Saturday, May 29, 2010


"Loveless. Everyone loves someone and everyone has loved someone who didn’t love them back.
Then there are people who are just afraid to love and afraid to be loved.
It does not matter who you are everyone gets there heart broken at least once its how you recover from it that matters!
A life without love is not a life at all…
This is part of a new series I am working on more coming soon…
Someone said to me today “I think the whole world is loveless”
I disagree love is everywhere but you cant look for it it has to find you!"

~ Image & text are from Loveless by Tyler Shields

What I truly believe in, this man has said it well. And, he takes great photography. If you've got a couple of moments to spare, go to his site and you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't.

P/S: Would this be an apt moment to say my camera has died on me :( :(
It's sad to say at the point where I found the most beautiful moments to capture, my camera died.
All it says is "Lens Error, Restart Camera". I'm still pondering over to repair it or not, since repair costs already cost more than 1/3 of the price the camera was bought at :(
However I have decided on something, but it can only be fufilled with next month's pay. I'm glad I finally can buy something I've been dreaming about with my own means, not by my family's means.
I'm sure the day I buy it will be a very satisfying day for myself. Cheer me on, will you?

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's a weird feeling.

Sometimes when I feel like I'm getting the hang of things, something else always manages to happen and I feel like I am crashing into the 'imma-noobz' stage again.
Or sometimes when I feel like 'Im-still-sucha-noobz-at-this' something else happens and I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of things.


Sometimes I think they don't like me. But then they do really nice things like buying dessert for me incase I'm hungry (Since I only take lunch every-other-day. Other days I'm either too busy/being buried in chest-deep amount of work or don't feel like eating.)
Or when I think they finally like me and are finally accepting me, they seem really cold.

I don't know if I'm thinking too much or the people have schizophrenia wtf.
I'm taking things every week at a time. Every Monday, when I get on the bus to work, it's a 'SIGH!' feeling, with tonns of :( :( peppered in, and every Friday, it's a 'WOOHOO!' feeling, with little :) :) :) inbetween.

Is my overactive mind making a mess of me again?