Friday, September 29, 2006

just a update before i head out =)
weets =) i LOVE my new blog song! hahahas =xx and tml's the sixth gathering le! hyperHYPER can! hahas =) laters heading to buy smething for xiaoHORSE! lols. our newly established MIDNIGHTSAFARI! weeets superHYPER can! hahaha =xx

prettypretty horr =] the stars can glow in the dark de den when its dark its super pretty de can =) the light behind is i ownself use light make de la; lights nt included. LOLS! =xxx im really going MAD le = ="
QUIZ! =)
My ex is...
- his name is xxx. LOLS!
2. I am listening to..
- I'm Not Missing You; Stacieoricco
3. Maybe I should...
- stop procastinating and gogogo out now! lalala =xx
4. I love...
- AHGONGG; myFRIENDS; myFELLOWlucifieds! lalala =)
5. My bestfriend(s)...
- xiaoPIGG; shimin; j0eL; HUI; sab =)
6. I don't understand...
- why i sleep SOOO much everyday. HAHS!
7. I lost...
- i lose myself sometimes.
8. People say..
- drinking coffee make babies black.
10. Love is...
- a complicated yet simple feeling. =)
11. Somewhere, someone is...
- alone; crying =(
12. I will always...
- love all my family&friends =)
13. Forever seems...
- seems like a lie.
14. I never want to...
- alone.
15. My mobile phone...
- right beside me.
16. When I wake up in the morning...
- zzz what time is it = ="
17. I get annoyed when..
- irritating people BUG me
18. Parties are...
- mostly fun
19. My pets are/is...
- donthaveone
20. Kisses are the best when...
- its the correct person =)
21. Today I...
- cleaned my room! woohoo! LOLS
22. Tomorrow I will...
- lalalala~
23. I really want...
- stop procastinating. LOLS =xx
(Time Taken: 7 minutes )

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

there are SOME people out there in this world who are SO full of themselves it's irritating. damn irritating CAN.
if u think u're SOOO good for others. go find other people la i never tie u to keep talking to me right. just fxcking go away. i never block u in msn already nice le hao bu hao. zzz-ness.
NVM. shall talk about HAPPY things. =) this sat got 6th gathering~ >"< weeeets ! is celebrate VICS&misaki de bday de >"< omgOMGomg cant wait siia! butBUTbut i havent buy anything for VICS >"< !! and i cant afford to buy the iPOD iMAC he wants la VICS im only 17 hao bu hao = =" zzz funnyGUY zhen shi de =xx LOLS. but whatever i gonna buy its bound to have a DUNNO on it de lalala~ hahahas =xx
hmmms.. den friday ish coming le.. and next saturday is 7oct le! >"< die la die la i havent prepare hao the present >"< tml must RUSH le cos he friday coming le =xx so many things to do this week.. hao man arh~ LOLS =) but in the end blame also must blame on myself cos i procastinate ALOTALOT = =" but busying myself for smething like this the feeling bu cuo! hahahs nvm most of u read le also (-_-??) hahahas~ LOLS =xx
prepaid card so fast no money de zzz.. = =" haiis top up SOON bahs AHGONGG if nt laters friday wont be sucessful le =xx lalalas~ i hope friday comes REALLYREALLY soon.. time's passing sorta SLOW nowadays =xx

AHGONGG de sister;
SUPER ke-aii CAN! >"< the way she talk u'll never know she's just FIVE >"< lalalas~
BTW. my nails are BLACK again. HAHS! xD

Sunday, September 24, 2006

like wth blogger did to my links siia = ="
dunno why i cant change the header of myBLOG. = =" managed to change the links problem le and anyways the blogskin doesnt like me. my conclusion. cos i changed it like from 6+ until now den FINALLY done le. zzz. tiiiiiiiiiiiired. LOLS.
hmmms. thursday my cousin came back from UK le! yay~ and she brought back some cookies(?) or something for me. gonna meet her next week but nt sure exactly when. miss her so so SO much siia LOLS. meet her SURE take alot pictures with her de =xx
ytd went to superband de event with Jing j0ey and Serene. LOLS. first time see autograph event got 16 people signing siia. hahahas. den when we went up the stage its like me and Serene keep laughing also dunno why = =" den jiu eat lolipop. LOLS. MLB de Weiqi give us that kinda "lolipop-not-bad-hor" look den we were like >"< VICS nv look up de! lols anyways he look up i also cant see no specs = =" LOLS. was practically BLIND ytd hao bu hao. butBUTbut! ytd KELVIN so CHIO hao bu hao!! the way he wear his eyeliner thn his hair! OMG! hao mei hor~~~ hahahas. anyways before the auto start ytd den got one group of mlb de fans sit beside us. den when the song by MLB started playing they started shouting damn loud = ="" den its like we were DIAOS = =" so high because of MLB. = =" hahahas. after the auto we went to eat. den me and Serene eat fish and chips den the knife is SUPER big de hao ma. = =" LOLS. den cut abit scary. j0ey ytd abit = =" lols keep laughing and saying weird things de LOLS =xx xiaoBEAR ytd see too much xiaoHORSE liaaos~lalala~ lolx =xxx
next week is coming le wor AHGONGG =xx lalalala~ im waiting for u ;

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

lalal~ got tagged by sabina so have to do this survey.. abit long sehhs LOLS =xx
**song playing at the moment?
jay ch0u/ ben cao gang mu
**one reason for living?
my friends; him =)
**do you think you are ok?
why nt? iim GOOOOOOD ><
**ever donated blood?
NNO. scared siia =xx
**last message from?
**last message sent?
**last call from?
AHGONG also = ="
**last place went?
rivervale mall with xiaaoPIGG
**last food you consumed?
long john silver's
**last person you chat with in MSN?
**accessories you usually wear?
ring; earrings
**movie you want to watch?
**how many piercings?
one pair
**have you ever performed on stage before?
**ever wish you could turn back time?
too many times. but smetimes u just gotta let go ((:
**ever thought of robbing a bank?
**one thing you totally regret doing?
too many to mention. what's impt is that i learn from my regrets =)
**do you consider yourself a good listener?
like ii very bhb; but YEA. LOLS.
**would you be rather happy or wealthy?
HAPPY. happiness can get u stuff that WEALTH cant =)
**are you shy to ask someone out?
smetimes. depends on who. LOL.
**do you like to talk on the phone?
**would you rather go on a walk or watch tv?
depends on the actiavity and PERSON. if is AHGONG yea ><
**whats the worst words you know?
**whats your worst fears?
to be left alone with no one else; no more AHGONG. cant imagine.
**have you ever felt that you were in love?
i STIL am. =)))
**name 5 people to do this survey?
anyone bahs (:
*********THE END!********

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

so ii was bored. took a photo of my bedroom wall (part of it) and the photo iim "holding" is very FAVOURITE picture. LOLS. anyways. my nails are BLACK ((: today when ii went out with my mom there was this auntie kept on looking at me (or my nails). LOLS. her expression was really FUNNY siia. like saying whats with youngsters nowadays liddat =xxxx
went thru all the songs to JAY's new album and its not bad! xPP thou ii feel kinda guilty for not buying the SUPERBAND cd first = =" really like the bai se feng che that song. Tui Hou also nt bad! can say iima tooot for slow songs laa. HAHS. anyways have to save up money to buy it soon; nxt week got event !! >< die la die la ii no $$$ = =" but bobians have to see VICS xDD lalala~ see how first bahs ((:
anyone knows how to get another personal phone line for room = ="
(suddenOUTBURST)ahhhs~ ii want watch MOVIE~ = ="
lets think of a way to talk besides ON the phone. LOLS. maybe we can develop some superPOWERS or something. or telepathy =))

Sunday, September 10, 2006

msn has this habit of logging me out/appearingOFFLINE even after clicking appearONLINE when ii feel like talking to someone online. = =" haiis SIAN. ><
hmmms. today AHGONGG woke me up at 11 =) so i slack at hme till 3+ wait for j0el den we went compass eat. we kept on talking talking talking. LOLS. after went to nVISTA band concert and the ticket cost 5 bucks cos they're trying to do some fundraising. errrhs. was okaaaaaaaays bahs. nt very good not very bad. at least the de standard still there. shudnt comment too much thou =xxx lalala~ erhhhs. after that we went to sit outside 7-11 the space at compass to talk crap LOLS. that time only got me, joel, hui, sabina, jia, weegek, audrey bahs. den more pp came laters den we talk CRAP. = =" LOLS. didnt really enjoy the ghost story part cos when ii was walking hme was damn scared dde den ii purposely play song play till very loud = =" LOLS. lalala~
i got my JAY cd today! lol. the lyrics booklet really very nice worhs. but now dunno why take le den nv listen only keep staring at the photos inside. LOLS. he really quite shuai lei JAY >< hehs. but VICS nicer la =xx
SOBBS. paulTWOHILL got eliminated from singaporeIDOL lers SIAN!! >< haiish. really like his singing de >< haiis~
i didnt have to wait till 14 days, thank goodness. ((: you're closer to uur target of 99 AHGONGG ((: jiayou jiayou behs =))

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

last weekend went to GREGG's hse with xiaaoPIGG and CHONG to rot = =" also dunno whats the purpose but anyways it was kinda fun in a way. = =" we went to watch MONSTERHOUSE. funny the movie! the house grew legs and chased after the kids and old man = =" LOLS. but overall the whole movie not bad la. stil got some parts scared me siia! >< lols. animation stil can scare me like i so mei you yong = ="

my CROWN ring's so WEAK it BROKE liaos lorh. the crown part broke off for the 3rd time even after i used superglue on it and i was like @#!@$@#!@ .. zzz it cost me like 8 bucks and i wore it only like ONCE. = =" at least i found my OTHER ring; i thought i lost it awhile back but i found it again! yay. but stil SIAN 1/2.. zzz.. haiish. = ="
the 7th day and still counting. i hope i dont have to count till 14 cos i dunno whether i'll still exist by that time.
sometimes i wait and wait and wait; and i realise;
what am i waiting for actually?
are you coming back?
i just know i really miss you; alot alot.
words arent enough to express what iim feeling.