Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Loot Post #2

Been 4 months since my last update - can't say I'm better, but at least I feel I'm much more positive as compared to a few months back.
Some things I've learned to let go, others not to hold so stubbornly.
I've met so many whom I thought were worth a place in my heart - but stabbed me in my back after. Such gracious friends, huh.
To be honest, throughout my life I have never met anyone who has backstabbed me like she has, and worse still - a gossipmonger. But I'm so, so glad I earn much more trust as compared to her. She has no idea who she's dealing with - I'm worried she'll only get burned, but ah. Not my business anymore, since she decided to stab me in the back. :)

I've been thinking alot of positive thoughts lately, thanks to this book I am currently reading.
I must say I'm pretty intrigued. So far, it's worked quite a bit, and anyway no harm trying, right? Here's to a better me, a better life, a better world! :)

Here's a mini loot post to lighten the mood around here. Clearing my new jewellery boxes from ASOS, doubt they're still carrying them though! Boyf said my claw ring looks creepy :(

ASOS Single Drawer Jewellery Box -, £6
Claw Ring -

I recently wore the Transformers ring to Universal Studios Singapore, and in the midst of the Rapids Adventure ride, this adorable american suddenly asked: "Excuse me, where did you get your Transformers ring? Did you get it in Universal Studios? It's really adorable!"
Mind you, we were ON the ride! Haha!

Transformers Ring, from Nakedglory

I realize I don't have a gazillion fingers, but I love my accessories. Rumour has it, people who love accessories often lack a sense of security - which is true for me.

Bunny Ring, Winged Ring -

You can probably tell these rings have been worn to death, judging by their color.
I got them from Forever21 online long, long ago. Still love wearing them.