Monday, September 29, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

A trip to the doctor's on Wednesday.. Luckily Darling's back so he can go with me.
That aside, I've been having nosebleed(s) & headaches lately. So many problems popping up,
it kinda makes me scared. (*panics)

Ah anyway Darling will be heading to Taiwan soon, & I told him,
(Loosely translated: "Are you gonna pick up girls? You can tell them, "Hey beauty, can we make a friend?~)
(HAHA) I don't know if he will, but he says he's gonna go shopping for me in Taiwan!
He says I'm always wearing plastic bangles, so he wants to buy a real bracelet with charms all over for me. Ah~
I wanted boots so he said he would buy for them for me too! (But he doesn't know my size, lol)
I've started bookmark-ing alot of dramas to watch, so my mind won't wander around too much :/
Darling~ I will miss you. :(

Ah he was watching TV & I was distrupting him.. (lol)
He's hugging my favourite bolster!