Friday, April 18, 2008

First things' first, advanced birthday greeting to this dear friend of mine!
Happy Birthday in advanced my dear! (:
(Hope you don't mind me 'stealing' your picture from your blog, LOL =X)

I miss the times when we would just lie on my bed and talk all night.
I miss the time when Hui & you came over, I recalled we wanted to watch a movie,
but the 3 of us fell asleep when the movie barely started for 5 minutes.
I miss the times when we would just go out for dinner and talk,
even though we don't do that all the time, our relationships with each other never did fade.
It's like we could not see each other for a gazillion years, but when we met,
it would be the same, without any changes at all.
JOELLL, what have you done to everyone, we're all suffering from withdrawal symptoms!
(Anyhow, it really hurts me when I know I cannot do anything to help you over there my dear,
all I can say is, JIAYOUJIAYOU, everything will be over in a jiffy alrights! Love ya)

Digressing a bit, the feeling of losing a best friend (pardon, but it really) sucks.
Frankly, when Darling and Joel went into NS one after another, it hurt, it really really hurt.
I just felt like someone had came along and torn a piece of me away, leaving me void.
The Number 1 & Number 2 most important men of my life, saying byebye to me.
(HAHA, and Number 3's just about to go, too. Not Dad, Dad's No. 4, still very much loved! :D)
Honestly, throughout my 19 years of life, I admit, I do not know much about my father.
It has always been my Mom and my Grandparents that took care of me when I was small.
Dad was always at work, & my Grandparents took care of me after school.
In my impression, Dad is a tall dark guy, with subtle curls in his hair, & lots of tattoos.
He dotes on me and whenever he went overseas, he would come back with something for me.
I remembered the first times my friends saw Dad, they were all frightened of him, haha!

Just saw this comment left by my lovely Piggydarling (:
(Disgressing a bit, we're always so lovey-dovey, HAHA)
Don't think we act weird or anything, we just cherish & love each other alot okays!
Darling, love you loaddddds! (:

So, went out with Darling to Sentosa last weekend when he finally managed to book out.
Despite him having hugggge blisters he still insistedbringing me to Underwater World.
Thanks Darling, love you many manyyyy! (Our usual phrase with each other, hahaha)
Though unhappy things happened that day, I'm glad to say we're fine :D

Me: "Darling, I want a kiss!"
Darling: (*Ignores, playing PSP)

Hello Mr turtle! :D :D

Bamboo shark, they're usually quite mild. It's skin felt soft and abit sandy, like little grains.

Pufferfish. Darling touched this and it felt tender, though it looked like it had spikes,
but it didn't feel thorny at all.

One of the rays, those little yellow fishes kept swimming underneath them, no idea why

It felt rather oily at first touch, and slightly rubbery and soft.
Also, if you touched or pressed them too hard,
you will feel them like using their muscles to push your fingers back.

Darling put his hand in but couldn't touch anything

Meanwhile some kids with fish food attracted allllll the fishes

Hello Wormy

My, what sharp teeth you have

I like Seahorses cos they have such bright colors!

This one's got nice eyes

This one was a mother one we suppose, it had little babies swarming all over

Poor thing, it fell onto it's back

I like rays cos the way they swim's just so graceful and all

Sea Angel

Here's a clearer shot if you can't see LOL

This crab was perched high on top, Darling presumes he's the King of the Crabs

Whereas this one was humongous!
Darling: Woah, we would be damn full if we can finish eating it!

We managed to see this walking sideways, so cute luh!

Here's a funny video of a fish, taken by us. It's actions were cute!

We have no idea why it's called that. (*Pointing to fish above)

Sharrrrrk ♥

Another Sharkkk ♥

Rays! It's the same one perched in different positions

Shiny gleaming fishes with a diver feeding them in the background

It's features look human, don't you think?

If you can see, there's a fish swimming in & out it's mouth (The blue thing near it's mouth)

Dugong! Said recarnation of the mermaid


Clownfish & Sea Anemone (Aka Finding Nemo)

What a long nose you have

Darling was trying to take a shot of the 2 fishes but he failed,
but once he passed the phone to me, the fishes stopped moving and I got 2 perfect shots. LOL

Leafy Seadragons

Went back to Touch Pool for Round 2 before heading off,
Darling's trying to touch the moving fish, it swam so fast!
It's skin felt more oily and slick as compared to the rays

Bamboo Shark and Blue Spotted Ray.
I assume all rays feel the same?

This breed of rays kept rushing up the water

Like this! So cute, right! (I don't care, I insist you say so HAHA)

No wonder it's 'face' is all red

Byebye cute one

Off to Merlion Walk to take some pictures,
Darling's leg was in pain after 3 hours plus stayed in Underwater World

Darling found these 2 carvings and insisted we 2 take a picture there

Dolphin Lagoon, was too tired to take any pictures,
so go to the Underwater World website if you are interested!
(Both are affiliated with each other, admission is $19.90 SGD for both places)

Bye Sentosa

Dinner was Japanese Curry for both of us. The rice was filled only halfway =.=

Darling was still hungry hence ordered his 2nd dish for the meal, eating heartily when..

He discovered this. B-l-o-o-d.

Bought Jellybeans, I love jellybeans! :D :D

Went out with dear Weichong & Piggydarling yesterday, headed to Kbox at freaking 11am.
(Arranged to meet at 11am, all arrived at 11.30am, HAHA)
I didn't expect it, but we had so much fun, I missed their company alot alot. (:
Pity Greg wasn't able to make it, he had school from morning till night, poor dear!
We talked alot, ATE alot, and reminisced back about our past in secondary school days.
How did we ever know each other? How did we become so close? Why our bonds lasted?
Weichong had an conclusion that Piggydarling (and me) were very dirty-minded LOL
It's okay Weichong, we'll still love you! :D :D

Table was so small, lunch set was so big!

Ew, had octopuses in it, and 'Maki', whatever that is. All left for Weichong to eat HAHA

I'm sitting in the middle that's why I got nice shots :D :D

Went for snacks after Kbox, Piggydarling was hungry AGAIN!
Scary appetite this girl has, haha! I ordered Rainbow Ice,
it had icecream and the ice was soaked with condensed milk, very sweet & I loved it!
Weichong's was Blackcurrent, but he still prefered mine too haha

Piggydarling ordered fries! I'm the only one who ate Ketchup, the both of them didn't like it

I remembered I was wearing this to Rivervale Mall to send out some items,
and this bunch of Ah Beng's kept saying stuff (In a very act cute voice ew) like,
"Wa, Kawaiii nehhhhh (They dragged it very long)"
It made shivers run down my spine, ugh!

Outfit of the day for Sentosaaaa

And finally got myself a new wallet, I like the metal Jack in the middle :D
I think 'The Night before Christmas' have fairly cute characters!

And lastly my Xiaozhuuuuu SHOW! I want to be that little girllllll =X