Sunday, September 11, 2011


So. I sprained my ankle while escaping from a cockroach in the middle of the night yesterday.
I know, it's also the most ridiculous story I heard of myself because it totally doesn't makes sense. At all.
(Just so you know: It's bloody disgusting to wake up to a cockroach not 3 inches from your face, then have it clamber down your arm. Of course I jumped outta my bed. And the next thing I knew, P-A-I-N. Lol.)

Anyhow, in light of things, I am feeling vaguely blessed.
One offered to be my lunch delivery guy even when he's really busy (after laughing at my predicament, nonetheless. Thanks Joel.)
One, even though he was tired out by work yesterday, woke up every 15 minutes to massage my ankle (While chiding how careless I was to end up this way. Thanks my boy ♥)
One anxiously scrambled about trying to find home remedies for me (That's my very lovely mom. Love love her ♥)
And one last silly guy cabbed to my house, in the middle of the night no less, just to see how I was after he heard the news. (I don't deserve it, but thank you for your concern, L :)

I've always thought to myself that I've gathered some pretty good karma my past life, which is why I'm able to meet all these nice people my current life.
These people who love me, care for me, shower me with concern, as much as I do them. It feels nice to have your care replicated back to you, sometimes.

There's a saying which only after this incident that I found true: You realize your good fortune only after your misfortune befalls. :)

Here's to hoping my ankle gets better by Monday! :)