Thursday, July 27, 2006

What You Really Think Of Your Friends
ahgongg(x is your soulmate.
You truly love ahgongg(x.
You consider XiaoPIGG your true friend.
You know that huiiHUII is always thinking of you.
You'll remember Joel for the rest of your life.
You secretly think Mahirah is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.
You secretly think that Shimin is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.
You secretly think that Jeffrey is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Jeffrey changes lovers faster than underwear.
You secretly think Sini is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Sini has a hidden internet romance.

wells. most of it is true anyways. hahhs. note the word most. lols. actually there's no need for the secretly think part. now that its public anyways. = =" wadd am ii talking about. hahhs.

You Are 47% Addicted to Love

Might as well face it, you're addicted to love.
You've been a fool for love many times - but are you the wiser for it?
Your needs should come first, both in and out of relationships.
Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself!

hmms. what else can ii say? lols. heading off to sleep. after ii finish some photoSHOP crapps that it. its' 0239 = ="

just trust me when ii say iiLOVEuu cos ii will always MEAN it xDD
barely a month; but stil gg strong. xDD
ii miss uu alort.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

he knows about the dumbTHINGS ii did the past few days. he found out that ii've been cuttingmyself. he felt really angry. and he cried. forME. ii was really at a loss ytd. in one way ii know he really cares but in another way it doesnt feel good to know he's crying because of me. it sorta hurts. like alort. alort alort. way more than ii expected. haahs. didnt know he was so impt to me until recently.
iiKNOWiimDUMBB. dont try to reprimand me; waddever. but iim nort the worse case there's people out there who do this in a more serious way than ii do. hahhs. ii know ii wont ddo it anymore. wells. at least ferr now =XXX if ii do it again like in the near future he's probably gonna ignore me forever.
and thats a long time.
thats wadd he said in the sms. anyways. ii went to see Lucy5 today at bishan with j0eyy and her fwends Serene and Vivian (is it spelled liddat o.o) lols. we went like crazee at the sight of VICS. like me and j0eyy. we were liike VICSVICSVICS !! lol. where were the girls who were once obsessed with Misaki and Shinya sehhs. hahaaas. wells at least ii still took some shots of MISAKI and VICS! standing together hahhhs. ii have like 200+ clear shots =)) my best results ever worrs. haahs. the SF2 recording last time only have like 80+ clear de. rest all delete away. = =" hahas. MISAKIVICSMISAKIVICS !!anyways iim tired. iim gg to eat. bath. SLEEP! ii woke up like 830 today. = ="

Thursday, July 20, 2006

iim still nort asleep.
cos iim waiting for someone to reply my sms.
someone impt.
if hhe really doesnt wann me ii duno wadd ii'll do ..
ifs its really over..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

im posting this at the risk of getting suffocated in smoke. zzz. the stupid damn auntie renting the room in my house is smoking AGAIN. ughhs. cant stand the smell! everytimes she does that the entire house will stink of smoke for afew days ! zzz. oxygenTANK anyone?
i diverted all my calls away today and plugged out all my phone lines. didnt feel like talking to pp unless necessary. since my mom is out for mahjong and dads overseas for 1 week so iim alone. well-deserved ALONEtime. zzzz. he didnt even bother to sms me or call after ytd lor. uu duno wadd ii want wadd kinda fxcking rubbish. haiis. all ii want is damn simple de lor. if uu're clever uu should knoe. zzz.
someMEsurvey.LAME-ness but imBORED. TIMEstarted 1810.
colour: orangePINKblackPURPLE. suits my mood.
Favourite food: cookiesANDcream.curry.
Favourite song: Where'd you go; FortMINOR. nowPLAYING.
Favourite movie: forgort. alort ba.
Favourite sport: sleeping. hahhs. is it even a sport?
Favourite season: autumn
Favourite day of the week: saturdays. cus ii go out with my friens mostly on sat
Favourite ice-cream flavour: cookiesANDcream
Favourite book: beCAREFUL wadd you WISH for.
Favourite manga: inuyashaa

Current mood: depressed? hahhs.
Current desktop: meANDviccs xDD
Current toe-nail colour: lightPINK
Current time: 1824
Current annoyance: HHIM.
Current thought: waLAOS.nv sms me dde.
Current boyfriend/girlfriend: HHIM lorr.
Current book you are reading: jiQIN's lianAInuWANGG.

First best friend: used to call her LIN.
First crush: some guy in my primary school.
First movie: forgort
First piercing: sec school bba
First lie: primarySCHOOL
First music: some OLD song
First car: few years later
First handphone: Nokia 3310

Last cigarette: HATEsmoke
Last drink: lemonTEA
Last car ride: TRAINride can? ytd. LRT.
Last crush: errrrs. forgort. HAHHS.
Last movie seen: kingANDtheCLOWN. niceMOVIE!
Last phone call: none.plugged out all phone lines.
Last CD played: panWEIBO's latest alubm

Have eu ever:
Dated one of your best friends?: nahhs
Broke the law?: yyeaps
Been arrested?: considered bba so yyeaps
Been on TV?: yyeaps = ="
Kissed someone eu din noe? nortPOSSIBLE.

3 things eu are wearing:
1. tee
2. shorts
3. specs

3 things eu can hear right now:
1. fortMINOR's; where'd you go?
2. outside the damnAUNTIE's watching tv
3. downstairs pp playing basketball. making some racket. = ="

5 things uu cant live without:
1. hhim.
3. handphone
4. music

Things uu do when eu are bored:
1. blogg
2. surf websites
3. write testimonials for pp
4. sms pp to go out

someLAME-ness. = ="

Monday, July 17, 2006

ytd went to mediaCORP for superBAND recording with some new friends ii made over the net in the Lucify forum. hehs. namely jingg, joeyy and serene xDD had ALORT of fun and took pictures with MISAKI! hehs. turns out the picture ii look ugly so shall nort post it here. LOLS. anyways VICS was nice. and SHINYA. and MISAKI. hahaha. and NIUNAII! hhe's cute. hahas. shall find someday to post all the pictures here. errs. nort all. some. cos in total ii have 300+ photos = =" will take forever to upload them all = ="
hmmms. when ii woke up today wasnt in too good mood. dunnoes why. doesnt feel like moodSWINGG. just. saw aMISSEDcall from him. den ii was like wtf. also dunno why ii will have this kindaa response. zzz. jiuu. hen qi guai lor. haiis. hasnt had aa PROPER phone conversation with him in ONE week le. what kindaa girlfriendBOYFRIEND will like this de lorr. = =" zzz. hahahas. iim goinggMADD. = ="
going to the library with xiaaoPIGG. will update later if iim in a goodMOOD. main word is IF.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006


went out with xiaaopigg n gregg (: we went to walk ard in orchard and greg bought 2 CDs for $100+. $100+ neii. ii can do so many things with that. lol. we went to eat Pastamania. didnt really like it though. too.. er. tomato-ish? lol

the pasta ii ate. some tomato sauce thing. ii forgort. -___-"

after that we went to rot at my house by playin whatever board games we could find. -___-" ended up playing upwords. turned out we had more fun messing up the game. LOL.

o2o7o6 sunday

went out with my band friends for dinner! hehs. celebrated Mr Chin and my birthday. iim getting old. -___-" haas. pictures in the mrt when we were going home. (:

my birthday present from Hui sab and jjoel (: bigHUGG! love uu guys so so so much

my dear joel and me (:

joel = ="

for whole picture (mrCHINincluded) scroll ->

err. wadd uu guys doing? = ="

ii dunno wadd they're doing either. -___-"

stressed = ="

me nn my dear

me and my ddear again

with another one of my ddears. lol

my korrkorr! (:

ddes (:

me and bben. 2 puffed fishh. lol

ii gort so many pictures with my dear siaa. haahaas.

me and audrey (:

the peeps alighting at hougangg station = ="


jeffrey nn me (:

my ddear huii

and lastly me! haahaas (:

Saturday, July 1, 2006

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