Saturday, September 20, 2008

(Random picture of the day.)

Darling bought me a new mp3 player. Supposedly, I am supposed to be happy.
It's pretty. Has more functions than the old one Darling bought. And it can play videos.
And pictures. And whatever.

But I am feeling damn fed-up cos it just. Wouldn't. Accept. My. Videos.
The program just hangs when I drag the video in. Every. Single. Time.
Went to the website but it doesn't even have a troubleshooter page. (... =.=)
Update: I found the page, but it doesn't have anything much (=.= x 32435)

I am off to take a shower (and cool down) and leave my mp3 player alone (to rot and die)

(I am as blur as I look right now about the mp3 player. Ha. Ha. Ha.)