Saturday, August 24, 2013

Harmoni One, Batam

Hi from Harmoni One, Batam Indonesia! 

Heh. Me and the boy just finished with our day tour and amaaazing massage and we're currently just lazing in our room, watching The Avengers on cable TV. Got an upgrade to the Deluxe room, which comes with a lounging area, a standing rain shower, and King-Sized Bed. 

I think the main reason I always come back to 2D1N stays in Batam are the massages. SO worth it! For this 2D1N trip, we only paid $45 per pax for the hotel, ferry, buffet lunch, tour AND massage. Super cheap or what!?
It's a great way to get out of Singapore to relax for a bit, don't you think? 

Uploading pictures in a bit!

The Chloe bag I bought in MegaMall for $5.00 Singapore Dollars cos my sling bag broke. Sadly the button also died the minute I tried to close it WTF. 

Panorama shot of the room taken from the lounging area. The boy's so intensely watching the movie. Air-Con of the room is too cold! Turned it to 27 degrees and it was still freezing (Typing this under the covers now. Hahah)

Another shot. Maybe I'll add in some other shots later, I'm entranced by the Room Service Menu (I'm the kind that absolutely love ordering Room Service!!): They've got Asian Fried Rice to T-Bone Steaks to Carbonara Pasta to Beef Burgers to Banana Spilts and Tiramisu!! What should I eat, wanna eat everything....

Can't wait to enjoy the bathtub later, and/or the Swimming Pool. I'm glad this hotel has a hair dryer; if not my hair won't even be dry by the time I checkout tomorrow WTF. (All toiletries are included, including toothbrushes!)

- Apparently the Water Boiler does not automatically switch off even after it boils. By the time we realize the boiler was less than half empty WTF. 
- The water that came out from the tap AND the bath was a very slight yellow. .... I don't even want to know why. Apparently almost all the rooms had this problem. (I had to double-boil our waters for safety reasons lol)
- The room had awesome blackout curtains, which was great. Some hotel's blackout curtains barely even block out any light. 
- Free Mini-bar drinks in the fridge! Every room's different, we got Chrysanthemum Tea & Winter Melon. 
- Staff's attitude at Checkout leaves much to be desired. They insisted the 'Bath Mat' was gone from the bathroom (Which, by the way was not even there when we first Checked-In) and we had to go to back to the room to check. Didn't find it in the end BUT our tour guide solved the issue for us. Heard another group also had similar issues, so do check carefully upon checkin, lest you don't have a nice Tour Guide like ours. 
- Swimming Pool's got a jacuzzi! It's open from 7am till 10pm daily. 

All-in-one, I guess it was a pretty okay experience. But if you ask me if I would return.. I'll think about it. If it's still cheap or even cheaper, perhaps... But for now? My number 1 hotel is still Nongsa Point :D 
(Did I mention before how much I love that place? I even brought my family there before, they loved it as well :D)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I find it crazy the guys over here PMS way more often then the girls do.
What's with the fucking black faces? Does anyone owe you money?
Even if anyone owes you money, no one fucking owes you a living.
I've got 3 words for 'em: Suck. It. Up.
Aren't you a man? If you are, I suppose it's time you acted like one.

Don't know who put a stick up their asses recently. Even if someone did - With this attitude of theirs, they deserved it.
Hell, even I want to do it with all the attitudes alllllll around. Geez.