Thursday, September 11, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Somehow, someone's words are deeply etched in my mind, and no matter what I do it's staying put.
Although it was wasn't exactly addressed to me in a literal way, I knew it was. I mean, who else? (lol)
It's not exactly something positive, something to be happy about, & it's kept me feeling weird all day.
What a wet blanket, eh?

October's coming, and the amount of birthdays are killing me (And my wallet)
Mayi's birthday on the 6th, Toma's 7th, Joel's 13th, Piggy's 16th, and Hui's 17th.
I have a vague outline of what to buy for most of them, & I hope my plan works well for their presents!

On a happier note, happy belated 26 monthsary my dear darling,
hard to believe we've come so far, let's continue to strive on alrights?
I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and I hope you feel the same way. :)
Regarding last weekend, everything's gonna be turn out fine alrights?
I'll keep praying for you, don't worry & JIAYOU! Loves

(Random note: SY, spare me your death sentence, I didn't mean it :x)