Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"If a person can bring you a great amount of happiness, he can also bring you a great amount of pain." (Random quote of the day)

Sometimes I wonder, are all humans meant to be selfish?
Is there a single person who would think of others everytime before themselves?
If you're happy, and a person comes by telling you of their sad predicament,
would you still continue to be as happy as you are and ignore their sadness?

It's not the first time I'm feeling this way anyway.
Though I keep telling myself she's still the same person, there's no denying the truth.
My eye hurts from my infection, seriously I am in no mood to hear you preach and go on & on.
I didn't think you cared, after all you just continued rambling, and you gave me a
'Oh-you're-so-busy-talking-to-your-other-friends-go-do-it-and-ignore-me' kinda attitude.
All I needed, was a word of concern.. Ah whatever, I don't think she'll read this anyway.

The rainy day suits my mood just fine right about now..

Monday, September 29, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

A trip to the doctor's on Wednesday.. Luckily Darling's back so he can go with me.
That aside, I've been having nosebleed(s) & headaches lately. So many problems popping up,
it kinda makes me scared. (*panics)

Ah anyway Darling will be heading to Taiwan soon, & I told him,
(Loosely translated: "Are you gonna pick up girls? You can tell them, "Hey beauty, can we make a friend?~)
(HAHA) I don't know if he will, but he says he's gonna go shopping for me in Taiwan!
He says I'm always wearing plastic bangles, so he wants to buy a real bracelet with charms all over for me. Ah~
I wanted boots so he said he would buy for them for me too! (But he doesn't know my size, lol)
I've started bookmark-ing alot of dramas to watch, so my mind won't wander around too much :/
Darling~ I will miss you. :(

Ah he was watching TV & I was distrupting him.. (lol)
He's hugging my favourite bolster!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

(Random picture: This is Blackie. He can change faces, & he is named Blackie so cos he's black. HAHA)

I forgot to mention this, but the last Toma gathering I went to went better than what I've expected, though I didn't meet the girl I was supposed to meet but met another one. (lol)
We were both quite shy, not knowing what to say, but I'm glad I met you fellow Toma-fan! :)
(Ah I'm so sorry I didn't quite ask for your name.. Gomen! x.x)
I hope we can all meet next time, neh? :)

I hate people who automatically put me on their mailing lists just cos they saw my email.
Though I sometimes get guilty when they reply with, "Oh, so sorry!" when I ask them to remove me.. (lol)

I'm happy cos the clothes I've ordered for Darling arrived!
However they sent a wrong item, and I had to topup the amount :/

This is the one I ordered. It is cheaper by 12 bucks.

This is the one they gave. And the words makes no sense. But Darling thinks it's okay, so.. (lol)

Ah I don't know why I'm so tired. Does watching F1 races make you tired?
Maybe it's a side effect or something. Ah, to the library tomorrow!

(I am being so random again.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

(Random picture of the day: Remains of candle wax by lil kids. Colorful, dirty, but pretty.)

I met most of the important people in my life today.

I met Piggy for a brief walk in the supermarket while we talked. Wasn't long, but we knew it didn't matter.
I met Hui & Joel for dinner (they ate, I didn't, as usual lol) and we talked. Same old topics, same old love we have.

Grandma came over after I reached home and we talked.
I told her, I couldn't learn how to swerve with a bicycle, I could only cycle straight. We laughed.
And she told me about how she met grandpa, her love story.

She was riding a bicycle downhill. Her brakes weren't working well enough, and her bicycle, together with her, rolled down the hill.
A guy passed by and laughed at her while picking her up. That guy, was my grandpa.
From laughing at her to teasing her, it slowly became until that they were married.
It seemed like a scene out of a book, a sweet one. But grandpa is now in heaven.
Maybe, grandma is missing him. I could somehow tell from the way she spoke of grandpa.

"He wouldn't stop laughing at me", she said.
"Laughed and laughed, until we got married, it's been decades since then."

I patted her shoulder and smiled at the sweet story.
I felt guilty for bringing up the topic, I didn't know how else to give her a response.
Sweet as it was, she was sad, somehow.

Grandpa, please continue to bless grandma from wherever you are.
With all the happiness she can ever receive, with everything she wants, & all the love she needs.


Seeing ___ gives me motivation to work on myself harder. I won't lose to her. Never.

How do you lose fat on your cheeks anyway? Sheesh!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

(Random picture of the day.)

Darling bought me a new mp3 player. Supposedly, I am supposed to be happy.
It's pretty. Has more functions than the old one Darling bought. And it can play videos.
And pictures. And whatever.

But I am feeling damn fed-up cos it just. Wouldn't. Accept. My. Videos.
The program just hangs when I drag the video in. Every. Single. Time.
Went to the website but it doesn't even have a troubleshooter page. (... =.=)
Update: I found the page, but it doesn't have anything much (=.= x 32435)

I am off to take a shower (and cool down) and leave my mp3 player alone (to rot and die)

(I am as blur as I look right now about the mp3 player. Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Ah my computer hanged itself again today.
I am so scared that when I turn it off, I will never be able to switch it on again ._.

(That means no more TOMA, no more YUSUKE, no more SKYPE-ING! *panics)

I shall be calm and head to the post office now, while my computer does a scan.
(Ah, I am being so random eh?)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Today, I went to the supermarket and bought ingredients for laksa I was gonna cook for Darling.
The cashier gave me a discount for not using plastic bags (It's Bring-Your-Own-Bag Day today!)
It made me happy :)

Today, I bought bubble tea and the girl who was serving me gave me a big, bright smile after I said 'Thank you' to her.
It made me happy :)

Today, when I was crossing the road home, I looked up at the sky,
and it was this clear, clear blue. I smiled.
It made me happy :)

(Ah this wasn't the sky I saw, but a beautiful sky back on July 16th :)

I think it's true. You get a good day for every bad day you've been through.
The thought, it made me happy :)


After all of that, my computer gave me 3 BSODs', and hanged itself.
After which I cooked dinner for myself and it got burnt because I was too engrossed in TV.
And I saw ____ looking _____, and I got damn ________. (HAHA fill-in-the-blanks are back)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For once, I actually am speechless to you.
I didn't know, I was actually that kind of a person in your eyes.
The truth.. It hurts.

Friends.. Are we really?
Trust.. It doesn't exist between us, does it?
Illusions.. All these months, were they not real?
Emotions.. So many running through me, which one's hurting the most?

So I do not know you as well as I thought I did...


Friday, September 12, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Don't you love rainy days? The smell of the rain when you wake up in the morning is nice.
The rain makes the temperature so much better, too. Ah I'm being so random (lol)

Was Skype-ing with SY & Mayi & Hot the night before (Or was it yesterday?) & I fell asleep on the table while listening to them talk. (lol)
Ah boys will always be boys, gaming stuff (lolololol :x)
But I woke up with back pains, ah I'm getting old (lol)

Tomorrow's the 'gathering' for Tomalicious birthday project, & I'm excited! (& nervous)
Not quite sure what to expect. The picture I've brought is abit silly (lol)
Shimin was supposed to help me with the translation for the letter, but she had no time
so I found some (reallllly nice) people on Yahoo! to help me with them. (All nice people you all!)
I've met so many nice people recently, really happy :)

This month is movie month! So many movies to watch (though the ones I wanted to watch, no one wants to watch with me :/)
I've caught Money No Enough 2, (Didn't exactly like it since I didn't quite understand all the dialects & stuff)
12 Lotus, (Not the usual happy-go-lucky kinda movie, really sad, a woman bullied by men all her life, zzz)
Wall-E, (So much better than what I've expected! Didn't think that an animation would be this good)
Hana Yori Dango Final, (Matsumoto Jun & Oguri Shun were darn cute! Darling was abit bored during the show though [lol], it was quite heartwarming, the part they got married.. :)
I wanted to watch Murder of the Inugami Clans & Kurosagi (Starring Yamapi, Toma's best friend, but it's not out yettttt)
& I bet no one is interested. No one was interested in the first movie, anyway. Zzz. :/

I am bored because all the people I want to talk to are not online.

If you've realized, no camwhore pictures lately, cos I've turned uglier. (& fatter)

Random note: I've received my 3rd/4th Nuffnang cheque, but I can't take pictures cos I lost the envelope (Thank God I didn't lose the cheque lol)
Thanks Nuffnang!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

(Random picture of the day)

Somehow, someone's words are deeply etched in my mind, and no matter what I do it's staying put.
Although it was wasn't exactly addressed to me in a literal way, I knew it was. I mean, who else? (lol)
It's not exactly something positive, something to be happy about, & it's kept me feeling weird all day.
What a wet blanket, eh?

October's coming, and the amount of birthdays are killing me (And my wallet)
Mayi's birthday on the 6th, Toma's 7th, Joel's 13th, Piggy's 16th, and Hui's 17th.
I have a vague outline of what to buy for most of them, & I hope my plan works well for their presents!

On a happier note, happy belated 26 monthsary my dear darling,
hard to believe we've come so far, let's continue to strive on alrights?
I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and I hope you feel the same way. :)
Regarding last weekend, everything's gonna be turn out fine alrights?
I'll keep praying for you, don't worry & JIAYOU! Loves

(Random note: SY, spare me your death sentence, I didn't mean it :x)