Tuesday, May 29, 2007

back to blog with some picturesss
lols yes ,at 5.17am ,
with darling right behind me ^ ^

the day darlin&i went to Giant =D

the irritating pingg7 thingy is there
to prevent irritating ppl from taking my stuffs =D

darling picked this off the roads for me x=

took this while slacking at home (:

erk ,darlin took this picture from his house's balcony
&&we saw a ghostly-like thingy =xx
dunno what it was or something ,err..
gives me shivers ! >"<
anyone wna guess what it is ? =x

mcflurriesssss !
sudden cravings ytd
hence bought one for darling&me !
wahahs =x

nailart stuffs piggydarling bought for me ! =D
went to do some blings on my fingers after i got them .
anyone knows what the words for the last word is ?
i thought it was Beath ,but wth is that anyway ? lols .

he's the one who filled up my heart (:
&we're only 8days closer to our 11 months ! =D

rahhhhs ! btw ,
i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .i hate may .

just wanted to rant .kinda random .
hurhurs ! =x

im not gna say i hate you ,but im gna pretend that i dont .

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Would Do Most Things For Love

You are willing to go pretty far for love - but not far enough to compromise your core values.

Love is a priority for you, and you'll go further than most people to hold on to someone you love.

But killing for love? Or even taking a bullet? Probably out of the question.

No matter what, you love yourself the most!

Would You Do Anything For Love?

went to visit my grandma ytd&it's good to find her looking better (:
bought stuffs my mom wanted me to bring to her&its damn heavy ,
lucky darling help me take ,wahahs ! =x
stayed with her&chatted for awhile &headed to Giant with darling =D
bought tonssssssss of food !
no pictures ,
cos majority we eat liao .
we bought potatochips ,chicken pies ,curry pies .............
i think im turning into a glutton -.-"

My dear met a stupid pervert ytd&me&darling went to fetch her hme (:
dont worry dear everything's gna be fine de kaes ! =DD
&&Joel has been down with a fever for TWO days (tdy's the 2nd day)
JOELDENG !pls take care !
rest more alrights ! =D

rahhhhs !.
kinda broke after paying for my Cutie Spree payments ,lol .
gna go watch tv =D
night peeps (:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

if your purpose was making me ANGRY&PISSED ,you've acheived it .

i hope that if you have children someday , (that is ,if someone actually finds a lifeless person like you like-able)
they wont have balls for a guy ,&they wont have boobs for a girl . ((:

may you go to hell when you die . (:
if nt ,i hope you do so soon !

get your OWN msn ,&get a life ,asshole .

still dare to have the cheek to go on MSN&ask for photos from my friends ,
stating that it's for class/northvista's use .
please dont freaking disgrace our names ,
im sure we have lifes unlike you !.

i hope you die young . (:


went to Kovan with mom tdy&bought black shorts ! =D
been wanting it for so long ,hurhurs (:
dinner-ed at KFC &went home ,rather boring day )=
&i got scolded by my mom thanks to that fucker !
zzz ,as if i wanted it to happen !

heading to visit grandma tmr with darling ,yay !
can see 2 of my loved ones tmr ! ^^
*edit: plan has been shifted to Friday instead ,lol .
havta meetup tmr ! =x

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i hate those ppl who keep nudging me on msn when my status's AWAY .
is it very fun ?! Nudging lagggggs my comp !
cant you see im AWAY ? its there for a reason ,duhsss

badmood badmood .
my grandma's in a even worse mood .
i dunno what to do about her :(

im gna visit her on thurs with flowers !
buy her something before going .
with my darling .
i hope she will be happier&i hope she wont stop thinking about dying !
makes me FUCKING sad .
she dotes on me damn loads when i was young ,even up till now
&i love her alot ! <3

i hope i can find her hse on thurs .
&i love alllllll my friends lar . <33
thanks for replyin in such a short time when i was sadddd (:
this is for Hui ,Joel ,&piggydarling ((:
&&thanks darling for agreeing to pei me to visit my grandma (:
i love you guys LOTS ! <333

rahhhhs !.
heading off ler ,
gamin with darling . =x

Monday, May 21, 2007

im in a fangirl-ing state .
mom bought a dvd player weeks ago&i went to watch some dvds &here i am ,
fangirl-ing .

i miss Renfu so damn much !
in love with ..his hair&eyes <33
his eyes ,omg can dian ren de !
hurhurs ,fangirl-ing again =x

cant imagine he's alrdy a daddy now ,
hurhurs (:

i love this picture !
took it the other day at Yishun with darling ,
so emo-ish lor .
LOLOL !! =x

off to gaming with darling ^^
post again when i hav picsssss ! =DD

the pic you requested is done !
kindly msn me when you're online to get it .
LOL . =x

Josh's right .whatever's meant to happen will eventually happen ..
i should be happy&enjoy myself at all costs ..
right ?

Friday, May 18, 2007

warning: picture-heavy post .
okay lar ,nt really that picture heavy .but anyway ;

summary of what i rmb i did last week (:

Saturday ,12 may 2007
got my 2nd pair of shades ! wahahs =x
waited 1hour for them&headed home to rot .
Joel called to go to Ikea ,&we went with Hui (:
some MAJOR madness ,haha !
looked around at Ikea after which we headed to Giant to buy LOADS of things ,
thn cabbed home ^^

i still cant believe THREE teenagers can buy this much .
even my mom doesnt buy this much seh .LMAO .

Friends are for LIFE ((:
my beloved joel&hui ! ^^
i love them&they love me ^^

shades !
i like this black/white coloured effect .LOL ^^

Sunday ,13 may 2007
rushed to Hui's hse in the afternoon cos of some matters ,
after which Joel&Sabina came also (:
crapped&laughed&crapped like MAD .
MAJOR fun !
love hanging out with my dearssss ,cos we always have so much fun !
we were like a bunch of crazy ppl without control =x
headed home at 10/11pm plus ,gamed with darling till internet went bonkers .

i told you it was crazyness .LOL !

Monday ,14 may 2007
met darling at 4+pm&was so suprised he had a haircut !
looked much neater&younger ,LOL =x
we brunch-ed at Marina Square&walked around at Suntec ,
i beat darling at Daytona ! wahahs ! =x
we shopped around till 10+/11&i headed to darling's hse to stay over ^^
spent a WHOLEBUNCH of money on capsule machines ,LOLOL !

@ Marina Square (:

Fountain/Laser thingy at Suntec .
lol i dunno the actual name luhs . =x

saw this ultra FAT koi at Koi Garden there .
we also saw a almost dying fish ,too disgusting to take pic =x

our brunch !
the main object is the one in color ,our japanese meal (:
but i couldnt finish ,let darling eat till he bao dao ~~~

capsules ! so cute&so many ,hahah =x
&&also so expensive -.-"

one of the capsules !
is a PiGGY torch !~
kawaii =DD

Today/Ytd ,17 may 2007
arrived home at around 1+ cos i had to meet a fellow blogshopper for a swap -.-"
met her at Outram Park ,thn went home .
so boring lor ,LOL .
&the item i swapped really .. bu zhi de lar -.-
slacked&blogshop-ed ,&tadaa !blogging !(:
other random pictures (:

somebody went to pull out the 13th floor button in the lift ,LOL .

taken while walking home (:
addicted to this effect recently ,LOL !

another pic taken while walking home (:
told you i was in love with this effect !
took me sometime to do lei ! =x

Xueting !
my darling's little sister (:
same zodiac as me lei ,hahah ^^

&im in love with you ,
just like you're in love with me (:
10mnths11days darling ((:

i cant stop thinking about the non-existing future would you calm my fears if i told you about it ?i feel so so depressed&emo whenever the thought pops up ..because i just cant bear to lose you ..whats gna happen after the army days ?can you stay ,take it as a plea ,please ?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i made some money this week&im very happy ^^

but i spent some money on shades ,again .
lol .
wonder why i have such an obsession with oversized shadesss !
heading to Yishun tmr to get my shades ,
as well as earn more $ !

if i count everything up ,i think i earned close to a hundred bucks .LOL .
but deducting away what i've spent ..
hahahahah .
mustsave&muststopmyselffromsplurging !

i forgot what i wanted to blog about so this is a random post .
hahahaha ^^

shadessssss ! <3
i wna head to the beach with my shades but nowadays it has been raining .
lol .

okays .am hungry .
heading to eat&slp .
ima member of the PiGPiGJiAZHU indeed .
hahaha ^^

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

went to Vivo on monday with darling to watch Spiderman 3 !
(shu bian to celebrate our 10months ,hurhur)
a much anitcipated movie for both of us (:
i must say ,its really a niceeee&touching show luhs !
almost cried in the end ,but told myself i mustnt cry in public ,hurhurs
the end ,good overcomes all evil ,as always ,haha (:
Kirsten Dunst is soo pretty&Tobey Maguire .. has his cute times
but would say the black Spidey looks much cooler thn Peter Parker ,hurhurs =x

prettypretty MJ ! (:

after that we went to slack at the 3rd floor ,
wanted to head to Daiso but too crowded&darling hates crowds ,
so we slacked around the 3rd floor ,both talking craps ,hurhurs =x

after that i went to darling's house to stay for afew days&tadaa !
im home to blog (:

zi-lian(s) again ,hurhurs ^^

forgot to mention !
i bought something from here tdy ,
omg ,waited for the girl for like 1hour !
wait till my leg peng !
suan ler ,count myself as suay ! =.="

10months but i promise you ,
we'll be just like a fairytale ,
living happily ever after (:

yes bitch ,no matter what it is or how it used to be ,i still hate you . (:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

omg ,dunno whats wrong with firefox nowadayss =.="
firefox cant show blogger post thingy correctly ,cant reply to emails in the new hotmail either ,zz !
but internet explorer laggggs my comp ,dunno what to do =.="
so many =.=" ,lol .

got my shades via mail ytd !
only $5 ,sucha steeeeaaaal luhs !
(lol , so auntie-ish =.=")

i finally see business picking up after being so stagnant for sooo long !~
hahahah !
moneymoney = shoppingshopping !
lazy to go out shopping nowadays cos been blog-shopping too often .hurhurs !

2 days to 10 monthssss !

baby ,can you stay with me till forever ?
hold me in your arms&say you'll stay ,please ?

to that childish idiotic freak who tagged using other people's name ,believe in KARMA . (:
whatever you do ,will get back to you der .
be careful huhs ! ((:

p/s: i know for Internet Explorer users ,there's one funny-looking scrollbar at the sides of the profile there ,will edit sometime laterssss (:

Friday, May 4, 2007

if you're so bored to do this kinda childish stuffs ,
find something BETTER to do thn to use OTHER PEOPLE'S name to tag on tagboards .
why ,you have no name ?awwws ,sad case for nameless you thn .

i will not delete your tag ,might as well let everyone see it .
since it's not me nor my dear who tagged .
she's not that childish , unlike you stupid dumbass . ((:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

mom bought home Jay's last movie on VCD so am gna go watch it after blogging ,hurhurs .

no zi lian pictures lately cos i had a ugly haircut .
grey says i look like a barbie doll T.T
piggy says i should be happy cos dolls are usually cute or pretty .
but i am neither pretty nor cute .

went to woodlands last week to meet a seller .
omg ,she's really really pretty ! has BIG eyes ,prettypretty !
she's probably the kind whom will turn guys' heads der . *jealous
LOL . (:
nice person too (:

bought a new wallet ,exact same one as this ,only mine&piggy's silver-ed (:
we have twinny wallets ,LOL .

have been blogging recently ,bored .
hurhurs .i have no lifeeee =.="

5 days to 10 months !
feel sick ,falling sick .

drenched in cold sweat .
ugh .fucking hate the feeling . >=(

cant sleep cant eat cant whatever cos stomach too pain T.T
hate hate hate stomachaches .
zzz-ness .


nvm ,at least got darling takecare of me .
i guess .

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

pics as said (:

new FLAT phone .mine's like two times the size of hers .LOL

until now i havent eaten the sweet ,hurhurs .
it's supposed to be like a fortune sweet ,tells your luck der .
i cant bear to eat it lar ,haha =x

ate at Billy Bombers the other day while going out with piggydarling&gang .
Billy Bombers really cost a bomb ,lol .
actually okay lar ,nice food with BIG servings !

cheeeeesecake !
bought by piggydarling for ME !
see she dotes on me soo much ! <3

random pic/pigs (pun intended) .LOL .given by random dears&darlings !
biggest one given by piggydarling ,hurhurhur ! (x

i smile when you smile ,
i cry when you cry ,
i laugh when you laugh .
everything we've been through together .

6 days to me&darling's 10months !