Friday, July 1, 2011


I didn't realize in a span of a single day, so many things would happen and things would have changed that much.
It's kinda weird.. But in a weird sorta way, I asked for it.
I keep recalling this particular tweet I saw:

RT: @ZodiacFacts: As a #Cancer,don't Get too affectionate too quickly. Use your intuition to read his or her signals. And keep a safe and respectful distance.

I guess I failed in that aspect, & grew too close.
I was always craving for attention, and when I got it - it's not what I want.
Zhizhi told me, this year I've actually got 桃花运 (Translated literally, it's Peach Blossom, but actually refers to Love Luck in Mandarin.)
Just that, it's all bad ones. (*sweat) I don't really think they're bad ones, but just not suited for me I suppose?
One's married, the other's leaving soon. Who are they to leave me any promises?

I've always thought I was a stubborn woman. Funny how that seems so easily rebutted by Zhizhi.
I've never had a friend like her before, who challenges all my thoughts and actions.
It's interesting, and I kinda love her for it. Slowly but surely, it's like she's peeling me off layer by layer, and showing the real me out. I like it.
She says, I shouldn't be so tender-hearted. I always thought I wasn't.. But I realize words tend to sway me easily.
Funny how that happens so easily these days.

Ah, this week's been so long. I'm glad it's over, and my trip couldn't have been at a better timing!
Oh, I also got myself a Sony TX-5. HEHEHE.

Touchscreen, Scratch-Proof, Freeze-Proof, and BEST. OF. ALL - WATERPROOF HAHAHA

I have to say - the first time I was really fucking apprehensive dropping it into the water k!
(Imagine the first time you drop it in and you ruin it utterly lol)
(If you're wondering, this is a supposedly artistic picture of me dropping the camera into a pail and then shaking it.)

I pretty like the TX-5 outta water, to be honest. It does tend to over-saturate pictures abit, but it's handy enough. This was a great day and we were outdoors playing badminton! (To sustain my ongoing diet wtf)

Superly loves her, I think she brings out the maternal side in me, to be honest. I super love it when she lets me carry her up and she hugs me awwww :)
(Everytime Boyf carries her she smacks him on the face HAHAHAHA)

A big, cheery picture to end this post. I think I'm happier after ranting, I think I know what I want.
Oh well - a full day tomorrow: Kbox with Grandma & Shimin, Chinatown, dinner with colleagues AND Transformers at midnight with Boyf!
Sounds super awesome, don't you think? HEHEHE