Saturday, February 24, 2007

have not been updating as regularly since no one reads anyway .hahaha ,kidding kidding . (:

gahs ,was like so expecting my flower(s) but didnt get any .guys will be guys i guess .
but it's okays ! cos regardless of whether he buys for me or not i'll still love him LOADS ! (:
he's my one&only darling ,how can i not ? ((:
wait for next year bahs ! darling you next year must buy for me ! ((:

LNY this year was quite fruitless .although got more money compared to last year i didnt go anywhere spent the days rotting at home T.T so my new year was rather

&&boring also . the most boring-est EVER . =.="

went to this park with my darling ytd(or day before? forgot) and it had some really nice scenery so i took a lil bit of pictures !cos it was night ,so the pictures aint gonna be very clear .darling says we shall go again next time ! ((:

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this is the name of the place .Bottle Tree Park in Khatib/Yishun ! ((:

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this is where the name came from i think .

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saw some tiger there .LMAO

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&they have benches&chairs for you to sit there to relax also ! nice place ! ((:

ohya ,saw one funny thing at my darling's house .
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see his fish ?it swims upside down . =_______="

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hold me by the hand ,
& never let me go .
the warmth of your hand ,
is all i'll ever need ;

the more you anticipate ,the more disappointment . ):
that's what happened to my Valentines' Day . (:
fcuk .


tagreplies ;;
april: lOls ,if you say that ,i aint got nothing to say .where've you been these days ?nvr flood my board le ?lOl =xx
xbear: xbearrrrrrrrrrr !i thought u dont want come tag me le ~my tagboard misses you ! lOl =xx lOls ,didnt went anywhere la .tag more next time ! =XX
chuchin: lOl ,u got sell la ..nvm ,next time i help you mass advertise ! =X haha ,thanks ((:
xlamb: LMAO ~xiexie my dear !you toooo ! ((:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i know my hair is messy .

wellsssssssss ,tml is Valentines ! (okay luh the time im typing is already considered the day itself) umhs ,i have no accurate plans yet actually .but i think im going out with my mom thn my darling (who is again sleeping on MYBED now) all i ask for to happen tomorrow is ..

i just want to receive a SiNGLE stalk of rose ! i wanna be the FiRST girl to receive roses from him . =xx

that's not too much to ask for riiiiiiiights =DD Februry 14 is me&my darling's 7th month's 7th day together le . =xx

hehs ,anw .my O lvl results are CRAP ! scored EXACTLY the same as last year ,omg waste $$ =_______=" registered for Hospitality Operations for Higher Nitec & Tourism for Nitec ,see which one i get in bahs ((: but please please please let me get into the small course as xiaoPIGG lahs !dont wanna be alone ):

gahs ~ang baos ang baos ~weeeeeeeees ! (自high中) maybe it's too early ,but im already planning how to use my angbao money .LOL ! =xx

ahh ,back to "work" ! ((:

HAPPY VALENTINES TO EVERYONE ! ((: hope all couples last long long long long together ! ((:

some old picture of my&my darling making stupid faces .LMAO .

我相信 ,因为还有你在我的身边…


i want to seek solace .. the solace given from the silts of my penknife ..
sometimes i just think your game stands the first place in your heart ,not me ..

tagsssss =D
xlamb :LOL ~!but i go in you graduate le bahs ~or we study different school luhs lamb ! LOL my course in Clementi leiiiiiiii =xx anw ,thank you for the GOODLUCK ! though i still going to ITE . LOLOL ! =xx
chuchin :some of the shops they got links rights ,you ask them link you ! ((: &&&& .alot is swapped de ,i dont make as much money as you think luhs LOL
april :my dear ,i nvr die yet kkk hahah see me on MSN everytime still ask me where i go ~ =xx lalalala

Monday, February 5, 2007

wtf is wrong with my internet connection .keep dcdcdc until i #$R%#$%#^@#@! want to reply email or whatever also like fcuk liddat . argh ! >=(

anyways .results are gonna be out this friday . HAHAHAH .whatever .

i cant log in to friendster .blame the internet connection .

i got hit by my mom & i bled in the process . owwws .

LOLS .it was an accident luhs .cos my darling was trying on a ring i bought for him ,it ended up being stuck .thn my mom came in to help pull the ring out .when she pulled ,her hand hit my mouth & i bled T.T all i can say is ,very PAIN lei ! staying away from softdrinks&my favourite curry is most TONGKU one .

my darling is VERY pre-occupied with his game lately .i sleep he wake up ,i wake up he sleep .LMAO .netherless ,istilllovemydarling! (((:

my hands looks loooooooooong here .hahah =xx
anyway the main focus is my colourful nails ! =DDD

extremebusy-ness ~

weees ,9 days to Valentines ! (((: && 13days to my angbao $$ ~! =DDD shoppingspreeeeeees !

chuchin: LOL ,all either buy le never wear or no wear le de .SEC0NDS- cos is 2nd-handed ma =DD && .i MASS-ADVERTISE .wahahaha =DD
-xlamb-: LOLOL ~! xiexie xiexie =DD ehhhs ..later no one want to be my friend >~<"
joel: what stuffs you wanna sell seh ?! lOl ,gimme i sell for you lorr .hahaha
april: yuppppppps .i saw the news .freakingfast ! T.T

Thursday, February 1, 2007

gahs ~

extreme busy-ness with the blogshop lately ! so many things to deal with ,so many emails to reply ,and so many meetups to go to T.T i've already gone to cityhall 3times this week to meet people tml will be my fourth T.T but its' my own choice (with xiaoPiGG) to open this blogshop so we have to carry this responsibility ! ((:

wells results are not out but i can say assurely ,im really going to ITE ,no kidding . i know for myself results are like crap and my family doesnt even have the resources to send me to Poly anyways . my only worry is that im really scared i cant make any friends there .. =((

okaays ,short post .im being flooded by emails ! gahgahgahs ~ ><

xlamb; lOls ,actually more or less confirm le la .but thanks my dear ((:
daiis; ahahah ,but Mars got my birthday on it lei ~! =DD i also dunno why so early this year ,very saddening lei before Valentines&new year =__________=" ahahaha this is not negative ,is preparing myself for the worst ! ((:
april; aiyohs ,i have to tell everyone the same thing seh .hahaha ,jiu .im going to ITE .decided confirmed .lalala ((: