Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009, hello 2010

I'm glad 2009 is drawing to a close cos the year really sucked. HAHAHAHA.
Bye 2009, I hope I never experience another one like you again.
Hello 2010, will you be better than the last?

Have a happy new year y'all! :D :D

The clouds look like fluffy candy floss. (*nom nom nom)
(This is today's random picture, by the way!)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day '09

It's Christmas, and what plans have you for today? Me & baby didn't go to the craaazy crowds in Orchard this year, got so tired of being human sardines! We stayed home, opting to go out today instead, to the National Museum of Singapore! (Free admission to ALL galleries there today, including to the Gallery of Quest of Immortality, Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt wooots!) Majorly excited, cos there's real mummies there! :D

(Anyway, check out this link for more places which offer Open Houses on Christmas Day/ New Year's! :)

Anyhow.. I'm trying to upload pictures but my photobucket keeps crashing and I have no idea what its' problem is. (I've written to Photobucket and apparently they said it was my Flash Player's problem. HOW CAN IT BE the flash player when it's only happening to 1 of my 3 accounts!! Ahem. Calm, Liping, calm.)

(I won't let anything deter my Christmas spirit! *-*)

Ahem. As I was saying. Christmas! I've only gotten gifts for 6 people this year! Now that I think about it, better yet that there's no gathering! You don't wanna come, fineee, cos I'll just save my money then :D Me & Shimin will be exchanging presents instead, just the two of us, at Grandma's! I alone have more than enough love for her and Grandma anyway ♥

Presents for my dearest people~ They all contain different items! This one's for Shimin (I'm putting it here cos by the time she reads this she would have received it anyway LOL!)

And this one's for my dearest baby! He really liked the Gingerbread man I drew LOL! (*shy)

Hope y'all get many presents and love this festive season!
♥ Have a Merry Christmas y'all! ♥

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why is it

That when you are young, the courage you seemed to have overpowers the courage as you have now?
A kid is never scared to try what they want, not caring if they've experienced it not, even if frightened.
As you age, you become more estranged from the kid you once were, and though you gain more knowledge of life than you ever had,
you get scared more easily than you would have as a kid, regardless of whether it's a new experience, whether it's love, death, sickness, life.. etc

How I wish everyone could have the courage they have as a young child. To be a kid, not caring about anything, just bravely walking onwards.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Family Day (Or whatever it's called.)

Random picture of the day (or post.) I totally love the song that's playing!

The sky appeared cloudy and we were fearful of it raining. However, the rest of the day stayed sunny!

Barely 10am, and half of Singapore is there. (Lol just kidding Singapore ain't that small! I bet people swopped down just because the emcee mentioned, EVERYTHING IS FREE!
Us? We had plans to bring Xueting there since sometime ago ahem.)

This little bundle of energy woke up at 5am. 5 freaking am on a Sunday.
(And luckily I am a very heavy sleeper hence she did not suceed in waking me up :D)

Darling is very sleepy (and moody) because he is a light sleeper and Xueting kept bugging him to wake up since 5am.

Me and Darling both thought it might be fun if we could just go in and lay down under the shade (or jump along with Xueting) in this thing,
but apparently our pride was in the way and we were unable to do childish stuff. (LOL.)

Holding on for dear life

Best (or worst) things at this carnivals are the abundance of little kids! The girl on the left looks majorly bored lol

"Why is it taking so long?"

LOL@Xueting's unwillingness. She was sitting alone in the last seat when an auntie plonked her daughter in infront of Xueting.

Some old folks singing old songs.

Maaad cute! Mixed blood little guy, he's gonna be a charmer when he grows up, that's for suuure!

She stayed here for 30 minutes.

LOL Xueting's expression is =O

I remember once a friend told me this flower could be eaten and it tasted like chilli flakes lol.

Cute right! The little boy and his brother (The little guy was sitting alone in a boat initially, but the mother decided to move them together. His expression was priceless, as if asking, What am I doing here?)
(And the guy in charge of this pool [in Black], I bet he was shocked when the little kids started calling him 'Uncle'. I know I would be if kids called me 'Auntie'. [I'd probably smack them and give a killer glare. LOL.])

Shaaaaky. After Xueting took a nap Darling wanted to bring her to Bottle Tree Park.

The sign above Xueting's head had wasps flying all over. No kidding.

The murky water looks scary at night. If I were to ride on the swan at night to the middle of the vast lake, I know I'll be scared.
Being surrounded by a sea of water, no knowing what's in there, in a tiny swan...

Darling had wanted to ride it, but I don't think the 3 of us would fit in one. (Although Xueting IS a petite one.)

Ongoing wedding

Lol we've got no faces!

I don't know why Darling always capture Yating when she's crying or frowning lol

We had dinner and one of the servers were... Strange to say the least. He kept coming up to me to ask if the orders were correct, was everything served, etc. I wasn't the one to order don't keep asking me!!

Tired after a long day

The end!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To the Expo we go!

I'm sorry that was just a random title in my head. How this title came about?
It was this nursery rhyme (Believe me, I chose the best video I could)

I gave in to temptation and became broke. End of story.

This day, there was an electronics fair at the Expo Hall, I believe. Darling's Dad asked us along, so we did!

Yup, he's got it, all North South East West directions.

Giant zit!!!!!!!!! (/faints)

The taxi uncle was a scary driver.

Uh. This is Darling's littlest sister. Newborn, 2 months old maybe. And we walked a long way before finally managing to find a Nursing Room.
And upon finding it. It was locked. You have to call the management, only then will they open it for you.
Troublesome much?

Right after this picture she proceeded to vomit milk. No kidding.

See Xueting's expression and you would know how gruesome it was. Not pretty.

HAHAH unglam moment. I was adjusting my lashes which were falling off. (Why does this sentence sound like it's not making sense?)

It's not raining! (I hope I don't jinx this day wtf)