Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yahoo! Answers

Ah the weather's just so hot it's getting me annoyed lately. And I've got 3 ulcers in my mouth = no junk food this week.
Bad start to days = bad moods = bad day overall.
Trying my damnest to solve everything that comes together head-on. I trust it'll be okay. I hope. If not there's always that one solution. One single way .

[EDIT] What I need, is people that don't judge. I don't really need you making snide remarks. If you've got nothing good to say, I'd suggest you shut it. [/EDIT]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sing the weekend away

(Today's random picture)

And last Friday we celebrated Greg's birthday. Because Greg was so busy we met only at 11.30. PM. Night. It was the latest I have ever met anyone.
(And Greg was busy with his phone with someone, as usual ahem)
(We are at McD cos Piggy wanted the Pink cup they're giving away free. LOL.)

Piggy bought a cake for Greg. And neither of us smoke so we couldn't light the candle. And the cake was so hard Chong broke the knife while cutting it HAHAHA.

The boys ended up digging the cake to eat with their hands. I stuffed half a macroon into my mouth and that was it.
It was too goddamn sweet for my taste. I swear one slice of that will give you diabetes.

And off we went to Partyworld for our singing session. We were supposed to reach at 1am, but we couldn't find the place at first, and walked from Shaw Towers all the way to HMV only to find out it was beside Shaw Towers. Great.

Chong looks like the sleeping buddha in Malaysia's temples LOL.

Irritating Chong with Piggy and me. (Greg you've got shaky hands!)

Ooh neon.

I have shaky hands too haha

Piggy's got worse shaky hands than Greg had. :x

My bestie!

Along with the random guy who poked his head into the picture at the left side. Yes, refering to you Chong LOL.

Hahahah only the 4 of us will ever know what happened :x

Piggy insisted they do the same pose hahah

He's making himself wayyy too comfy on the couch.

See Chong can even sing when he slouches.

The 2 lazy boys. Uh or men. Or boys.

Hahah look at Greg

Too lazy to sit up straight LOL. It was nearing like 4am what did you expect!

Piggy was like, Eh can you 2 act friendlier you 2 are acting like strangers hahah

There! Nicer one

We just can't resist full length mirrors

I think we were talking. Hence the weird expressions LOL.

And at 5am we finally left, mad tired and sleepiness taking over us! Almost crashed into bed the moment I got off ._.

(Greg's birthday card.) Hope you've enjoyed your birthday my dear!

The next day I was awakened by Joel & Hui's texts and calls asking me to wake up ._. (7's my lucky number woo!)

Joel wanted to go this place for porridge but it was closed so we settled at Xin Wang's for late lunch/dinner (breakfast for me) LOL.
Hui could only eat porridge cos she had her seperator put in :/

I think we were discussing about the century eggs Hui ordered.

Me: It smells sour, leh.
Hui: It's sweet AND sour chicken, mah! (LOL. Totally bimbotic moment for me.)

Joel's baked pasta. He said the cheese was totally rubbery and this would be the first and last time he'll be eating it. But I liked it, leh!

After that we went to rot (read: slack) at Joel's house where we read funny letters.

The next day we were meeting (again) for Kbox. Singing 2 times in 3 days. I'm sure my craving for singing has absolutely ended as of this week LOL.
I bought the sweet cos I realized they'll be late only when I reached. It tasted horrible. It was a waste of my 80c.




Smile :D

Tastes like any other enconomy rice you can find in hawker centers, or worse.

He's so engrossed in each of the songs he sang. And Hui and me don't really know 65% of the songs he wanted to sing LOL.

Gary Cao Ge's songs are awesome.

And more fidgeting. Hahah

I'm invisible! (At least half of me is. Hui remarked I looked like a ghost hahaha)

HAHAH I kept fidgeting and Hui could not take a decent picture of me. LOL.

Their turn to fidget.

Joel is still very much engrossed in his song.

I think it's safe to say this is our only decent photo we have throughout our years of friendship.


Yay! & it's the first time we went to Kbox with each other. ;)

And this entry's not as backdated as the other entries. A random quiz to end this entry, from here:

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