Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My babyyyyyyy!

Say 'Hi' to my new baby. This baby was bought by my baby for his baby. (Aka me )

I had the besttttttttt week! Last friday, I got the camera from baby,
and here are some test shots. I'm in love
(With the camera, AND my baby. Thanks Darling! You're the besttttt! )

The floor looks ridiculously shiny here.

To say the truth, actually there were only these 7 pieces left. LOL

The zoomed in version is much, much prettier. I swear!

I think Darling's kinda sensitive to this? He kept sneezing when he got home.
But he was the one who bought it

If you would have noticed, I like taking pictures of the sky.
You're gonna see alot of that in the future's post. A-l-o-t.

Supposed to be clearer but my hand is SO unstable.

On Saturday, it was breakfast-turned-brunch with besties, (Ahem because someone was late ahem )
we finally headed to Ikea/ Giant! Anyway, pictures aren't in sequence.

We came to a conclusion that eating chicken wings in public was a very unglam thing to do. LOL.

My friend saw this (left) picture and thought we were in a shoe store ._.

Yes Joel, spotlight. (And this abruptly ends our Ikea/ Giant pictures.)

I also got my Feb's issue of VIVI last week! Thanks ar SY, for going with me

Also I received my 5th (Or 6th?) Nuffnang cheque! (Which I'm gonna use for my new specs! Yay!)

ANDDDD, I'm heading to Sentosa on Saturday with Darling! We're going to this Sentosa Flowers thing that happens every year.
We missed out on last year's one, so this is going to be our first one!

Also, fell in love with reading again. Joel would say I'm just returning to my Sec-1 phase: Being a nerd. LOL.
I finished all 4 (And a half, including 'Midnight Sun') Twilight books, and book 4 was awesomeeeeeee!
(Though I didn't think the movie was that good. I enjoyed it, anyway. You'll have to admit, Robert Pattinson was pretty cute.)

Still not quite used to the camera as you can see. My shots are all quite blurry. (._.)

And this abruptly marks the end of the post. I really do need a haircut.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally feeling TGIF!

(Random picture of the day! The tee says; "HUG me". Yes Darling, I'll hug you anyday :x)

Ah I'm so excited excited excited!
I've been waiting for this since forever!
Tomorrow you will know what's happening!
(Or maybe Saturday. Or Sunday. Or next week. HAHAHA)

Anyway here are some random pictures.. (Cos I'm random like that. Well my friends are random too. That's why I'm random. And rambling. LOL.)

(And yes my dearies, Ikea/ Giant this Sunday? Hahah)

I tried to cut my fringe the day before and cos I wasn't wearing my glasses the first snip was horrible.
The first thought that ran through my mind was "Oh f." (LOL)
Luckily, I managed to save things and now I look decent. (At least I think I look decent?)

I like shadows.

Okay my hand was in a weird position cos the bus was actually coming and I wanted to finish taking this shot. LOL.

Did I post this before? Can't remember. But I like these 2 pictures anyway.

Trying to act funny.


And now I'm going to go prepare I'm going outtttttt to get my favourite VIVI!
(And tomorrow csdnfusenke!!!!)

(That was just some random excited typing.)