Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gift exchange!

Actually I'm now in a rush so this post will be all text and no pictures.
I'm supposed to be getting ready and waking Darling and everything BUT
I haven't even sent out my postage and ate my breakfast and I need to be ready by 12
I (Okay, make it boyf and me) need to meet cousins by 12 and I think we're gonna be late.
%$#$%$^#$ (Random grumbling)

On the other hand, I'm so darn excited!
First gift exchange ever with cousins at Grandma's house, it's gonna be SO fun!
Okay got to go must stop procastinating! (On a random note, I think all 1989 peers are good at procastination. LOL)

(By the way Hui & Joel my dears, I've got small gifts for you two! ♥)
(Ah I wanna go watch Twilight and Yes Man! #@$@#%#)
(Okay REALLY got to stop typing random stuff. Goodbye all!)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

00:20 - Christmas!

At the time I'm typing this, it's 20 minutes away from Christmas, and yes, I'm spending it at home this year with Darling.
We were at Converse's warehouse sale yesterday and I must say, we've got alot of loots!
(Those who are interested, tomorrow is the last day, it's from 10.30am - 8.30pm,
at Alantic Sports Pte Ltd 27 Harrison Road :)

Anddddd! I'm gonna have to say sorry to some who texted me this week, my current phone really sucks, the lag in receiving messages is scary
Anything important, please give me a call!
You can text me if you want to receive my reply a couple of days later. (HAHA)

To end it off, here are 2 random pictures of me. (LOL totally abrupt)
Let's spend the rest of 2008 in a happy mood!

Merry christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bob ftw~

Bob FTW~
(I've been wanting to say this ever since Survivor: Gabon started,
but since now it has ended and BOB WON (!!) so..
He's totally awesome, winning 5 challenges in a row and he's 57 and a physics teacher
and if you wanna know more you can google 'Bob Crowley' or 'Survivor Gabon'!)

(Random: I am such a TV junkie)

Anyway I'm only here typing this cos Darling got called away to guard duty last night,
when he was supposed to be sleeping beside me in my bed tonight.
(Eh, no idea why but that sentence with a perfectly decent meaning sounded wrong)

Ah Mom just asked me to go help with her with tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) for tomorrow~
明天是‘冬至’, 该吃汤圆咯! (妈说, 吃了汤圆, 就会老了一岁~)

I hope Christmas this year will be a fun one! :)

(Random: The 3rd blogshop I was refering to was
I saw her being blacklisted in another blog, lor. Those who're interested can go google it,
cos I'm not going to waste any more time on her.)

(Random: I just realized alot of guys (And I mean ALOT) like to take pictures of themselves straight upfront.
Like when you see the picture, their face is kinda 'in-your-face'.
Did that make sense? Ah never mind LOL!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad luck, bad blog(shops)

(Random picture of the day: Phone I'm using now.
Though I do extremely loveee flip phones, the camera on this one disappoints me.
I miss my Sony Ericsson's phone's cameraaaa! :/)

On a random note, remember the last entry regarding the cup noodles?
Darling finally ate it last week, it's really meat inside the package!

Looks pretty spicy, but Darling says it isn't. He's like totally immune to spices lol

Went shopping with Hui afew weeks back (Or was it last week? Can't recall)
before she went to Japan. Speaking of this, by the time you read this, she's back!
Okaeri my dear! Hope you enjoyed your stay and had fun thereeeee! ♥
She bought alotttttttttt of things that day, and guess what I bought?

Just that one circled item. The others I received them when I got home, luckily Mom signed the package for me ^^
They are mine and Darling's lunar new year's clothes, all bought online (One of them is Mom's, heh :)
For those who ask where I spree, I always deal with Shopping Closet.
She's trustable, (I've spreed with her for very long, more than a year? Can't recall lol)
she updates the spree's status frequent enough, and she's really nice :)

The details on the bracelet were really pretty

I received another package that day (this one I've been waiting for months! Finally arrived)

My lens cleaning machine! Won't have to personally clean my lenses next time (Perfect for lazy people like me ahem)

Put in some batteries, press the button, and it'll start vibrating..

Just leave it aside and tadah!
The lens are really clean, cleaner than when I use my hands to rub it LOL!

Anyway, I don't know why but lately my luck with blogshops ain't very good.
I first ordered 2 pairs of Grey lenses from a certain blogshop. (Mouse over bold words)
and she initially said it would arrive at the end of November (Time of order mid - end Oct) and when December came, it still didn't arrive,
arriving only last week. She said she emailed everyone regarding the meetup but I didn't receive any email -.-
I thought, it's okay, I'll just email her, and confirmed with her that I was going for the meetup the next day.
Next day, arrived and saw her, and she said she posted my lenses using normal postage to my address already -.-
She did apologise, and seeing she was sincere I said it's okay, since she said she would refund me should the lenses be lost.
I left to run my errands when I suddenly remembered, I didn't even give her my address, how did she even send the thing to me? (Major -.- right)
Quickly ran back to her (Lucky she was still there, lor) and told her, "I don't think I gave you my address, eh.. -.-"
And she rumaged through her bag, and said, "I think I forgot to bring your lenses" ... =.=
She said to meet me the next day, and when she finally did, she was late for 30 mins. =.=

Nudy Quarter Grey: Not very obvious from afar, and a lil bit uncomfortable for my eyes cos the base curve is different lol

Went out with Shimin after collecting my lenses, the only buy that made me satisfied was buying VIVI.
(I think I shop online too much already, lol)

The 2nd incident with another blogshop for lenses (Mouse over, similarly)
I ordered cos Darling wanted the lenses, and I wanted a different color, but I found out I sent her the wrong order. (I sent the one I sent the previous blogshop)
Emailed her early last week, and she replied only yesterday that,
"Sorry, can't change, I just submitted the orders already." -.-
(Fine, just my fault for not checking, but you also need to check your email, what)

Third one, abit ridiculous lah I think. On her site, (I think you know what to do)
She was selling a grey long sleeved top, pictured below.
When you buy things, of course you would expect it to be at least 90% similar to the picture, right?
Guess what I got:

Similar? I think not. This model is around my height (I always spree, I should know)
so the top should reach around my thigh. It didn't even reach my hips.
Banded bottom and banded sleeves? Nope, none. At. All.
It was just a normal, grey long sleeved top. =.=
I emailed her.

Right. Apparently she (Or in this case, me) got duped.
You won't be seeing me buying anything from her again. :D
(At least I know what I'm getting when spreeing from taiwan sprees)

Darling has been nagging for me to get my hair dyed, but I like black hair, leh.
However, it's time for me to get a haircut~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finding 'Bixia'

(Random picture of the day: Pretty colorful kuehs')

You must be thinking, who the hell's Bixia?
The fact is, I do not know any Bixia(s) either.
(I don't remember knowing a Bixia in my primary school OR secondary school OR anywhere else.)

It's like the theme for today was, 'Finding Bixia' (In pun of Finding Nemo. Ha. Ha. Not funny.)
I received a call at 10.30-ish asking for a certain ___ Bixia. (Her name had 4 letters, cannot recall clearly)
Another at 2.30. And another at 2.49pm. (These 2 were just looking for plain old 'Bixia'.)
I gave the same response. In a very irritated manner.

And then, a text at 5.42pm (I know the exact time cos I was intently watching my show and it interrupted me)
An (exact) extract: ". heys em are you bixia's friend.? .i am her sister can you ask her to call home if you are with her.?"
I replied (damn politely, if I say so myself): "Eh I think you've got the wrong number, I don't know anyone named Bixia. :)"

So, at the end of today, after the search for 'Bixia'.
Sincerely, I really don't remember anyone by the name of Bixia.
I don't know where she is, how she is, whatever.

I hope tomorrow won't be another search for another (Insert random name here)..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sometimes I think guys are being overrated on their intelligence.

My anger is aproximately at 87%.
(On a scale of head to toe, with my head being the highest, it is already at the nose level.)
After fuming for 10 minutes and trying to bring the percentage down by looking at pretty girls
it is still at 70%. (Which is around the neck area.)
(What, can't girls look at pretty girls also?)

I shall go to bed and pretend nothing has happened. I hope I dream of Toma like I did the night before,
cos if I do, I will be in a darn happy and hyper mood tomorrow.

Seeing him always makes me feel better. He's an escape route for me from total 愚かさ.
(This nerdy one is my favourite picture of him :)

Ah I've been going out everyday this week. My eyes really need a rest..

Friday, November 28, 2008


(Random picture of the day: Today's breakfast :)

Well it's friday today! But Darling won't be coming home, he's got guard duty :(

Walking alone in the streets in the wee morning was really quite a scary experience.
I was on my way to the airport to fetch Darling last time, and everything was eerily quiet.
I was quite scared that something will pounce out on me seriously -.-

Camwhoring before going out! I'm glad I chose to wear long sleeves and boots,
the airport was soooo cold and it was so crowded -.-

The next weekend after that me and Darling caught Madagascar 2, we ate alot that day ^^;
The movie was overall, well very typical, except I didn't like the old granny.
I thought she was quite irritating :x

Darling left straw hearts everywhere we ate. He said it was a token of his loveeeee
for the people who served us lolol!

Darling! :)

And yes, Christmas is coming. How are you going to spend your christmas? :)

The HUGE christmas tree at Vivocity's rooftop is really beautiful!

And a random collage of me & Darling on the bus!
We were on the way to visit his Grandma & Mother, to give them his loots from his trip.

(Random: The inner part of my ear hurts. I just woke up this morning and it was hurting,
and I've got no idea why. Even my jaw hurts abit while I'm moving it -.-)