Sunday, April 21, 2013


Because sometimes I look at her & I think,
was I so inconsiderate, so naive, so foolish, so immature when I was younger?
Thinking I could hold the world up on my own, not believing in anyone's words..

And that is what makes me want to strive to be a better person, even now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tears(눈물) (Feat. Eugene(유진) of THE SEEYA)

We have bad attachments rather than good attachments
We fight all the time and go for days without seeing each other
But we wanted each other so much
Because we loved each other, because we couldn’t live without each other
The freckles on your body, the food you can’t eat
When we kiss and made up after fighting
When we tightly held hands while driving
I remember all of those things
Even if you’re not next to me for a moment, I get nervous
After letting you go, I easily get blank
I hate the changing world
I forcefully take out your memories
Your name, face, laughter, scent
There are so many memories you gave to me
There is so much soul that you left to me
They come to life and find to me
I crush them all with the word, love

Sitting alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears

(Tears, by LeeSsang. The english translation is from here.)

I love this song. 


I can't wait to go to Korea and Tokyo for my birthday trip this year, and Taiwan year-end.
Oh, by the way - I passed my Japanese Elementary 1 with the result of 92/100!! :D
Guess my brain still remembers how to study, huh? Now, let's continue on to Elementary 2 :D