Sunday, October 30, 2011


"我喜欢你 叫我的名字
一副若无其事的 又像公开的密秘
好几次我怕会来不及 还没抱够你"

Jolin Tsai - 好想你.

An apology may mean nothing, it still has to be said regardless.
Everytime I make you sad, I feel like I've done something bad because you don't deserve this at all.
Funny how fate works, because a few years back, I would have never imagined myself in this situation.
Never say never, huh?

I miss you like how you're missing me.
It feels right when I am in your arms, when you're whispering things in my ear.
If I drop everything and go now.. What will happen?
I'm just scared wondering how long it'll last. You're right about one thing: I can never know the true thoughts of a man's mind.

By the way.. I got a pay raise. Woohoo?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I can't forget the night the stars filled our sight and the words whispered to me that night, the nights your arms were around me tight.

Bintan is a nice (albeit expensive, since they charge SGD) place to relax and chill out at, but even so, it's the company that matters.
Though we didn't do anything during the 2D1N trip, I've found things that make my heart skip a beat.
I think I'm silly sometimes, always losing myself in my own thoughts.

The hotel we stayed at was Bintan Lagoon Resort: I don't think it was as bad as people make out to be.
Quite clean and friendly staff - proficient in English too. We had problems with our room key, and they replaced a new room for us FOC.

This was our messy room. Not as tiny as I thought, with a balcony out.
(Wifi is like $9.50 an hour though. WTF?)

But abit kenna cheated by the beach, leh. Water not green one :(

This was what we spent most of our time doing. Awesome.

If you were to ask me which night I would remember as the most romantic night - this would be it.

Every night my fingers hover above the button, I'm scared to press it down.
Scared of your rejection, scared of how I'd hurt you, scared.
I miss you, but I'm scared to miss you. I'm not supposed to be missing you.

Cos all it brings is pain. Love is pain.
It is.