Thursday, July 3, 2008

Got 2nd Nuffnang cheque, waiting for 3rd one!

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts. -Albert Einstein

4 days, my birthday is coming in 4 days. I don't know if I'm spending it alone,
but if I am I don't know what I'll be planning with myself. (Wait, did that even make sense lol)
I'll probably be spending Friday night with Joel and Huidarling,
Saturday morning with Piggy & gang, nighttime there's Darling's sis' birthday,
and Sunday is dinner with Mom, but that's about it, I don't know if I'll be alone or anything.
It feels kinda weird to have the actual day vacant, Darling's trying to take leave on that day,
I really really hope that he can make it cos spending it alone just. Is weird. Or something.
I don't know, lah aiyo! Nevermind, off to happier things!

Grandma's just had a cornea operation of some sort, and I'm glad to say it's turned out for the better. (:
She's resumed her usual social activities (She has many friends, and often goes for competitions/singing sessions with them!)
And, I'm happy that she liked what I ordered for her!

She said she was very happy that all her grandchildren are filial to her! (:

Eventful/unlucky month(s):
When I woke up and brushed my teeth, my gums wouldn't stop bleeding,
and I kept tasting blood in my mouth. It was such a "good" way to begin, don't you think?
Settled down at my computer, and went to login the characters for the online game I play,
GREAT, SO NICE RIGHT? I won't even start about all the items it had. All. Gone.
(I REALLLLLY feel like scolding some #$%#$ language right about now, my level 170+ character!!)
I email-ed them, and they gave me some @#%$#%#^ reply. (I'll post that up again)
Grrr! Anyway, to continue on this extremeeeee 'luckiness',
I got this email.

Yay, complete way to end the day right. People who used my identity to scam money. Ha. Ha.
People who know this idiot with the number 81314640, PLEASE TELL ME!
(You're the one doing this with our name, tell us who you are, and why you're doing this & I'll take this down)
Wtf No. 2 - Me & Piggy got approached by Steven Lim while shopping at Orchard. (- . -)
When we saw this guy walking towards us, I was like, 'Hm he looks familiar..'
He started off saying something like, "...modeling?.." (Can't remember)
And when I realized it was Steven Lim, we went 'wtf' (mentally, lah) and ran off. Lololol!
Wtf No. 3 - I went out with Darling one fine day and everyone was staring at me.
It (The stares) felt weirder and more uncomfortable,
until Darling pointed out I wore the top out without cutting the pricetag. HA HA.
I can't get ANY more forgetful then this, please. =.=

Darling's down with footrot (I'm not sure if that's the correct name) and he's getting sick more often nowadays.
I'm not sure if it's the changing weather conditions, but I know his feet are in terrible conditions.
I cooked some food for him to bring back to camp last week,
and I'm elated that his friends said I cook well! (Psst: Actually it was just some canned stuff HAHA)
(Secret: None of my friends have tasted my cooking before, Darling is the only one who was brave HAHA)
Darling always spoils me, buying so much junk food (Possible reason for weight gain LOL)
and things for me, and pays for my shopping sometimes (HAHA *inserts MSN icon*)
I love Darling! (:

Darling is applying ointment or something

Regarding Darling, ever since we got together, he hasn't been meeting his friends very often.
That's roughly 2 years! Can you imagine 2 years without your friends? Well, I can't.
I always urge him to go find his (ex?) best pals in Yishun, meet them up or something,
cos I don't want his friendships with his friends to turn sour just because he has me.
(Ex because I'm not sure whether they're still as close or not, Darling never mentioned either)
I don't know why but he always rejects me for this, I'm not sure what to do either.
If I were one of his best friends (who hasn't met Darling for so-very-long), I'll surely think:
"Must be that stupid girlfriend of his, stopping him from meeting us! @%#^$%",
and I'll hate that girlfriend (in this case: ME) very much! (The word here is "IF")

These few months I also got afew 'out-of-the-ordinary' messages, regarding my hair.

This girl was someone I blacklisted at my blogshop, lol

And I have no idea what photo on comment box? (-.-?)

This old anime was the one which kept me away from blogging: Cardcaptor Sakura
Syaoran's so cute, lah!

Ikea with Darling, Darling was very insistent on buying this $99 bookcase we saw,
but sadly it was too heavy for the both for us! AND, it couldn't fit onto the cab,
Darling was so dissapointed cos he reeeeeaaaally wanted it, he had already planned
what to do with the bookcase! It's okay Darling, at least we got another shelf right? (:

Right: Purchase(s) for the day: 2 shelves, a mirror, a jewellery stand

Went to get my taiwan spree items that arrived, and
had pizza cos Mom wanted to pamper Darling! (Should have pampered me, I'm your daughter, leh!)

I did random things like doodling and taking pictures

Got a new box from Darling to store all my makeup junks

Went with Darling to watch 'The Forbidden Kingdom'. (Ticket crumpled cos it was stuffed into bag, HAHA)
I felt it was abit overrated, it wasn't as good as many people had mentioned.

Guess who? Lolol

Had dinner with Grandma, Mom and one of my aunts at this shop at Bugis Junction.
It was for Mother's Day I think, Mom even bought Grandma a shirt,
Grandma was very happy that day (:

Their food wasn't very expensive, we spent only $50+ for 4 people

Dumplings and some pumpkin thing? I didn't like the dumplings,
there was this taste in the dumpling, I don't know what it was.
Right: Seafood fried rice, was kinda salty for me but Mom and all found it great

Sour & spicy soup and another plain one

My lovely Mom and milk tea

This is my beloved Grandma! Loveeee her!

Went to Bugis and Dhoby Ghaut with Piggy for a long awaited shopping spree.
Spent like crazy, and had so many buys my bag became from flat to fat!
We decided we should avoid shopping with each other from now on,
cos we only get each other to spend more than we should HAHA!

We had a late lunch at the Hong Kong cafe that opened in Bugis's Cafe's place.

I doubt you can see, but not much rice given in piggy's bowl lol

I look so 'dao' siaaaaa! Ahaha

My newest love! Bling Wedges, from Outfitters' Girls.
One pair left, and it's my size! (& first time I wore it almost killed me)

See, I said I shopped excessively right! And these are not including my online buys!

Some of my online buys from

Saw this on SEVENTEEN

They term you as their lord in the game
(Totally cute! Check out the video, or the official website, you can play a demo version there)

My new skull hoodie, got it online. Bad thing is, it's thick and very hot! =x

I got my iBanking device! (That equates to spending more lolol)


He's pretending to be asleep, lor! = =

Gifts Shimin got for me from Japan, the girl reminded me of Jigoku Shoujo (Right)
(Sidetracking, I love watching Jigoku Shoujo! I love Enma Ai's eyes!)

My entire collections' of Eeyores given by Darling

Aren't they cute? They change expressions with every pushhhh

Shopping with Shimin killed my feeet

Cos of these wedges, totally gorgeous but it was practically a blister-making-machine

Darling did this to my burger -.-

Bought these reaaaaally nice noodles from Daiso

Remember my obsession with this model Shizuka? (I still think she's darn pretty, lah)

I've found another one! They term themselves 'Twins' (Okay well duh)
That left picture almost had me buying the dress cos she looks so darn good in it!

Darling bought Sea-Monkeys, those little white spots ARE the sea-monkeys lol

And from below, excessive camwhore pictures, taken with the front 3G camera of my phone
(When I say excessive, I mean reaally, reaaaaalllly excessive.)

I like the series on the left, even though my hair is really messy lol

I created a new MSN groups in my contacts named, 'The absoulute retarded's.' (lolol)