Monday, January 31, 2011

Lunar New Year

These are the shoes that are gonna accompany me through my Lunar New Year this year.
I reckon I'm gonna bring the sneakers over to Malaysia next week when I visit my relatives - haven't seen them in over 2 years but I'm not that excited.
I'm more excited about getting on an airplane and flying off - been kinda addicted to flying since Taiwan last year.

My 1-day work week has ended today and I'm thrillllllled. Office is closed until next Wednesday and I've applied for leave - so I'm only slated to work on Valentine's Day.
Awesome or what? :)
(I knowwww. I'm not so happy that I'm working on V-Day.. But it's only V-day. It's such a commercialised day!)

Lol I'm slowly progressing towards office-styled clothes. Must get rid of habit... Since I can practically wear anything I want to my office - My boss's great like that.
(And she's great because she gave me a $200 bonus out of nowhere. HAHAHA.)

It's a Monday, so I'm trying to enjoy sleeping late - but a whole day of spring-cleaning and having fun with my colleagues at the office has tired my body.. And there's nothing to do. So, goodnight world.
I'm definately sleeping till late tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Cleaned my camera stash yesterday.. And realized all the Lomos I own. Oops?

But it's funny how pretty the Holga translates on pictures. This was a birthday present from my besties :)

Regardless of which angle the picture's taken from - still beautiful. I love how cheery the waterproof camera looks!

Boyfriend says I have a thing for all things retro-looking. I believe I may have been born in the 60's in my past life - I really do love all things retro.
Marathon-ing Fringe now - Perfect way to spend the weekend, if you ask me.

Holga Camera from,
Waterproof Camera from Toy Outpost @ $12,
Pink Spangle Camera from Mini Toons @ $19.95.