Saturday, September 26, 2009


As my friends know I always shop in stages.
For instance, there was a time in my life where only stripey stuff caught my attention.
In another stage, I bought only bright, colourful clothes, and in another, only checkered stuff.
(This is why I've got so much random stuff hidden in my closet :z)
I think now it's safe to say my life now is black & white. (Well, almost.)

Working on a new blogskin now. And with the wedding pictures of my cousin!
Happy for them, hope they'll live in marital bliss forever!
(Though forever doesn't really exist. Uh. Whatever.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Comex '09

Random picture: Found midst browsing around various quotes section. (Though I wouldn't really call it a quote, more of a short story.)

Though this post's about me and Darling heading to Comex '09 I'd be honest and tell you there are no pictures of the actual Comex.
Actual Comex? Frantic buyers + Shouts of 'SALEEE', 'LAST OFFER LAST OFFER~' all over + massive squeezing through crowds.
I'm glad I dispersuaded Darling from not buying his headphones earlier because he got himself one $21+ one at Comex!
Quality was so much better than the original $178+ ones he wanted! (Proves the point that things don't have to cost alot to be good!)

Picture quality differs because half are taken with my phone, the other half with Canon e1.

Flat hair!! (And sad + hungry me)

Waiters took long enough to notice us flailing our arms around. No one wanted to serve us :(
(Me: Darling you must pretend you don't know I'm taking your picture! Like 偷拍 you know! Don't 偷笑!!)

Me: (*nods)
AHAHA. Funny how he just seems to play along with whatever I want sometimes.

Poking at drink because we were starving.
We chose New York New York because all other restaurants were full and it was the only one without a queue lol.

'Give me food or else I'll stab you!' (Me: Darling, not fierce enough lah!)

Me: (*shakes head)

Me: You look constipated here leh. (LOL I amuse myself sometimes.)

Painstakingly put in by yours truly!


Oreo Craze = Fattening good stuff

He loved my cabonara with bacon while I loved his giant meatballs spagetti.

The end!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Army Open House '09

Before I start the post, here's today's random picture! Some sundae I had with Joel and Hui afew months back, (I think)

(On a random note, I finally reinstated the Haloscan comments! :)

Anyway here are the pictures for AOH '09! I went only because Darling was gonna perform!
It was on the other side of the island from me, and Greg was my saviour on that day, if not I wouldn't have gone alone. (Meeting at an ungodly hour of 9.30am = woke up at 7am, the place was FAR)
Being with Greg is very easy, you don't have to think of a specific topic to talk about, all we did was banter! That's why I love him, Greg's always so nice and very caring towards people :D

Pictures are kinda blurry because I forgot to clean the lenses. LOL.

(*points) Darling is the one in the car, with the gun, being very lazy.

The guys acting as thugs had it tough. They were being dragged around (literally).

And we could go down to take pictures! (And I took this. One.)
(I think Darling's response when the audience started streaming in was: 'Please don't step on the seats ._.)

Me with insane big hair LOL! (I have flat hair now. *sad)
(Rebonding last week at a price of $68! Mad cheap, same pricing regardless of length, with free hair treatment as well!)

Men and pink tights.. All I can say is, they're not really my thing. :s
(I think when they started performing me and Greg's expression was: *stunned*)

Super cute baby boy! Just felt like pinching his cheeks!

All we can say about the uniformed men stationed there were: overly-helpful.
Me: (*pauses to read the sign about the machine)
Uniformed guy: (to Greg) Can I help you and your girlfriend to take a picture? (*smiles brightly)
Greg: Uh, no it's okay, thanks! (Me: (*thinks) And we're not really a couple, we're besties....))
Uniformed guy: Okay, no problem! (*smiles brightly, again)
Imagine this everytime we stop by 1 machine. We stopped by around a dozen machines.
Everytime a uniformed guy stepped closer, I'd tell Greg: "He's coming over. Should we run?" LOL.

For more pictures of the AOH'09, proceed to the AOH'09 website or to my facebook album!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teddy teddy

Picture spam!

This huge-ass bear has finally dried after a week of being hung with the laundry.
I must say, it is not huge-ass big, but also huge-ass heavy when drenched! (Almost as heavy as Darling's little sister Xueting, I swear!)
It used to be all grey and dirty but after scrubbing it for hours it's finally white (fine off-white) and fluffy and huggable!
Too bad it's gonna be given away ~ My room's got too much stuffed toys already! :(
(On my bed alone I've got 5 stuffed Eeyores and a stuffed pig :z)

(*goes off to sulk)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Year of the snake

Snakes are excellent seducers so they never have trouble attracting others. However, they’ll be the ones to decide when a relationship has potential and when it does not. Once they’ve chosen a partner, a Snake’s insecure side will begin to show through. Snakes guards their chosen partners much like a prized possessions, becoming jealous and even obsessive. Snakes prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. It’s important to never betray a Snake’s trust as a betrayed snake will make it a goal to get even someday!

Forgive, but never forget. How true.