Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some excerpts from other blogs which I felt really brightened me up. :)

(From postsecret@blogspot)

My wife and I were recently invited to a wedding to be held at the American Visionary Art Museum. We don't know the couple. They invited us because of the groom's creative marriage proposal at the PostSecret exhibit and we can't wait to attend.

Here is their romantic story as told to me by Rebecca Hoffberger, the founder of the AVAM.

For people who don't know, most of the secrets are displayed along the side of a circular staircase that gradually rises to the third floor of the museum. As the couple slowly ascended the stairs she read every PostSecret postcard. He knew she would because it had been her idea to attend the exhibit.

What she did not know was that earlier he had made a special arrangement with me to replace the last post card with a special one he had created just for her see.

When they reached the top of the stairs she read the final card, "I don't know if I believe in God, but I believe something Great brought you into my life. If you turn around I'll ask you to marry me... "

Rebecca went on to say that when the young woman turned around her future husband was on bended knee with an illuminated ring box holding a 6-carat diamond. She said "yes" with tears and to spontaneous applause from the other visitors who were hoping to witness a happy ending.

Say 'aww' please, ain't that just so sweet? It's this kinda things that make you sigh and smile :)

And, an excerpt of an interview with Ikuta Toma. I thought what he mentioned was quite true, friends don't have to meet everyday to prove each others' existance, right?


Even if they're not by your side now, even if you had just argued yesterday, you will still spend every day with your friends during your student years, right? It's so great. My high school friends and I were extremely close, but I can't see them every day, so I sometimes feel nostalgic about my student era. Despite this, we'll still agree to meet up very often. (Laugh) To me, friends are the people who can help me recover into being my very best self. To be able to naturally recover from things I dislike, or exhaustion, etc...then to help me recover my energy... Friends lead that sort of existence.

(Credits to teacup79@livejournal)

Random: I hate hate HATE blogshops with pop-up(s)!
Random: No I'm not going to update about my mudane life. Ha. Ha. Ha.
(Actually I'm just lazy cos it takes a bloody long time to upload everything. Ha. Ha. Ha. *runs off)

Last random note: DARLING it's been 234543565465 years since The Dark Knight has started screening and we STILL haven't gone to catch it yet (x_x)

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm very tired my back is breaking my shoulders are aching my feet is being sore
(There's no such word as sor-ing right? Rofl)
All thanks to Jam's autograph yesterday
(And Chuchin thank God you didn't come yesterday to come get tortured lol)
but at least me and my cousin now know Jam's fanclub has some reaaaally nice people.
Thanks to you (all)! We didn't even know you (all) yet you (all) were so nice!
(And curse the overseas fan who sang so loudly despite no one wanting to hear it and pushing us and cutting our queue, damn you)
I'll be back with photos as soon as my cousin sends them to me.

Random: I'm thinking of taking down my haloscan cos I keep forgetting my password rofl
Random no. 2: Here are my current favourite eye-candies for you to enjoy,
I am going to sleep! (Yes, I don't care it's only 6.59pm I'm going to sleep)

All gif's are made by me so please credit if you're taking them.

Ikuta Toma as Nakatsu in Hana Kimi, Japan

And the very adorableeee Yamamoto Yusuke (who was also acting in Hana Kimi as Kayashima)
the first one's him in Puzzle 2008, the second's from a mag/his book (I can't remember)