Saturday, March 31, 2007

dont even start talking like you know what's gna happen between me&him .

you dont . D-O-N-T !

he's going to army ,im still gna stick with him NO MATTER WHAT,thats MY business ,who are you to ask me break up with him ?!just because you "like" me? which part of I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT dont you understand ?please lar ,you're already 22 ler ,stop being so fucking childish can ?!

i CANNOT believe we were friends for so long le yet you cannot understand such a simple reason why .
the reason is love ,stupid .

i love him so i will NEVER break up regardless of whether he's going for 2 years or 20 years .

i will forgive ,but i wont forget .
ima typical cancerian .
but if you continue to do this i will delete you off my phone&MSN list .i fucking swear .


to others: erkks ,sorry for the many vuglarities .tags replied next post .
&& ,new skin !! ^^ amhappyamhappyamhappy aboutmynewskinhahahaha comments earthlings !

off to sleep ! [:
yes ,at 6.37am in the morning ^^

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

because this blog is so dead ,i've decided to close it down .


LOL ,im kidding .just kinda bored&lazy to update luhs .BUT ! since today is a special occasion shall update ! ^^

last week:
went to Yishun to meet this girl for a swap .swapped a VERYCUTE&BIG Teddy !LOL when i was carrying it to my darling's home so many ppl was looking at me T.T thn when i went back home the bear by itself occupied ONEWHOLESEAT on the bus .big butt =X darling said i should have paid another ticket for the bear =.="

Jeffery's birthday !
but went to meet WEICHONG&my darling PIGGY !finally went out together with weichong ^^ wanted to watch movies but nothing caught our eye so we went to Kbox after buying presents for my darling's birthday [: i bought him lighters !since he likes collecting them .Greg met us at Kbox &i met Jason working there (: had some majorFUN-ness with them ^^ but the place was so cold we kept going to the toilet&the machine kept jamming T.T

Chong&Piggy in a emo mood cos no tickets T.T

PIGGYdarling&me [:

Chong&me ^^

Greg&Weichong singing Duet =X LOL,JKK ! chong dont kill me =X

i have some more retarded pictures of weichong ,but i don wna be KILLED just yet [:

today's my darling's birthday !! ^^ i went out with my mom to NTUC to buy some ingredients to cook a simple meal for him at early noon ^^ after that we prepared ourselves & went to watch Mr Bean's Holiday [: was rather funny ,it made me sympathise with what bad luck he ran into .hahah =X but it lacked the TEDDY Mr Bean usually carried around with him =[ that was the only disappointing part .i'll give it a 3.9/5 ? after that we shopped around at Plaza Sing&bought TAKO home !~ darling said he likes the tako there so will buy it next time again ^^

this is Part III of his birthday present [: see this 2 page got so many XIAOZHU can .hahaha =XX

btw ,found this fun site on SGclub [:
find out when you'll die ! LOL =X

according to that i have 26078 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes, 45 seconds more to live [:
so i'll die on Aug 21 2078 .LOL

another 71more years to go !

april: LOL ,first time i hear you say im pretty lei .must take ScreenShot ! =X that girl ar ,attached ler also ...... hahah you know luhs hor =]
xbbear: LOL ! (faint) nonono ,the taggy nvr miss you !~ is i miss you more ! =X lols~
sabiina: haha ,like me =X you takecare too ! ^^
chuchin: lOl ,that avatar/name thingy ,you all like jiu hao ^^ next time i nothing to do make more LOL =X
joel: ..... (faints) yala yala got glitter one can =.="
Winnie: LOL !is okay he's been whacked =X you takecares ! ^^
miNz: SUN NU ! [: sorry for not making it to the chalet =X i miss you too [:
x`lamb: hohoho ~ lamb understand me the most ! =X i wna go out with ya guys tooooo !but when you all free T.T
graciie: (waves) hellohellos graceeee ! lol =X


my darling ,happy birthday [:
iloveyouMANYMANY ! :)

argh ,fcukyoular! like who are you to say "muackiies" to him ?note ,he's mine ,damnit !
if you cherished him in the first place this wouldnt happen !
go back to ur bf lurh ,cos i BITE ! >=[

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

all i can say is ,FCUK .
my appeal failed ]:

will reply all tags&update this post tml .. or something .

sorry for all the FCUK(s) lately ,hahahaha =x

iamhappyiamhappyiamhappyiamhappy .
自我催眠in progress [:

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

appeal results are gonna be out next week &im freaking scared i cant get in the course i want =[
if i dont ,whats gonna happen ? ]]=

啊 … unhappyunhappy ,am VERY unhappy )=

few days ago some irritating bitch person added me on MSN&said ,
"Hey bitch ,you think you're so pretty ?
guess what ,you're just a ^%%#$%@#$@#%" (some kinda shit i forgot)
all i did was "who the fuck do you think you are ?FUCKOFF !" &i blocked her =))
think she's kinda mad ,adding people&"talking" to them like this .
think im so easy to bully ?DONTEVENTRY .[:

went to dhobugaught today to met a buyer (: she was the first one i met so far who wasnt late ,hahaha =x thn shopped alone&bought fake eyelashes which i havent figured out how to put on . =x shopping alone is an ULTIMATE bore .will not shop alone again .willnotwillnotwillnot !

after that met my darling PiGG to go home together .as usual ,crapped laughed bitched & gossipped [[: i love her TONS cos she's the only one who understands me the most (=

when i was going home met my dear HUi !omg ,havent seen her for 2165265 years ler [= the moment i saw her i was like O.O is HUI lei !? pity we didnt have time to talk much cos she was going out (: awwws miss her ! ]=

last week went to Haw Par Villa with my darling for our 8months aniversaryyyyy ^^ the whole place was so dusty&old ,LOL =x but i had fun &at the end of the day we were soooo tired ! i love him LOADS (:


some sweets my darling bought for me (:

hahahaha =x as usual ,zi lian ! =X

i change because of you ,everything i do is for you .why cant you understand ? ]=
the fact that i spent so much is just because i just wanted to look good infront of you ,so that you would love me more that wrong ..?

i cant understand why my tears are falling so so fast ..FUCK
on a very random note ;i think Greg's gonna forget me&xiaoPiGG once he goes to Poly .like reeeeeaaally .it's a intuition(is that how you spell it ?) .awws ,losing another friend ,how nice .i dont have much friends anyway ,hahahaha .whatever .

april: lol i think now you can continue flooding my tag since it's so empty T.T i know how you feel la ,dont be so *&%^&%&$% okays (: everythings gonna be okays ! 只要笑一笑,没什么事情过不了!
chuchin: what are friends for rightsss (: LOL the wishlist still got some is not canceled de la ,& i lazy to add new one anyway =x is Appeal for ite course to work ,not for work my dear (: hahaha (:
xlamb: LOL xlamb !!just as i update u come to tagggggggg !i nvr MIA ,only that MSN makes my comp lag so i nvr go in .. =XX yayayay ,i sooooooo long nvr see dao that horse on MSN/blog/anywhere le =.=" he MIA the longest de ! =xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

fcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcukfcuk . i fcukingfcukinHATEthat girl !!grrr =x
okays im feeling better now =x esp after all the FCUKs esp . hahaahah =x

been travelling all over the place lately T.T my adult fareeeee ! >=(

todays the posting for the JAE results .all i can say, FCUKIT . =xx i got into the same course with PiGG but it wasnt the damn course we wanted to get into .we originally wanted to go study in MDIS ,but where the heck am i gonna come up with 6k$ sia ?! zzz-ness ]]=

went to Vivo last week to catch Norbit with my darling .was his treat ! hahaha =x Norbit was preeeety lame but funny .the woman was too fat to fit into the car&she demanded her husband tell her the car was shrinking O.o" LOL .

some random picturessss ,

the weather was so nice&windy that day ! ^^

but i had kneelength socks on so couldnt get into the water T.T

my darling took this pic=D

saw some cute cuckoo clock at the window displays there .so cuteeee !

while staying at my darlings house we cooked spaghetiiiiiiii ! (((x
with ALOT of sauce =x

我听到了 我听到你说我爱你了 ((:
am anticipating tml ! cos tml is me&my darling's 8MONTHS ! o(*^-^*)o

daiis: lorr ..that's expected de can ~lalala =x LOL now my nails no more colorful le ! hahaha =) takecares girl(:
minz`: relinked !(:
-xlamb-: LOLOL !got la got la nvr MIA !i still here !i nowadays online also nvr see dao xlamb/xbear can ?! even the xhorse also nvr see dao T.T
chuchin: everyone call me PiNGPiNG =.=" like call xiaomeimei that kind =x i love my song too ! LMAO !sorry havent do the thingy for you ar =xx
xbear: lOls ,make sure you do whatcha say kk ! lalalala~ relinked !(:
april: stop flooding T.T && dont think i dunno u take my photo put in friendster =XX hohoho~