Tuesday, July 20, 2010


OHAI! What was it I was saying about not blogging once a month? Hmmm. Can't remember.

I'm legally 21 now! Though it doesn't feel much of a difference. I'm having fun (mostly) at my job & I have great bosses (most of the time when they are not arguing.)
My birthday this year was the BEST I've had in a long time. All the people I love were here, & on my actual birthday I went to the Jurong Bird Park with Darling! Birthday people get in for free (Truth!)
Ohoh, & I got myself a DSLR which is pretty damn awesome. Quality images, anyone? (Even if I ended up kinda broke for this month.)
Let's have some random picspams now! This place has been waaaaay too wordy.

First picture taken. I was a noobz with it, I admit. Still, you gotta admit the scenery's a beauty!

This is the dress I wore at my birthday party. Polka dots and lace.. (Everything my cousin said I wasn't)

Incase you can't remember how I look like.. HAI!