Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Today, I went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for laksa I was gonna cook for Darling.
The cashier gave me a discount for not using plastic bags (It's Bring-Your-Own-Bag Day today!)
It made me happy :)

Today, I bought bubble tea and the girl who was serving me gave me a big, bright smile after I said 'Thank you' to her.
It made me happy :)

Today, when I was crossing the road home, I looked up at the sky,
and it was this clear, clear blue. I smiled.
It made me happy :)

(Ah this wasn't the sky I saw, but a beautiful sky back on July 16th :)

I think it's true. You get a good day for every bad day you've been through.
The thought, it made me happy :)


After all of that, my computer gave me 3 BSODs', and hanged itself.
After which I cooked dinner for myself and it got burnt because I was too engrossed in TV.
And I saw ____ looking _____, and I got damn ________. (HAHA fill-in-the-blanks are back)