Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Post-Holiday Blues

wonder if it's just me, or it's everyone else.

People go on holidays to recharge, don't they?
I come back from a holiday even more dreading to go back to work.

When I awoke today, it's like my eyes were silts, could barely open them.
Not sure if it's the 'good friend' visiting or if it's just the lethargic-ness doing its' thing.

As part of our annual #thecousinalliance travel plans: we headed to Hanoi, Vietnam this year.
On our way to the airport, the taxi uncle mentioned, 'Do not expect anything & it'll astound you.'

I'll tell you what astounded me first: the amount of motorcycles, and the pollution.
Being aboard, it makes you appreciate your own country more.

This trip was an amazing one, though. It's really the company that makes a trip worthwhile.
Makes me reminisce the Phuket trip last year with Chong and Greg - ah, those were the days.

I think I'm at the age now where I think family is the most important thing of all.
You can not bother about other things, but family - family are the ones who'll be there with you, regardless.. Till the end.

/updated July 3 with snippets from the iPhone, pardon the quality!

Almost 85% of the population have motorcycles in Hanoi. Roads are dangerous to cross, do not proceed if you do not have the nerves!

Sunset by the West Lake.

Walked nearly 2 hours to find this restaurant which was touted as the 'must-go' in Hanoi for delicious Pho.

Little Hanoi. Our guide took us here, knowing our family are big fans of  'Running Man'. 
It was filmed right here!We booked a tour guide from Hanoi Free Guides prior to our visit. 
 From their website
Hanoi Free Tour Guides is a social non-profit organization founded and run by a group of students and ex-students since January 2010
How much does it cost to use guide service?  Our guide services are totally free of charge. However, please be prepared to pay all the expenses of the guide during the tour, such as admission fees, restaurant meals, transportation fees, etc.
What languages do guides speak? Currently, we have English, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean and Japanese speaking guides.It is HFTGs' great effort to extend our services in more languages to serve more tourists from all places in the world. In the near future, we also provide services in other languages such as: German, Italian, Spanish,..
 Our guide was Huong Loan (In pink), who was a joy to be around with. We had asked for a chinese speaking guide due to our parents and Grandma who was with us, so they too could learn more about Hanoi. She had planned out a little intinerary, which, of course could be altered to how you want it to go. She was very patient with us, and with Grandma. Thank you Huong Loan for the wonderful day! Please look for us when you come to Singapore, we'll bring you around! ;)

On our last day, we went for a tour in Hoa Lu. Another place where Running Man was filmed! 
(I swear this trip is just to curb our Running Man fantasies. Hahaha.)

Regconise this pagoda!?

We were led onto a boat tour.. Where the rower rowed us with her legs wtf.
It was, albeit wonderful, the place where we got scammed into buying souvenirs and what not. 
Still, a good experience though. You get to see a scenic side of Vietnam, which you'll probably never see in Singapore.

And my favourite part.. Home. There's always a feeling I get when the plane reaches Singapore.. :)

On a side note, I wish the Blogger app would allow us to upload multiple photos at any one time! So irritating to upload one by one. Pfffft.