Wednesday, November 22, 2006

NEVER get into a LOVE when you mean to BREAK it ;
Guys drink to forget about the girl...
Girls drink to think back about that guy..
When guys are in love, they become poorer
But when girls are in love, they become prettier

Guys can forget, but cannot forgive...
Girls can forgive, but cannot forget..
Guys care most about the quantity of love...
But girls care most about the quality of love..

Guys break-up when they feel love from another girl...
Girls break-up when they feel separation from her man...
Guys feels curious towards all girls...
Girls feel curious towards the guys who are interested in her..

When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget the girl by going out with other girls...
When girls are heartbroken, they try to find his Characteristics from other guys...
Guys wishes to be her first love....
And girls wishes to be his last love...


y e s t e r d a y -
1. friend(s) you saw: Jiajia, Cheewei, some peeps.
2. Person you Talked to on the phone: HiM, xiaoPiGG.
3. Texted message : HiM, xiaoPiGG, Davin, others i forgot.
4. Messaged over friendster: nopes.
t o d a y -
1. Wearing Today: brown spagh top&bermudas.
2. Better than yesterday?: today's DEFiNATELY gonna be BETTER =DD
3. Last person who called you?: HiM, xiaoPiGG.
4. Last person who texted you?: read 3, dumb.
t o m o r r o w -
1. Is: Wednesday.
2. Got any plans: going out with HiM ! =DD
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: haircut =xx nervous ><
f a v o r i t e -
1. Number: SE7EN !
2. favourite color(s): PURPLE, BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE.
3. Season: autumn
c u r r e n t l y -
1. Missing someone: [nodds]
2. Mood : B0redom.
Q's & A's
Q: First thing you did this morning
[ got kicked in the butt by my mom asking me to wake up. = =""" ]
Q: Last thing you ate:
[ fried rice ]
Q: do you have anything bothering you?:
[ uhhuhs. ]
Q: What's annoying you right now?:
[ the same thing bothering me lOr. ]
Q: What's the last movie you saw?:
[ DEATHNOTE !! L L L ~ ]
Q: Do you believe in long distance relationships?:
[ maybe. ]
Q: Is there anyone you like or, love and vice versa
but can't have relationship with?:
[nahhs. im having a relationship with the person i want to have a relationship with. ahahaha =DD]
Q: What was, is the reason behind it?:
Q: Are you both still, are friends?:
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right
[yupyups. HiM, who else?]
Q: Do you think that a person is thinking of you
[hopefully he's thinking of me like im thinking of him.]
Q: Where is the last place you went?
hougangmall&compasspoint with my mom.
Q: Do you look like your mom or dad?:
Q: Do you have any pets?
Q: Do you smile often?:
i think so. LOL.
Q: Do you wish upon stars?
it's childish, but yea.
Q: Are you a friendly person?:
i like to think i am one =DD
Q: Who's bed did you sleep in last night?:
mine? duhs. LOL.
Q: What color shirt are you wearing?:
Q: What were you doing at 12 last night?:
i forgot. =____=" i have STM la~
Q: Do you have more guy or girl friends?:
more girlfriends, definately.
Q: When was the last time you cried?:
Q: Do you get angry easily?:
depends on the matter itself.
Q: What was your last thought before you went to
sleep last night?:
hais. saddistic piece of crap la.
: Take any vitamins?:
t are you about to do?:
bath &sleep !
Q: Do you ever check your phone waiting for
someone to call?:
all the time.
Q: Who was the last to fill this survey?:
i forgot. again. too long la. LOL.
Q: Do you like the person?:
Q: Rate life as of right now 1-10:
7.75 =DD tml it'll be an 8.25 and above =DDD

errhhs, i think i spelled the name of the shop wrongly or something. corrections anyone? =___="

went out with my mom today to walk around. she wanted to get clothes for my cousin's wedding this weekend. i slept at 4am ytd and woke up at 10am. omg, yao wo de ming lor. [o.o""] i was so tired thn i kept listening to LUCiFY de songs. LOLS =DD we went hougangmall and walked around and i got some rings and stuffs. and my mom bought a skirt ! shocking sehs. i known her for 17 years and the number of times i've seen her in a skirt can count with my fingers. the salesgirl very clever, she knew her way with words and when we walked out from there my mom was actually praising the shop ! omg, whats gotten into her brain. LOLS.

anyways. pictures for ytd's pool game, orchard lights and others. ytd's pool game was xiaoPiGG VS Greg and xiaoPiGG won hands down. LOLS. Greg was so sad la, he was like i won weichong i won weichong's friend but i lost to xiaoPiGG. LMAO. super funny la. the place was like deserted when we went in to play [okay i sat down to WATCH] and there was like NOT A SOUL besides us. LOLS. the tv was so dusty got people take the pool cue to write on the tv screen le. LOLS.

some japanese curry me&HIM cooked. tasted not bad, not spicy at all. probably because the package stated MiLD. LOL

this guy PM me thn he said,
"im not scolding you but calling your name. your name is pigg ma right?"
...... [= ="""]

Orchard,, white christmas tree foutain. they have it in 4 colours near HMV. think white looks the nicest =DD

outside Paragon.

Taka water fountain.

lights along orchard road

sunrise ! taken in the bus on the highway =DD

the PURPLE pool ball. LOL.

xiaoPiGG&Greg =DD

me&xiaoPiGG =DDD

the losing guy arranges the balls. Greg some serious shuai-ness !! [o.o!!]

my new STAR ring !! lalala =DD

adults are weird. like when you rent a room to someone, it's like common sense to let them put things in your fridge right? thn why complain so much when they're doing just that? its not as if they're not paying rent. When they watch tv till the wee hours at a barely audible volume, you complain again. what for? they DO pay part of the electrical bills, not as if their rent includes it all. if you want to ji jiao so much, why did you even rent the room to them in the first place?
sighs. ADULTS. =alrytes, thats all for today. headin to SLEEP cos im going for a haircut tml ! =DD
anyways, new tagboard people ! RMB to TAGGGGGG =DD

please dont let my trust be worth NOTHiNG at all.
iloveyou,so i trust you.
i hope whatever i see is only one-sided .
hopin `

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

it's OVER .
it's OVER . .
IT'S OVER ! ! !

not this over la, is my Os is OVER ! YAY !
the results are ; sure CMI de ((=
omg, CMI i stil so happy. =_____="

today was last paper, science MCQ. quite easy ba but then some answers i just tikam. lalala~ got one guy in my batch, wahs pro sehs. the paper was from 8 - 9 and he came in at 8.40am. that time most of my batch all sit there fa-dai liaos lOr thn when he sat down he was SUPER FRANTIC sribbled all the way and i was there daydreaming about my precious bed. LOLS. im evil lalala~

i found this in last issue of I-weekly. the highlighted part found it quite meaningful. "if divorce was illegal people wouldnt want to get married so easily; if feelings were meant to be for a lifetime, why would there be such a thing as divorce?"

some christmas lights at some shopping centre. forgot where le. STM la, LOLS.

some more pictures of some POOLPLAYiNG by GREG&xPiGG, and the Christmas Lights at Orchard next time, havent uploaded them into my comp. imLAZY. (((=
anyways, my tagboard is MiSSiNG, i dunno WHY too. =____=" just drop me an email or something for something impt. toooooooooootpid TAGG. =xx AND ! MSN WONT LOG ME IN LA #%*$%@ my comp hates me nowadays. ))=

i know i shouldnt judge a book by it's cover .
but should i trust what i saw ?
if everything was an accident ,did fate arrange for me to feel this way too ?
God ,i feel so horrible .
everything he does ,i ponder ,does he do the same to that girl too ?
i feel so .
hurt .
trust him ,ping . you know you should .
after all ,he's your boy . have a lil' faith in him before throwing all your unsolved mysteries out .right?
` lost .

Thursday, November 9, 2006

a) If you could collect ANYTHING in this world, what
would they be?
collect LOVES. =))
b) Who's your fav. character from a series?
EEYORE !! eeyoreEEYOREeeyore~ >"<
c) Are you banned from anything?
what can i be banned from sia
d) Which is better: a husky/squeaky voice?
husky is better thn sqeaky bahs.
e) Define beauty.
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. =]]
f) Are basketballers better or footballers?
basketball. basketballers are taller and not as many people chase after one ball. HAHS.
g) Brains? Bravery? or Brawny?
h) Candy or Ice Cream?
depends what flavour icecream.
i) Do you MSN/Yahoo/Gmail/ICQ?
j) What is the most annoying song you have ever
listened to?
those loudloud canto songs. piang, really is $%!@#
k) Who is your driving force?
HIM. like who else?
l) Are you a pessimist/optimist/realist?
depends on my mood. if im emo im pessimist. happy mood jiu optimist. HAHAHA
m) Which football club do you expect to win?
dunno&dont care. apparently you never read (f)
n) Are you a spoilt dumb brat?
NO. dots.
o) What makes you smile?
him. VICS. erms. xiaoPIGG? &happy stuffs lOr.
p) Pink or purple?
q) Do you like decorating your room?
r) What kind of house do you want?
somewher i can live with my furture guy jiu can le bahs. dont need to be too big as long as hes there with me =))
s) Like interior designing?
hai hao ba. more into graphic&fashion design.
t) Holidays/School?
DUHS. like who will pick SCHOOL.
u) Have you been manipulated?
fxck those people. =xx
v) Responsible guys/girls are just...
responsibilty always falls on the person who doesnt want it.
w) When was the last time you went somewhere?
erhs, ytd? i went SENTOSA with my dear =)
x) Fav. chatting partner?
xiaoPIGG&HIM&SHIMIN&myfellowLUCIFICANs. ahahahas =xx
y) What is your current mood?
pissed. =xx
z) Math is...
- on friday.

tOday no paper! weeets =))
got maths p2 on friday, history paper nxt fri and MCQ on next next monday thn im FINISHED =DD
my physics paper ytd was like quite easy even thou i never study. LMAOS. =))
but since chem also fail also no hOpe le. =]]

pictures from trip to vivO&sentosa =))

vivo 2nd storey de fountain. it emits smoke somemore! =))

they put this at the third story splash pool there de. =_____="

THIS thing actually blows bubbles!! but i think it ran out of bubble solution or something. hahaha =xx


some garden in Sentosa. =)

found these TURTLES in this secluded area in Sentosa. =) but got some dumb people pass by feed maggie mee to those turtles and made some hell of a noise there. piangs, ruin my mood.

im taking a picture of him taking a picture of the turtles. =))

the sea is washin away my footprints..

view from Palawan beach =)

some MERLION =]]

captured the motion of water =)

musical fountain !!

stil got FIRE de can. the fire was so strong even though we were sitting far away we can feel it lOr =___="

outside vivO =)

LOVES. =))


my cousins wedding is on the 26th. Lucify concert 25th. Fish auto 25th. woooots. November ima busy girl. LOLS.

of life.
which is why im willing to cry my eyes out for you everytime.
which is why i reject all the other guys i meet.
which is why you're the only one who gets my hugs&kisses&everything else.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

today marks the start of my O lvls.
chuchin! lets go jump sea together =xx

and i've yet to get my tickets for THIS. =___________="

today had Maths&Humans paper. Maths like left soo many qns blank can. =xx Social studies stil managed to write THREE PAGES FULL of crap ! plus a few lines more for section B la. was like totally sian diao falling asleep le. i was actually daydreaming during the exam can. =____=" thn its like. zzz. hands write till breakin le super SUAN ! but sit last row good cos even if u stretch or anything wont disturb people. ((= lOls. Maths paper was like damn easy in the beginning few pages la. thn after the few pages was like wth? o.o"" sure die.
aiya anyway everything also sure die. LOLS.
i have a CHEMISTRY paper in 7 hours & 13 mins.
sit last row can see people zhuo bo again.

i missed GONG today ))=
going to SENTOSA tml though! xDD
shall update when i come back. maybe thurs ba thurs i no papers. ahahah~ =)

im supposed to be stressed&nervous.

do you trust me too much to realize
as easy as you might get me
i may just walk away from you as easily?

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Click for original size.

ahaha. found this while searching for YUL's pictures!
so funny de can! stil got 2 ponytails so cute la!
went to Vivo on tues. But kinda lazy to upload the pictures cos quite alot. lOls. i got damn many things i want buy laaaaaaa~ but no $$. unless $$ drop from the sky. lOls! what i talkin la. =xx

ohya. the email for Nov 25's concert sent! turns out now everyone have to pay $30 le la. zzz. Heard another piece of news is that tml is the date to pay! [o.o"""] but no one say anything i also dunno =___________________________="

more GOONG pictures >"<

mostly YUL anyways. lalala. =)

i find myself drowing in my tears more often thn im supposed to.
more&more questions appearing, but no answers.
everything seems dumb.
i seem dumb.
i am dumb.
some guys are total !%*$!@# sometimes. whatever.