Monday, May 27, 2013

Tokyo Drift

At the ending of Fast & Furious 6, I saw a peek of the streets of Tokyo & it stirred up so many emotions in me. Happiness, excitement, fear.. Just to name a few. I was so excited to finally be able to step into the country, a different one from any I've experienced. Sure, I've been to Osaka, but Osaka & Tokyo are so much different from each other, every country offers a different view, that is what I'm looking forward to. Tokyo and Korea.. Hope I can see Garie-oppa there LOL! -fangirl-

(Digressing, never thought I would enjoy the movie so much. I was a never a 'cars' kinda girl, so when I went to the cinema expecting time to pass real slow - whoa. Amazed. Definitely gonna catch the other five installments now; and that means alot, coming from someone who has zero interest in vehicles.)

Haven't had time to properly finish my itinerary yet - it's about 45% done at this point, but I guess I'm still in a slacking kinda mode since there's still time. Japanese level 2 however, is a different story. Sensei was right when she mentioned it would be different from Level 1. It is, more interesting but more difficult. So many concepts similar yet different when infused together. I always anticipate lessons now, and now the thought of continuing with Level 3's bouncing in my mind. What for go for Level 1 & 2, but stop there, right? Might as well go all the way. Sure, I take time to understand the concepts and what nots - but the language's really intriguing me, bit by bit. And Sensei! The way she teaches and her plentiful expressions, I adore her style of teaching.

Ah, I've started rambling again. Perhaps I'll update this space with some pictures when I get home. Till then, happy Monday! (I know Mondays are normally not associated with the word Happy.. But that's how I am feeling, after seeing pictures of our Monday Couple! :)