -

he's my precious precious darling boy (:

18 June 2007 ,tdy
stayed home again cos it was raining ,ruined darling&my plan to go to Giant !
hence we're going tmr instead !
dunno why ,me&darling love to shop at these places&buy loads of food ! LOL .
he say he wna make me as fat as possible = . =
i have a premonition that my diet's heading for the drain .. =X

要我说一千遍我爱你 我都嫌不够
只要你在我身边 我什么都拥有 …

cos im trying damn hard to forget you're going into the army leaving me alone . )=

Friday, June 15, 2007

back ! ^^
nt gone MIA ,is cos Courts sent the comp quite late (only received it ytd) so till now thn can blog =x
all i can say is , Windows Vista = zzz -.-"
like 97% of my old programs cannot work on Vista ! = . =

i forgot what i wanted to blog about&im hungry ,
so blog again in the weekends yeps =))

meanwhile random photos (:

new comp ! hohoho !
with darling's hand ,nt mine . =DD

neoprints that i took with darling last time (:
forgot to upload ,hurhurs (:

spagetti !
ate it while at compass last time with my mummy&darling !

Sunrise view as taken from darling's home (:

at Hougangmall with my piggysweetie (:

candid shot by darling =.=

i think its time to change my hairstyle . =x
&im going on a diet !
aiming for 48kg&below ! >"<

as 7july closes in ,
i realize it's more thn just 1 year we've through together ;
darling you're the most important to me ,you realize ?