Thursday, August 31, 2006

my nose is BLOCKED. like COMPLETELY. i hate being down with flu. cos sometiimes will dizzy de. like just now den ii fall down piak so pain sia = =" DORTS. feel so RETARDED like some 1500 year old. LOLS.
no one in my group is gg back to school tml/today to visit the teachers. like xiaoPIGG & Chong working. so sadd sehhs. = =" but horhs ii doubt go back le they'll most prob like; how're uu failing? LOLS. okay la iim just being bad. whatever. lalala~
uu know the INTERNET is supposed to be WORLDWIDE? meaning uu dont exactly have to stay somewhere just to use it. go look up the dictionary. DUHHS.
i love you as much as i love my new crown ring. and also the SUPERduperCUTE turtle. ONLY uu're cuter la. lalalas~ ((:

Friday, August 25, 2006

everytime i drink strawberry milk
i'll always be feeling DOWN.
dunnoes why.
mere coincidence?

is it the milk or is it just me?
the milk tastes so blund so tasteless today.

i just hate it when u press away my call.
but sometimes im already numb to it. somehow.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

they say a picture says a thousand words; so pictures ((=

i went to the doctor's today and ii have an infected LEFT eye. weeets. = =" my eye that thing is damaged and if ii continue wearing contacts ii may go BLIND. = =" j0eL said he didnt want me to turn into Kelvin Tan = =" #$@%!#!#
heading to sleep. its late. no wait. its EARLY. ((= lalaaas~

Monday, August 21, 2006

actually iim lazy to post about ytd's events. lalalas. overall nort bad; apart from being OVERCROWDED. = =" LOLS. anyways; SFVM gathering was wayyyyy better. =xxx LOLs. shall let pictures explain stuffs. for more pictures; head to the lucifyME forum. there's like 19 photos there. LOL.

this was my FAVOURTE picture sehhs. very cute horhs!! Kuek blowing BUBBLES. ((:

awwws. so sweet! >"< ii also want! LOL.

scroll => for whole picture.

happy birthday to you~
ii hope the next gathering wont be so PACKED laas. so packed abit scary leiis. want get auto or take picture have to wait for like 500 years. LOLS. lalalaaaa~ VICS((:
iim still scared to talk to vics on msn laaaas =xxx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

first time 1 day post 2 entries lei LOLS. i forgort to post pictures. only like 5 out of 100+ niaaas. ii LAZY laa. also nv resize; LAZY also. LOLS. i got post more at the forum la. go see go go shoo. LMAO.((=


he's playing with the PINK umbrella. = ="

TWISH! but cannot see ur hands la VICS. = ="


when hes leaving le >"<
>"< !!
till now iim stil quite hypedUP sehs. hahahas. even though the gathering ended like what; 4plus 5? iim stil like OMGOMGOMG. LOLS. today's gathering with Vics VERYVERY fun lorhs xDD there was only like 15 of us niaas. small group ii like =) at first it rained like MAD den we were all drenched. = =" waited at a shelter for the rain to stop thn when it FINALLY did; Vics arrived. den starting was like; the whole group was DAMN quiet de cos nobody knew each other ma. i think j0ey Serene Shuqi & me made the most noise ba LOLs = =" den the organizers Lynn they all were like dont be shy. den they got take one photo of us 4 thn that photo sure weirdd de cos .. ers. =xxx LOLS. nvm lalala~

lalalas~ Vics give de. but i dont like peanut de leiis = =" LOL. nvm. keep as MEMOIR. hahas xPP but i think no one keep this kinda thing as memoir ba. = ="
i think after that we play heartattack and murderer with Vics. he cheat de lorhs. = =" supposed to pile uur hand there de but Vics NEVER de lorh. LOL. den when he did he keep press the pile den my hand was like PIAK become FLATTER. LMAOS. Vics everytime take his card also say aiya u all die le gimme this kinda cards i sure win de den everytime is other people heartattack first de. = =" but den kenna hit like so pain. LOL. Serene kenna hit alot of times = =" play murderer me and j0ey were like BLURR. den murderer supposed to blink one eye ba. BUT horhs me and j0ey cannot lorhs = =" so end up Vics say okay dont blink la we stick tongue out den we were all like diaaos = =" LOLS. play for awhile le when he was about to go le ask him help us sign stuffs and take photos cos he had to work. den the SFVM pp give him alort of food to tao pao = =" LOLS. den Vics say wo shi qu jogging lei stil gime so much = =" LOLS. when he walk away le we were like Vics! SFVM ting ni! den all the people ard Vics all look at him like he guai guai de liddat. LMAO. = ="
today was SOSOSOFUN! >"< VICS is CUTE de LORHS. lalalas~

tml stil can see Vics worhs. >"< WAHAHAS! xPP

Friday, August 18, 2006

lalalas~ =)
returned home today at abt 9forty plus after gg to plazaSINGG with j0ey; Serene and jingg (: we went there to pay for the lucify 5th outing stuffs. at first we went burgerking sit cos Serene habben eat. so we pei her. den we ended up keep talking about LUCIFY. LOL. den the result is uu'll see FOUR keesiao de girls keep laughing laughing laughing den also dunno laugh about what. we sat there for like; 1 hour plus? LOL. after that we went pay the thing and saw LYCHEE. based on her looks really cannot tell she liddat de lorhs. SIANN. where gort people liddat de. LOL. some people read le will have alort of ??? ba. but nvm. ii also lazy explain. shes NORT worth my time ANYWAYS. den we walked walked around PS and ii bought the furryGREENapple. so cute horr! LOL. ii think out of the WHOLE ps we spent the MOST time at actionCITY lorhs. LOL. a bunch of girls going CRAZEE over the stuffed toys; esp the HORSE and the COW and the PIGGS. LOL! i cant wait for SAT siaa. omgomgomg. LOL. shud say ii CANT WAIT TO SEE VICS. >"< muahahahas xDD
lalalas~tml gg to NTUC to buy the picnic stuffs with my mom. so hyper! LOL. also dunno why ii so HYPER sehhs. everytime see my desktop alrdy will like. WAHAHA. = =" LOL. iim gg MAD. there's only ONE person who can cure me.
OKAY LA actually got 2 laas. = =" still got my ahgong. LOL.

Monday, August 14, 2006

deleted some of my april and may blog posts. most of the pictures links nv work and ii sounded so EMO-ish anyways. WAIT. ii AM emo. LMAO. ohYA. untilNOW this very minute iim STIL waiting for the sms lorhs. den is so siann-ish de zzz. haiish. = ="
i LOVE my new blog picture sehhs >"< ii even set it as my desktop lorhs. so ziLIAN horhs LMAO. cos got VICS den gort LUCIFY ma lalalas~ furthermore its PURPLE norhs. ii stay til lik 3am to do it ytd de; lalalas ^^v den finally satisfiedd with the outcome hehs (: even thou theres more VICS but ii stil like MISAKI de worhs. hahahaha. only that VICS more niaas =xxx lalalas`
MSN has been logging me out often this few days. cannot go into it dunno why den its like SIANNs cos ii wanna talk with j0ey jing they all den can hyper about the outing. LOL. but the MSN keep ^%$!!#@ de = =" anyways we're gg to the 5th outing nxt week together~ lalalas so happy sehhs ^^v maybe shud buy something for vics to eat~ heh hehs xD den can buy something for Kuek also since ish hiis birthday ^^ we'll see first ba.
ytd sat went out with greg and xiaoPIGG to watch antBULLY. the whole storyline quite lame lorhs. littleBOY always bully ants so the ants made a potion to shrink him. LessonLEARNT; dont go bully ants unless uu want to become SMALL like an ANT. LMAO. but dde whole story nort bad larhs for a familyCARTOON.
ii hope ii wont have to waiit 50 days until uu're FREE cos 5 days was alrdy the MAX last tiime ..

errs. ii nv copyright doesnt mean people can claim as their own horhs. blehhs xP

Saturday, August 12, 2006

sometimes when uu're expecting an sms and when the sms finally arrives;
its NORT who uu want it to be.
its kinda sad. whats sadder that its actually HAPPENING.

there's 2 Lucify gatherings next week. all squashed into 1 weekend. = =" at least ii get to see Vics both ddays. HAH. let's see whats gonna happen.
sleeping is good. iim deprivedd of it anyways. so ii'll go to sleep early and disappear away for lets say. 500 years? HAHs. tml will be changing the blog picture to a new one tomorrow. ADDICTIONS; ADORATIONS; and LOVE. which mostly means more VICS to come. HAH.
maybe iim just lying to myself when ii put on a smile for the world to see. maybe tears are my only friends forNOW. HAHS.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

wahahas. the song that jingg's blogg is playing now is making me ultraHYPER de. iish FENGG by jayCHOU. HIS favourite song sehhs. LOLs. = ="
anyways. SO ii didnt update. the results was DEFINATELY nort what ii had in mind, but heys, so what? SO MLB won. but Lcify's probably gonna rock the whole mandopop scene if they are gonna produce an album. heard WarnerMUSIC's gonna sign them on. so yeapps. iim awaiting for THAT moment. x)) LUCIFYrocks ! ((:
ytd went out with some exBAND peeps to watch mySUPERxgirlfriend. kindaa LAME show but overall okay lorhs. wanted to watch CLICK but ended up some watched it le so nv watch. but the outing ytd like so SIANNS lorhs. = =" zzz.
ONEmonth, 3 days and STILL counting. ii DO miss uu alot. sighhs.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

haiis. Lucify didnt make it to the grandFINALS. MiLuBing won superBAND. haiis. iim SADD. thats all ii can say now. will update tml.
VICS; LUCIFY. uu're our superBAND forever. thats a fact and it'll NEVER change. jiiaYOU! we're with YOU.
piggsterPINGG gort herHEARTbroken. 050806. theRESULTSsuck!

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

ii cannort believe my cousin just came up to my com and deleted my blog entries. zzz. its okay. forget it. shes a KID. tolerance IS the KEY to KIDS. it rhymes. hahs. = ="
anyways. e5 chalet. quite some fun, really. (: met up with some old friends from 4e5 also. weeets. me and xiaaoPIGG took cab down on friday 6+ den they were having BBQ. cos we ate liaao so we went downtownEAST walkwalk. den we ton whole NIGHT went to see stars (: we even saw a shootingSTAR sehh >"< ii made a wish but cannort say if nort wont come true le >"< hehs. we waited until see sunrise.. really damn niice the whole scene. being there with uur friends from high tide see till low tide.. if with boyfriend sure even MORE romantic de =XX hahas but being there with my friends nice also laas ((:

before the sun came up at 4am 5am plus ((:

6+ nearing 7. the sun was halfway up. ((:

last picture. the other pictures too big shall resize THN upload here. this iish Larein posing, and Hazim with xiaaoPIGG searching for hermitCRABBS. hahahas = ="
actually the whole chalet also did nuthing much only tonSLEEPplay lorhs. hahahas. basically slack alort. but yeaps was quite fun norhs (: hope nxt time gort another one ba ((:
thn thn thn !! on sunday went Lucify 4th gathering with j0eyy serene and vivian ((: we sat SO close to them lorhs but sadd damn sadd cant take pictures >"< Vics was so cut he kept on eating and eating = =" Kuek had his sunglasses on he kept burying himself under the cushions. They were alort quieter today worhs. hahs. Vics was cute. thats all ii can say. hahahaha (goesCRAZY) like see my MSNnick uu will know what happened. = =" (( e[V]erlast[I]ng[C]razine[S]s. ddeLUCIFIEDpiggster(: )) hahahas. VICSrocks. j0eyy wud agree with ME. hahahas. = ="