Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gloomy day

(Random picture of the day: Here's cactus number 3 who's just arrived last Sat. (Yup, no thorns. Yet.)

It's a gloomy day..

And I have to take in the laundry. Ah, what a random update this is.

Know what this is for? You'll know in a couple of months.. :)

I've just read that paying for goods over the MRT fare gate will get you a fine. $2000 fine! (Wtf) How ridiculous is that?
Singapore's really a 'FINE' country ._.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A post-vday post

(Random picture of the day: Random sign Darling took when at his friend's chalet)

I've just found out something yesterday. It's making me feel. Quite Horrible.
The truth I knew a long time back, it's not what I know.
(Not knowing how to put it in words, I just feel - Guilty? Wrong? ____?)

So on Vday, guess where we went? I've wanted to come to this place since a long, long time..

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom (I know, not the usual place you'll go for a date, but anyhow I've not been there for years!
The last time I went I was barely 10. [And now I'm 20. Gee.] But I didn't regret coming :)
(Those are real specimens, by the way)

When you first step it, it's alot of butterfly and insect specimens. It was almost empty when we went in, guess no one else is interested in this kinda stuff anymore. Kind of a pity, though.

And we're going to the Outdoor park!

So cute lah

It was feeding time when we got outdoors

Yes, there were parrots too (And also some birds flying around. Have to careful incase they fly by and their droppings land on you ahem)

I was quite scared, initially cos they (butterflies) were all flying around but Darling seem to be very keen on the butterflies landing on his hand ._.

Poor thing this guy. Darling witnessed him climbing onto a tree and then falling down ._.
(At this time I already ran into the safety of the shelter ahem)

Random lizards and turtles on the way in

At first when we were here, Darling was still wondering whether the scorpion was real or not cos it wasn't moving at all.
Then this staff opened the cage and took it out ._. (This one's only 5 months and it's so big....)
He told us alot of things, he says actually you can touch scorpions' tails and you'll be fine, just don't let what inside their sting get into your blood. Stuff like that.
Can tell he's had alot of experience. He also talked about the possibility of the park being torn down because not many people are keen on musuems like these, and how insects breed. He was nice :)

He said, these big cockroaches are the real 'Singapore' cockroaches, they live on fruits and do not smell (To prove the point, he sniffed the cage ._.)
He said, the cockroaches that we see mostly are brought from other cargos from other countries back in the olden days ._.

Yes, it's real.

Compared to Darling's hand, it's still huge ._.

The wings are see-through, so pretty

So are these

It's not upside down, it was like this when we saw it ._.

Skyride next! It was both Darling and my first time :)
(Pictures all taken by Darling, I was busy holding on to the safety bar hahah)

First ride was scary, way back was much better. (Pity we didn't get that photo...)

Darling bought me a multicolor lightstick before going to our next destination! (Nope, no flowers. I actually think sometimes Vday's abit overrated sometimes. Why must it be that you HAVE to have flowers on Vday?
Why do you only have to go for fancy dinners or whatever only on Vday? It just feels so commercialized.
No flowers doesn't mean the guy doesn't love you any lesser, flowers are just a symbolic gesture.
I don't see how couples ccan argue about this (I'm talking about this cos I've heard couples fight on Vday itself. Kinda meaningless I think. Why quarrel over such a stupid thing?
Are flowers actually worth more than your relationship?)
(Anyhow you can see those who dress up [Think teens in suit/tie ensemble, formal wear] and you know they are the couples who just got together ahem)

Stupid shuttle bus took a long time to come.

Marina Barrage. So crowded ._.

At the end of the day, we were so tired ._. But it was fun, even with the mud on my shoes hahah
(On a random note, I think it was the best Vday ever, because we did not even quarrel once that day. It was nice.)

The next Monday, went out with Greg! First time going out with him alone, ever (Though we've known each other for what, 7 years?! Hahah)
Thank you Greg, for going about the whole day with me!
If there was something I've realized about Greg that day, it was that his girlfriend-to-be will surely be very fortunate and happy, cos Greg's a very thoughtful guy. :)
Find a girlfriend soon Greggggg! ♥

My theme of the day was STARry eyed. Hahah~

Even my shoelaces were stars!

(Random) My new zipper bracelets

(And another random picture. Fish's body has the shape of a human face. That's disgusting.)

Anyway Darling mentioned I usually blog my posts too late, so I'll try to blog earlier from now onwards.
Darling, let's jiayou towards Nov! Gogogo :)