Sunday, July 29, 2012

Night Safari Singapore

This week was so fuck-busy at work cos of a last minute project. Stayed late at work everyday (And I'm the kind that only does overtime once/twice on a yearly basis, imagine that. Me + Overtime do not mix.) and even helped with the labour work of stuffing down feathers into cushions. Not a fun job, I tell you. Every cushion I stuffed, I briefly wondered how many ducks' feathers were used. Also made my arms ache soooo bad. And not in a delicious way. (Which, by the way, I now know Yoko-Yoko does not help much with muscle aches. At all. Pffft.)

Last week, however, was pretty awesome:

a) Met Joel for last-minute dinner. Talked soooo long about random stuff & shopped in supermarkets & Daiso. We are so housewives material at heart. I love this man.

b) Boyf dropped by to my workplace to have lunch with me! He skipped the chance to sleep late & accompanied me for lunch, afterwhich we shopped for snacks to be stocked in my office's snack drawer. (Yes, I've got a snack drawer. Problem? :) He also brought fruits (On my persuasion) for my colleagues - which they did not even leave a single piece for me. -sad-

c) Tea-time, which turned out to be a late lunch cum dinner with Leemin & Greg. Walked the hell outta Ang Mo Kio & concluded that there wasn't much to be done there (Which wasn't movies or K-box - both of which we were not keen in.) Ate/talked so much it wasn't even funny anymore. (Okay, our conversation contents were highly humorous, if I'd say so myself.) And Greg accompanied us to shop for clothes! We told him it was training for when he'd get a girlfriend. HAHAHA. So, so, so much love for these two. ♥

Alrighty. Gonna update with a trip with the 2 important people in my life, we went to the Night Safari Singapore together! Ever since dropping by the Halloween Horrors 2 years back I've always wanted to make a decent trip back to explore the place. If you'd know me, I've always loved celebrating my birthdays at tourist attractions. (I've celebrated before at Singapore Zoo, which, by the way: Offers free admission for your birthday! Also went to Jurong Bird Park, which also has the same offer as Singapore Zoo, since they're under the same group. My last birthday was spent at Hong Kong's Disneyland :)

This is Shimin looking really happy about pretending her leg is bitten by a crocodile (Or alligator. I can't tell for nuts)

This is me & my boyfriend of 6 years, who is ridiculously skinny.

At the Entrance of the Night Safari Singapore. Admission opens at 7.30pm, shops open earlier.

A blur picture of a fishing cat, which was pacing around way too fast.

The only thing that came to my mind was Sandshrew. I seriously can't remember the name!?

Adorable Mousedeer.

Apparently, according to the Zookeepers, they have alot of different breeds of 'em at the Night Safari.

Interesting fact: Did you know the green/white at the Night Safari cannot be seen under the animals' eyes? They were built so that visitors can see the animals at their most natural.
Also, no flash photography is to be used at the Night Safari!

One of my favourite reptiles, but they creep me out every. Single. Time.

They were fucking huge, around 3/4 of my height!

Another of my favourite animals.

Me & Shimin ran out of the Bats' Wing the moment the bats flew past our heads. (Super huge!!) Boyf stayed to conquer them (And take photos.)

Super cute otters!!

There are much, much more animals at the Night Safari, but you have to see them with your own eyes to experience it. It's really a different experience from seeing the animals at the Singapore Zoo I suppose. Night time.. Does have its' charms, especially the tram ride - which you can see the animals really, really clearly. If you're going though, bring Insect Repellent - I did, & I didn't have a single bite.

One of the reasons I love Singapore. Though small, we pack a bunch of things to be done. It's just up to how you explore it :) Ah, National Day is arriving, must remind Mom to hang up the flag! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


2 months have passed since my last update, & I am 23 already.
Soon, I'll be experiencing my Quarter-life crisis.. But before that I'm sure Life has much, much more to offer me ;)
I've been happily living my life & experiencing things I never thought I could these few months, life's been great.
It's also about to be more awesome, cos me & Boyf's tickets to Japan ARE. NOW. CONFIRMED. ♥
Japan - it's always only been a place I dared to dream about, never thought I'll be realizing my dream to step into Japan. I'm sure it's gonna be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!.

Slowly, I'm learning to let go of things that shouldn't even be bothering me as much. Things that hurt you should never stay, I should have learnt that from the start.

Oh, it's also been me & Boyf's sixth anniversary on my birthday. My only response to that?: WHAT. THE. F. ?
That means I've spent more than a quarter of my life with this guy, wow. He must have some holy patience with me, huh.-grins-
Thank you Boyf, for tolerating my ever-changing moods & ever-changing tempers & my ever-fluctuating weight HAHAHA.
Here's to many more anniversaries to come ♥

Me & Shimin are sooo packed with travel plans, I think we are planning to conquer the world heh.
Next year, our travelling's gonna bring us to Europe - The country of my dreams. I've always, always wanted to go there, the architecture amazes me to no end.
Europe, here we come ♥

K, enough rambling for now! I have with me some HipstaPrints from my iPhone, dated from March '12 till July, in no order:

A quiet day, waiting for Boyf at the LRT Station.

My favourite Bubbletea: Milk Tea with Pearls.

My newly designed room, back in March. Lamp from IKEA.

Handcream from Daiso. Love the smell, just don't like the texture. Super adorable bottle though!

My new accessories stand! I've got 15 pairs (Lol) of earrings not up there yet though. I went abit crazy shopping in Bangkok for earrings (Oops.)

Duffy! ♥

Current makeup loves.

My favourite past-time is being a couch potato.

My accessories box for rings. Yep, I've A TON.

Matchy covers with Boyf.

This is my Gratitude book :)

I've been obsessed with perfumes lately. I got this one on my birthday, I love the bottle's colors!

Another perfume I've been obsessed with. I got this from June's Bellabox.

Shopping online..

And waaaaay back in March. I drank the coke, though.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cameron Highlands/ Penang, Malaysia

I was such a fool to think this would work.
My tears accompany to sleep mostly, and I wait stupidly.
I should have known it'll never work.

If you'd just pull me back, my fragile heart will listen.
Even if you tell me 1 + 1 = 3, I'll believe you.

I really shouldn't listen to emo love songs at this hour.
They confuse my brain and make irrelevant tears fall.
Funny enough I was just laughing at a comedy 30 minutes back, but being alone - it does things to you.

I miss you so much. Fuck this shit.

I thought that since I was doing backdated posts, might as well go back to the very beginning.
The pictures below are from last year's February (Yes, I know lol) trip to Malaysia. We went to Penang, Cameron Highlands but mostly stuck around Kuala Lumpur.
I vaguely remember the air tickets were mad cheap, me and my mom got return air fares, for 2 people we paid only S$128. Including taxes. It pays to book early, so remember that tip!

It's been awhile since we returned - so Mom wanted to take a walk around. This was around my uncle's neighbourhood.

This swing chair goes waaaay back - it used to be at my Grandmother's, but now they rented out the old house to someone so it's now at my uncle's.
I remember me and my cousins sitting on this chair and talking when I was super small, like 7 or 8 years old. It used to be a sky blue kinda color but I guess they repainted it.

Prior to this trip, we hadn't went back to Malaysia for about 3 - 4 years already. Almost couldn't regconise my relatives, to be honest.

Man, I was skinnier back then. (*sad)

Grandfather and Granddaughter in similar poses. My Grandfather has that kinda fatherly look about him don't you think?

I think we were on a ferry to Penang.

It wasn't on my first time on board ships like this, but I still remember my first time - I asked Mom if the ship was able to take so much weight, and if we would sink. Haha.

Relatives always liked bringing us to temples. 

Mom writing her blessings for our family to be given for prayer (or something.)

Another temple atop a hill. Glorious view of the city, if you ask me.

They had this statue in the midst of upgrading works. Hmm.

Even simple pillars in temples have intricate details.

Mom has to have this everytime we go to Penang. It's the famous Penang laksa, and unlike Singapore laksa, this has a more kind of sour & spicy taste which I am not fond of.

We then went to a snake temple. I always liked going there (Seeing as how my zodiac is the Snake.)

Tons of snakes in the temple, but I'm gonna leave you with just one picture. Yes, it's not caged.


This was Cameron Highlands.

It weren't that cold, to be honest. Maybe 25 degrees the lowest? We were at a vegetable farm here. Admission costs RM$2 a head.

They grew cabbages and spinach's and what not. (Can't remember, don't like veggies anyway.)

Tea plantations that stretch far, far away. It was really quite astounding, the view. Plus, as you admire the view, the smell of the tea leaves just engulfs you. Quite an experience I'd say.

Went allllll the way to the tea factory - but it was closed for New Year's, so we settled for tea at the cafe. The way up was so treacherous it was scary. Roads were so narrow and steep. Don't ever go with an inexperienced driver, really.

Bee farm on the way back, they sold raw honey for RM$50 per bottle, which had really good health benefits, according to Mom. But raw honey tastes a tad weird for me, though.

Uncle also stole took 3 sour strawberries for us on the way down. 

I look fucking haggard, but fuck that. We look happy, at the least.

Memories, hmm...