Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New blogskin peeps :D
Spent 21534152452452448 years on this -.-"

Piggysweetie said something cute last week ! She said ,
"Since your Darling has been staying for sooo long at your house already ,
you guys might as well get married !"
Lol ,we'll see when he proposes to me then ! :X
(Darling says he expects ME to propose -.-")

I was gonna buy black skinnies from here last week ,
but you know what happened before I even met her ?
I told her I wanted the skinnies ,&I could meet her up next week .
&THEN! The SAME day she email-ed me back saying ,
"Someone has already paid for the skinnies so it's not available anymore !."
Sheesh ! What a greeaat seller huh =/

23 July 2007 ,Monday
Went out with Darling to Ikea&Giant again :X
We always like shopping at Supermarkets&Ikea !
Was searching for table lamps&curtains for my room
but didn't find anything we fancied =/
So headed to Giant where we had urges to buy everything down
but only returned with sushi :X

Darling says he prefers wooden furniture until I told him about termites :D

Darling likes testing the chairs at Ikea .Lol .

28 July 2007 ,Saturday
Steamboat day with Tako's ! (& an extra Ken :X)
Met a complaining piggysweetie (who thought her outfit was ugly) at 7plus ,
called Greg to find out he just woke up ! (At 7 -.-")
&proceeded to wait for Chong @ Compass . (Waited for 20mins ! -.-)
Everyone was late except for me&piggysweetie ,that is -.-"
(Dammmn ,the first time we are punctual&this happens)

So we train-ed to Bugis&waited for the EXTRA guy there ,
then we walked to the steamboat place ! (I was starving !)
The guys took SO MUCH food -.-"
(I know it was a buffet ,but take until so much will eat till die one lei -.-")
We had so much food in the non-spicy side of the steamboat that
the food began to chao-ta -.-"
The only ones who ate in the spicy parts were piggysweetie&Chong !
(Who suffered stomachaches the very next day :X)
Greg ate one bite&his lips became sausage lips ! LOL !
Butbut ,there was one table beside us ,
one guy ate too much then he vomited -.-" Like ew !
&&&, the staff didn't clean it up ,
only cover it up with newspaper =/

Chong&his weird dunno-what-thing.

It was you who taught me who to love ,what to love ,&how to love .

I'm tireeed !.
No more tagreplying ! :X
- LOL Master Ping -> Like calling guy ! LOL . The picture hor ,actually only got one of the Durian Puffs but I photoshopp-ed into three .LOL .&&Harrypotter ,I xi guan liao ,cos nice to read luhs ! Hahaha :D LOL I go your tagboard try later .LOLOL !
- Hahaha ,aiyo say say niaa lar (: Don't angry luhs (:
- I bought it at a shop at Far East Plaza (: Lvl 3 (:

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Made this thingy for the blogshop .
Hurhur ,cute ain't it ? :X
(I can't believe I'm so bhb either :X)

Rahh was bloghopping around&saw so manyyyyy chiobu's ! (I.E, this)
Singapore ,even as a tiny island got so many pretty girls ! *envy

Went off to meet this girl afew days ago (:
She's so nice luhs ,came allll the way to Kovan to meet me !
&&so pretty also !
&&&her things are cheap&niceee too ! Must support chiobu ar ! :X
On the way there something funny happened ..
Me: (Puts in $1.50 of coins)
Bus Driver: (Stops ,looks at chart ,ponders ,stares at me)
Me: ?
Bus Driver: Eh.. (ponders) But hor.. The longest journey only $1.30 ..
Me: Lol ,I got only $0.50 coins. :X
Bus Driver: (Ponders ,sigh) .... Eh, okay lor.
Me: Lol -.-"

I know I'm supposed to upload pictures of me&Darling@Giant&Ikea(I know ,like again)
&&pictures of steamboat last night !
I'm too lazy to photoshop eerything&upload them up .
Shall leave it for tomorrow ,hehs :X

Meanwhile ,here's a nice story (:
A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding area of a large airport.
As she would need to wait for many hours, she decided to buy a book to spend her time. She also bought a packet of cookies.

She sat down in an armchair, in the VIP room of the airport, to rest and read in peace.

Beside her chair where the packet of cookies lay, a man sat down in the next seat, opened his magazine and started reading.

When she took out her first cookie, the man took one also. She felt irritated, but said nothing. She just thought “What a nerve! If I was in the mood I would punch him for daring!”

For each cookie she took, the man took one too.
This was really starting to infuriate her, but she didn’t want to cause a scene.

When only one cookie remained, she thought “Ah……what will this abusive man do now?” Then the man, taking the last cookie, divided it into half and gave her one of the halves.

Ah! That was too much to bear!
She was much too angry now.
In a huff she took her book, her things and stormed to the boarding area of the airport.

When she sat down in her seat inside the plane, she looked into her bag to take her glasses, and to her surprise (or dismay?) her packet of cookies were there, untouched and unopened!

She felt so ashamed! She realized the error of her ways. She had forgotten that her cookies were in her purse.

The man had divided his cookies with her without feeling angry or bitter.. While she had been very angry thinking that she was dividing her cookies with him. And now there was no chance to explain herself……..nor to apologise.

Remember, there are 4 things you can never recover:

The stone
…after the throw

The word
….after it is said!

The occasion
….after the loss!

The time
…after it’s gone!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Mouse Cursor ,magnified 1000 times.
This ,is bloody lame .
Wait for it to load&you'll see what I mean =_="

Rahhhs !
The weather nowadays is so temperamental ,
it was just so cold today ! (Even though I like it like this :X)
But I think it was the rain which caused me&my Darling to tio sort by the electric switch today T^T
My arm was numb for so long&my mom thought I was bluffing cos when she tried it ,nothing happened .
When the uncle&auntie (who rents the room) went to the bathroom ,
me&Darling waited to see if anything would happen .
¬hing happened !
Me&Darling got electrified for NOTHING .
Is it wrong to go to the toilet T^T

Went to Orchard with Shimin yesterday&crappppppped around as usual (:
I love her !
Not only cos she treated me to Crystal Jade (:D) but also because we can really talk when we're out .
It's like we never run out of things to say ! (Lol ,same case with piggysweetie)
Shopped till we were like ,dead beat !
Wanted to cab home but there was too many people at the taxi stand =_="
Ughs hate going out on weekends !

The day where me&piggysweetie were headed to Bugis .
(I have such BIG hair =.=")

I feel pregnant in this picture T^T
I think it's a sign I'm growing fat T^T

With the super-damn-nice Xiao Long Bao's .
She was supposed to pose but she got distracted by the ginger :X

If you manage to spot what's wrong ,
you win a prize :D

Look what's on Darling's wallpaper ! :D
(MEME ! :DD)

I love the belt but I sincerely think it's suffocating me =_="

I think I'm dying cos nowadays I've been having headaches
&the world spins (literally) all of a sudden sometimes .
Even when I'm lying on the bed T^T

Sometimes I just feel like I can't do without you ,
even though other times I feel like I can .

Friday, July 20, 2007

I was wondering why some girls can look good dressed in just tees&shorts ,
&why I couldn't pull off that look . =_="
Awws ,feeling so bloody self-consious nowadays !
Keep having this kinda 'Dress To Impress' mindset nowadays :X

Harry Potter was AWESOME !
Love it love it love it ! Like to the maaax .
Daniel Radcliffe's eyes were so bloody piercing ,
&&Emma Watson was soo pretty it was kinda unfair .
(Fine I admit I was watching it only because I wanted eye-candy :X)
But I felt like the first hour of the movie was kinda draggy though :X
Too bad Darling didn't had much interest ,
he didn't understand much of the movie *depressed
Must be the influence of Harry Potter ,
have been using bloody abit too much nowadays :X
Who's in for Harry Potter Round Two with me ?! :XX

Just read Xiaxue's blog&it was bloody hilarious ,haha !
Can you believe Steven Lim actually called Xiaxue a 'Chicken Pie' out of alll the names he could call ?
Chicken pies are tasty ! I'm craving for one now ,hurhur ! :X

[1] Me: Darling ,take pic ! o(^^)o
Darling: Zzz..
[2] POSE ! o(^^)v
[3] Me: Yaaaay ! <3
Darling: =_=""

Outside Page One !.
Harrypotter everywhereeee ! :D

Had Long John Silver's for lunch (:
&suddenly we were greeted by the sight of a whole school of primary one students =_=" [Pic 3]

Sunsets (Or already set =.=)

Nightsights ,&& myFATlegs&Darling's skinny ones :X

Saw that Eeyore no one bought for my birthday = ~ ="

Pet Safari(:
Most of the puppies were already asleep ,awwws > , <


If I could have one wish ..

Tags to be replied tomorrow ! o(^^)o
Off to dinner with Darling (Lol ,yes at this time no kidding :D)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I guess this will be the song that'll be accompanying me through Darling's army days ):
'cos I'm feeling so bloody confused. )):

Monday, July 16, 2007

How smart are you?
I'm not even smarter than 1/4 of the population *depressed

This is really kinda M18 .Lol .
But it's really damn funny lar ,haha !

Well ,no idea why but people have been asking how old am I recently .
Do I look that young like a lil kid ?
Humans are weird creatures ,when they are young they always want to look older ,
but yet when they age ,they crave to be young again .
Is this why people usually realize something's importance only after it's gone ?

'Some' people think that their life's the worst&think about dying constantly .
Every single time it's the same thing .
"I think my life sucks ,I don't wanna live anymore"
Can you bloody wake up&smell the flowers ?
There're others out there who're cherishing their precious lives without having chances to live,
&I don't see them complaning about wanting to die !
You don't derserve any sympathy ,please stop acting like you do !
*I've not mentioned names ,hence don't make stupid assumptions (:

Darling caught a fever last Saturday&I was so worried it might be Dengue =_="
But luckily after I fed him some Panadol&water ,
his temperature went down (:
Gave me such a fright ,especially during such a time when Singapore's problems for Dengue are rising :X

Pictures time again (:

Hot sunny days like this = Huge Amounts of Sweats occuring ):
I'm so wishing the whole of Singapore to be air-conditioned -.-"

Baked Rice @ Pastamania .
See lar Weichong !
If you turned up ,
I would have finished my plate without leaving if half full :X

Candid Shot :X
Piggy&I were waiting inside Lavender Station for this girl for a swap .
Ended up taking shotssss ! :X
(Fine I was the one cam-whoring:X)

My Victorius Buys ! :D
After searching sooo many shops finally found that Black glittery bag !
There was even one store which an Uncle tried to sell us a the exact bag with a hole inside =.="
You expect me to buy that with a hole ,uncle ?

Whooots ! Am so excited !
Watching Harry Potter&The Order Of The Phoenix tomorrow with Darling @ Vivocity ! :D
Yay ! Daniel Radcliffe <3
(oops I shouldn't let Darling see my obsession with Daniel Radcliffe:X)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Well ,FUCK .
I'm tired but I cant sleep .

Found another nice story/quote at the forum (:
5.真正爱你的男人,只可能在你一个人的面前流眼泪,当你触摸到他时,也触摸到了那颗只为你跳 动的心。
7.真正爱你的男人,不会轻易做出承诺,因为他想让自己成为你心中说话最算话的男子汉,只想给你最可靠最安 全的幸福。
8.真正爱你的男人,总告诉你不要胡思乱想,因为其实他在为你们谋划着最美丽真实的未来,同时让你无忧无虑 地等待他要给你的惊喜。
9.真正爱你的男人,可能不像你一样清楚地记得某些纪念日,他觉得爱你是每时每刻的,并不是记这几天简单的 日子。
10.真正爱你的男人,不会轻易对你当面说“我爱你”,因为他为你做过的每件事都已经这么说了。除非在非常 时刻,为了不让你无端地误解他。
11.真正爱你的男人,总觉得有些话只说一遍就够了,因为你已经了解他的心。说得多了,他会觉 得不珍贵。
12.真正爱你的男人,如果他去机场接你,不会像你期望的那样捧着玫瑰大声叫“亲爱的”,只是自然地提过你 的行李,然后想用眼睛抱紧你似的心疼地说,怎么瘦得像豆芽菜了?
14.真正爱你的男人,不懂当你生气挂掉电话后应该立即打来,过了若干小时后会发条短信问你消气了没有?如 果你质问他为何这么久才打来,他会理直气壮的说,你生气时我的解释一定没有用,等你的火消了,我的解释才有 效果。
17.真正爱你的男人,当和你发生争执时,总是控制不了地先妥协,先承认“我错了”,过后发来短信以“神经 病”开头,以“宝贝”结尾。事实上你也清楚,这次是你有点无理取闹。
18.真正爱你的男人,很想很想你时,也会买玫瑰送你,傻傻地等着你,却不知道自己捧的是月季。没关系,他 的心里送的是玫瑰。
20.真正爱你的男人,当听到你对他讲很“酸”的话时,他反而会装得很正经,其实心里很甜很甜 。
21.真正爱你的男人,如果不能经常见到你,他会让自己忙碌起来,为了不去想你,因为他知道一想你将会一发 不可收拾
Piggysweetie's comp is down hence there is no one to accompany me to shop online . T_T
I'm spending more when she's not here cos there's no one to give me opinions about what I wanna buy !
Everytime I ask Darling ,he'll be like , "Don't waste money lar ,you got sooo much clothes ler ."
Well ,that's the main purpose of the blogshop right ,lol :X

Lol ,made this cute lil thing for blogshop !

Went to Compass today with piggysweetie&she bought a Curling Iron/Hair Curler/whatever .
I bought nothing ! (Darling ,you better be proud of me ! :X)
I think I'm seriously sick ,haven't been buying anything much in REAL life lately ,hurhur :X

Sunsets yesterday (:
The sky was in such a pretty shade of pink !

I'll never let you go if you promise never to fade away from my life ;

Tiiiiiiired ,tags to be replied tomorrow instead ! :X

Thursday, July 12, 2007

On a random night in a random post ,
I've realized something random .
I was born in the SE7EN month ,&am my Darling's 7th girlfriend .
Darling was born in the THIRD month ,&he's my 3rd boyfriend .
&& ,more random things !.
Darling was born on March twentySE7EN of 1-9-8-SE7EN ,
while I'm born on the SE7EN day of the SE7ENTH month !
&&& ,we became attached on 7july last year too ((:
Lol ,I did say it was random (:

Yaaaaay ,cant wait to see Harry Potter&The Order of the Phoenix next week with Darling !
Tickets are allllll sold out for this week already I bet ):
The only person I see not so hyper about this movie is piggysweetieee ,
she has no interest in Daniel Radcliffe .How can ?!

RAHHHH !! #$@#$%@#$
Can someone freaking tell me
WHY doesn't my blockquotess work in Firefox ?
It works damn fine in Internet Explorer ,why can't Firefox view it thennnnnnn ?!
*takes Darling's hand&BITES it :X
I sooooo feel like banging my head against the wall now x_x

Okaaaays .Now's the time to go FUCK .
DAMN html shit which won't allow me to see stupid blockquotes ,
DAMN Photobucket won't allow me to upload photos ,
DAMN I can't do a decent blogshop update ,
DAMN I can't blog about things I wanna blog without pictures ,

but luckily ,the ONLY thing that makes me smile is uploaded .
DAMN everything else .

DAMN my mood's ruined luh ,rahh !

Stress Indicator Test !
Right now ,my Score's 36 .
&the results ..
36 to 50
You are living under a great amount of stress. You should take steps to relieve your stress levels. Relaxation and stress control skills could be of great benefit.
well ,LOL .

May you stay
happy forever ((:
*huggggs !

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A woman who has had her shopping done is a happy woman ! (:
Shopped with Shimin today at Bugis ,&bought loads of stuffs !
Extremeeeeeely elated ,like EXTREMELY .Lol .

Anyways ,went to Darling's house yesterday to camp over. (:
Camped for just merely one day ,then proceeded to go out with Shimin today .
Almost got lost on the freaking bus ,sat till my butt hurt !
I was late for half an hour ,thankgoodness Shimin didn't abandon&leave !
*P/S: Darling ,Sorry! I won't be accompanying you to the checkup tomorrow !
But I'll give you a morning call tomorrow ,don't reject me ! :X
I'll make sure you wakeup bright&early tomorrow !

Shimin&me got approached by model agents today ,lol .
But sadly we were on the escalator when they neared us so we didn't finish hearing what they were saying :X
Well ,my apologies then ! (Though I doubt how big a difference it would have made)
But it was funny luh ,the whole situation ,
they talking but we were moving up the escalator already ,hurhur !

Saw a rude driver today on the bus 851 , (rude is an understatement)
there was an elderly who forgot to tap her card&the uncle ,
instead of asking nicely ,shouted at the elderly !
However bad it may seem ,did he had to shout ?
Freaking rude ,&it made the elderly auntie so paiseh !
(I freaking hate people who are so rude to elderly people ! ) >=(

Random pictureeees !
According to date taken (:

With Darling on bus 965 back to Yishun .
Darling was tired&he laid on my shoulder to rest while going back n_n

Pictures with Darling @ Northpoint !
The auntie working there was so cute luhs ,
she already had the coins prepared when my wallet wasn't even taken out yet .Lol !

Bugis with Shimin (:
People-watch midst eating&crapping ! :X

Spagetti I had ,with Shimin's Baked Riceee .
The spagetti was a tad sweet though ,but loved the onion rings !

Shimin bought them for me as a belated birthday present !
Yay another thing crossed off my wishlist =D
&& ,the cross necklace I've wanted !
It's the last one left ,hurhur !

Have you ever seen a guy with such blue eyes ? Awwws
(Fine I'm fangirling again :X)

But sincerely I really cannot wait for it to be out !
Can't wait to watch it with Darling (:
It'll be his first Harry Potter film ,hurhur !

If I say 'I Love You' ,can I keep you forever ?
If I say
'I Love You' a million times ,can I keep you for a million forevers' to come ?

I love my shadesssss !
&I'm a satisfied woman ,hurhur ! (: