Friday, September 12, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Don't you love rainy days? The smell of the rain when you wake up in the morning is nice.
The rain makes the temperature so much better, too. Ah I'm being so random (lol)

Was Skype-ing with SY & Mayi & Hot the night before (Or was it yesterday?) & I fell asleep on the table while listening to them talk. (lol)
Ah boys will always be boys, gaming stuff (lolololol :x)
But I woke up with back pains, ah I'm getting old (lol)

Tomorrow's the 'gathering' for Tomalicious birthday project, & I'm excited! (& nervous)
Not quite sure what to expect. The picture I've brought is abit silly (lol)
Shimin was supposed to help me with the translation for the letter, but she had no time
so I found some (reallllly nice) people on Yahoo! to help me with them. (All nice people you all!)
I've met so many nice people recently, really happy :)

This month is movie month! So many movies to watch (though the ones I wanted to watch, no one wants to watch with me :/)
I've caught Money No Enough 2, (Didn't exactly like it since I didn't quite understand all the dialects & stuff)
12 Lotus, (Not the usual happy-go-lucky kinda movie, really sad, a woman bullied by men all her life, zzz)
Wall-E, (So much better than what I've expected! Didn't think that an animation would be this good)
Hana Yori Dango Final, (Matsumoto Jun & Oguri Shun were darn cute! Darling was abit bored during the show though [lol], it was quite heartwarming, the part they got married.. :)
I wanted to watch Murder of the Inugami Clans & Kurosagi (Starring Yamapi, Toma's best friend, but it's not out yettttt)
& I bet no one is interested. No one was interested in the first movie, anyway. Zzz. :/

I am bored because all the people I want to talk to are not online.

If you've realized, no camwhore pictures lately, cos I've turned uglier. (& fatter)

Random note: I've received my 3rd/4th Nuffnang cheque, but I can't take pictures cos I lost the envelope (Thank God I didn't lose the cheque lol)
Thanks Nuffnang!