Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
- William Shakespeare

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If "Red = Love", I must have alot of love cos I nose-bleed 3 times on Valentine's Day!
The scenario itself was quite funny, fancy nose-bleeding in the middle of town,
& both Darling & I were both in a state of panic! =X

Damn, I hate my playlist! It always plays those emo songs when I'm feeling not so right, BAH!
My heart feels like it's just been stabbed & the knife won't budge..
Darling, why is it at this time, even though I know I cannot see you, that I seek your solace so?
Why is it always at those times that I cannot meet you, that I miss you the most?
Why is it that everything is going wrong, & you're the only thing that's right?
& why is it that you're the only solution that my tears will stop flowing?
Darling, I miss you..

The CNY: 3rd Day (:

Third day of New Year, me & Darling didn't have any relatives left to visit
(Darling did, but he didn't want to go! Darling, angbao's leh! =X)
We decided to go to Vivocity to watch Kungfu Dunk (:
Kungfu Dunk overall, the storyline was quite predictable but quite comical :D
I didn't expect it to be that funny cos I thought it was going to be an action movie or something,
but it had me laughing most of the times.
You could see Jay Chou acting cute in some scenes (He really is damn cute, okays!)
& there're scenes that make you go, 'Aww' (:
Definately something to look forward to :D

Darling is forever fiddling with something when I take a pic! =X

The 'Dont-want-my-face-displayed-inside' expression.

The 'Why-you-must-take-a-picture' expression.

My advice: If you're hungry & you wanna get a sandwich from the Snack Bar to the theatre,
(& refrain from buying the egg mayonise one, it completely softens the bread after a short time!)

The 'Darling's-Getting-His-PSP' Day
Darling decided to get his PSP slim that day, so we decided to go to Sim Lim Square to get it.
(Turns out, Sim Lim was not the best place, heard from forums that alot of fraud happens there!)
Darling got cheated of $20 bucks extra,
that guy claimed he had to do some "modification" to the memory card & needs to be paid extra.
Extra my ass!
He didn't even do anything, I just saw him put the memory card inside, & that's it.
What an easy way to earn $20 bucks, zzz!

I snatched Darling's cap :D
I'm so loving this kinda caps lately!

Lunch before heading off!

Dear oh dear, the dearest in my heart (:

The 'Lunching-Out-With-Greg' Day

Woke up early to meet piggydarling to go to City Plaza (:
Bought nothing but fake eyelashes, but obviously the lashes weren't of good quality,
cos piggydarling's lashes broke off with one use.
Our money got cheated, lah! (They cost us more than usual eyelashes do okays!)
(& I saw someone I extremely dislike that day. What luck, can?)
Went to Dhoby Ghaut after that & met Greg, & we watched CJ7 (:
(I think they're both different days? But aiya, I don't remember anyway. =.=")
CJ7 was quite different from Stephen Chow's usual comical films,
this one was heartwarming & almost tear-jerking! (Piggydarling cried =X)
I would say this is one of his best works so far (:

Lunch at ThaiExpress! Been wanting to go there for so long, I finally got my wish! :D

Greg's Curry Laksa had his lips plumped up by a notch =X
The sauce of the curry was not the watery kind, very good to go along with rice :D

Piggydarling's Honey Chicken (:
Chicken was sweetttttt, I like!

My Shrimp Omelette! Didn't like it when they squeezed lime on the egg though.
Other than that, it was quite a plain dish. Nothing to dislike or love about the dish though.
& behind my rice is the Kangkong with Shrimp Paste!
Totally love it! The veggies were made sweet with the paste, & it wasn't very spicy.
I would totally go for another go for this! (Okay probably cos I like Kangkong in the first place lah LOL)

When we're out with Greg, our plates are always this clean :D

Headed over to my house to play some cards after that.
I took out my supply of 5cent coins to gamble, wahaha!
Piggydarling was the winner! Me, I didn't lose alot nor win alot I assume,
I didn't count how much money I started with LOL!

Lunch at Cavana's with piggydarling at White Sands (:

Mine was Curry Rice (:

Piggydarling's one was Grilled.. Chicken or something?
The chilli tasted like those that go along with Nasi Lemak.

The 'Valentine's' Day
Surprisingly, Darling was able to book out for a short time that day!
Even though people say, everyday can be Valentine's Day when you're together,
but to me, it's precisely because Darling is in NS most of the time,
that's why I take note of these days quite oftenly,
& sometimes I do quite feel sad when he's not here.
I was extremely happy when I met him! (: Darling was happy too (:
Darling always smiles like a little kid, that's why makes him so lovable, heh =X

Went to The Hereens's HMV with Darling to get his expensive Jay Concert DVD!

Valentine's day present from me (:
(Speaking of this, I'm quite pissed cos I was in a rush for time & I didn't check properly,
the back net of the cap was abit torn off & the white prints were dirtied! She didn't get me a proper new one!
Luckily Darling didn't mind much :/)

(Actually.. The effects were photoshopped. LOL.)

Darling bought these for me (:
I prefer fake flower bouquets to real ones actually, they will never die & are still as pretty! (:

The 'Random's' Part
Kept cooking for Darling nowadays, same old ingredients, new dishes!
Note: They may look disgusting but taste fine! Really!

Noodles were pinkish. I threw the red eggs inside. LOL.

They look slimy, but one's actually soup with carrots, chicken chunks & potatoes.
2nd one's Japanese Curry! (:

This is totally random! Saw this the other time at NTUC with Darling,
it's called Milk Flavouring straws.
It has tiny little flavours inside the straw & you're supposed to drink it with normal milk,
& it really flavours the milk up! The Cookies & Cream one we bought was totally sweeeet!
Love it love it! :D

This is even more random, new slippers I bought.
Though they were half a size smaller, I couldn't resist buying them, heh!

Till next time sweets! (:

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1. I am always full of random things. Like, always.

2. I always cannot finish my meals but end up getting hungry after that. Darling says I am an extremely troublesome person, LOL.

3. Will fall drunk within 10 sips of alcoholic beverages. K.O.-ed.

4. I have a very sensitive nose. Sensitive to perfume, sensitive to dust, I will keep on sneezing & sneezing like there's no tomorrow. Sometimes if I sneeze too hard, there'll be signs of blood LOL.

5. Very picky eater. Don't like to eat veggies much, don't eat pea's, don't eat beef, don't eat raw foods, etc etc. Even for things I like to eat I tend to pick the parts I eat. (Need to change this habit LOL!)

6. I love watching Kids Central! Yes, no kidding. They have like Spongebob & Elmo, so cute, lahhh! Too bad for the lack of Eeyore, aww :/

7. I met all my besties in my secondary school, & I met my Darling online (:
(I realized this was quite a lame fact to finish with LOL)

All done! Now I will be tagging this SE7EN people :D

Huidarlinggg, Chuchinnnn, Belle, Dearesttt, Xiaoxueee,Lambbbbb, ZA

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When you live, make everyone around you laugh,
so that when you die, everyone will cry.
Random No. 1:
New Year came, & it went.. (So much for increase for everything, but decrease for angbao's!)
I hope I haven't changed that much! So not looking forward to my relatives all saying,
"Oooo Pingping ar! Aiyo, didn't see you for one year, how much you've changed!"
(I hate how you pinch me, I hate how your hand never seem to leave my hair, my dear aunts! :x)
"How old are you this year already? 16?" (Yes, I was 16 3 years ago my dear uncles =.=")
"Aiya, still haven't changed boyfriend? I'm sure you'll be saying bye-bye soon!"
(How cheerful does that sound? This was exactly what my aunt said to me last year. )
(All these typed before New year. Apparently. HAHA.)

Random No. 2:
Because of a pair of new heels, I ..
1. Sprained my feet. (I now walk at the speed of a turtle)
2. Have 3 blisters on my left feet. (Which is where my sprained feet is, HAHA.)
3. Have broken toenails. (Left feet, again)
4. Have a 3cm wide blister which looks like it has an infection & I don't know what to do. (*panics)

Random No. 3:
I miss Darling oh-so-much. Even though he's been in NS for like, 4 months already,
I still can't get used to the days he's not by my side. I'm become so attached to him,
it's scary. I'm scaring even myself.
& I haven't scared myself before. (Er, I think I'm becoming nonsensical)
NS's driving me nuts. (Though I'm not the one in it)
NS is making me & Darling not able to spend Valentine's Day together. (Feb 14)
NS is making me & Darling not able to spend his birthday together. (March 27)
NS is making me & Darling not able to spend my birthday together. (July 7)
NS is making me & Darling not able to spend our anniversaries together. (7th every month)
NS is making me & Darling go bang the walls. (*bangs wall & dies)
I know even though he's like, slogging so hard inside,
but I can't help but feel ___ when he's not here. It's very ___ sometimes,
I don't know what to do anymore. (Here's the cue for someone to take a knife & stab me now, tyvm)
(NS: National Service)

Random No. 4:
I think fate is a very interesting subject. (:
I still recall, my first best friend when I moved to Seng Kang was Hsianglin.
She was a new student who just moved & joined our class. (Coincidentally, I used to be one myself)
We became friends & went to the same Secondary school, where we met Joel.
We joined Symphonic Band, & were allocated to different sections.
I met Huidarling through band & we became good friends from there :D
(Furthermore, we stayed quite near to each other! :D)
The next year, I met piggydarling in my class & she stuck with me since then!
(Actually she was already in my class the year before, but we didn't know each other very well)
Regarding Hsianglin, I remembered she said I had used her as a spare tyre. All I can say is,
I have never done that, & never will. Too late for apologies now I guess, everything's over.
It's quite a pity regarding her, though. She was my first best friend at Seng Kang. :/
Moving on, I was addicted to Lucify for some time couple of years back,
& that led me to know Joeyyyyyy, Sereneeeeeeee, & Chuchinnnnn!
I still remember the first time we met, we were all so shy with each other, HAHA :x
It's miraculous how things can be strang together & happen, causing friendships to occur :D

Random No. 5:
Darling just asked me to have reunion dinner with his family on New Year's Eve.
I don't know whether I should go or not! It's like, THIS scary. (Fine, not like they'll eat me up)
& all his relatives will be there, & I'll be like odd,
& everyone will be asking questions, && giving weird looks,
ZZZZZZZZZZZ! (*goes mad)
Darling has made me promise to go though =.=" (So if I don't blog after that, please call 999. HAHA.)
(All these typed before New year, again. Apparently. HAHAHA.)

Random No. 6:
Why do people always not read through the terms & conditions when they order something?
They are so NOT for display purposes only, it's there for a reason, lor!
I hate it when they don't read & keep asking questions! :/
If you don't trust us, don't order. Really, it's as simple as that! :/

Random No. 7:
I'm just finding something to type here cos I just like the number 7. HAHA.

Love is not limitless.
It has a capacity, it fills a space, and space runs out.

All pictures are not in sequence, cos I haven't blogged for so long,
I forgot which things I did first. LOL.

♥ Visit to T3 with Darling! (:

This is from my balcony (:

He's ignoring me, configurating his MP3! (So I pretend I'm very interested, too :X)


I can finish half of this bottle & get K.O. Really. LOL.

Darling: "Quickquick, we're gonna miss our flight!"
Me: "Really really? But we never bring our passport!"
Darling: =.=!!

No, I don't know what it's for.

While at McDonald's, Darling took an unglam picture of me & insisted I post it up. (So, there!)

T3 is a good place to shop, too! Bought redudant stuffs though, haha :x

♥ Out with Piggydarling! (:
Went out on 2 occasions, but I couldn't differentiate the pictures, so, yup.
Mos Burger @ Compass Point :D

We went to play this game at the Pasar Malam! :D
It was so addictive, we spent 5 bucks on this, haha =X
In the end, we won..

This. =.=
It deflated after ONE day.

♥ Reunion Dinner with the family @ some-restaurant!
My eldest cousins were giving us a treat at this restaurant & the bill came to a hefty $588.38.
Dishes weren't very nice, service was ____.
(The waiter's hands shook while serving the dishes & he almost spilled it, & the food was so-so. :/)
I rate it 2.8/5 , & if I had a choice, I would never go there again!
Skipped most of the pictures of the 9 course meal cos I didn't think it looks & taste very nice (:

My uncle & my cousin & the Yu Sheng. (I hate Yu Sheng actually, all the raw veggies, eee!)

My Grandma my Grandma! She still looks as young :D

As you can see, I didn't stir the Yu Sheng with them, nor eat it. (Mom ate my portion, lol!)

Shark's Fin. (I think Shark's Fin is such a cruel dish to cook. Killing the sharks just for the fins?)

Some.. Tasteless noodles. (Mom added like half a bowl of dark sauce to make it taste better!)

♥ Reunion Dinner with Darling's family!
This is the scary reunion dinner I've been fearing!
Initially didn't want to go, but Darling kept asking me to go, so I went in the end. :/
Thank goodness only a couple of his relatives turned up, so we had a quiet dinner. (:
His relatives & grandma think of me as "tu-tu zhui" though =.="
(Cos I always do that expression to Darling! :/)

My Darling! He's my love (:

4 Roast ducks, abalone, & more @@

This is my "tu-tu zhui" expression =.= (Now my image is totally tarnished, this is so unglam, LOL)

On the back of a lorry to Chinatown with Darling's family (:

All the people..

Reached there only to see this. =.=

♥ Lunar New Year (Chu 1 - 2/3?)!
Got woken up by Mom early in the morning to visit my Grandma at Ang Mo Kio.
In the cab, the taxi uncle couldn't stop complaining about his son being tortured in NS :x
(Just cos Dad simply asked when Darling would be out of NS =X)
Reached to find the place fairly empty, though :x

Dad (in blue shirt), Justina (My cousin, we usually call her Juan), Mom (sitting on floor)

She's smiling so widely, haha =X

Me & Grandmaaaaa! :D She dotes on me alot, ever since I was a little kid (:

My other cousin, Justina's brother (We usually just call him Didi, cos he's the smallest kid :x)

Pretty flowers my Grandma planted outside her house :D

On the back of a lorry, again =.=

Had Yu Sheng for the 2nd time.

Me & my cousin Shiminnnnn :D We're both only childs :D (Yes, at the back of a lorry, again lol!)

♥ Random Pictures!

This is my storage box inside my room :x
It's half filled with clothes for my blogshop,
the other half's filled with foods Darling bought for me! He's scared that I'll starve :x
(Joel always come to dig for foods to eat when he's here, haha =X)

All my new year clothes, the thing at the top's my new bag :D So cute right! =X

The new year goodies are piling up on our coffee table, too much to eat! (That's why I'm getting fat!)

Joel & Hui got this hat for me last time (:

Yes, I love that expression. Lol!

I promise an update by the end of this week! I have so much more pictures, haha!

Darling, happy Valentine's in advance, though we won't get to spend it together
Don't be guilty, cos we'll always celebrate it next time alrights
ya (: