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Travel-Mates | Phuket, Thailand October 25 - 28 '13

(I am damn pissed it's the 2nd time I'm typing this. Typed this out on my iPhone originally and it had to crash as I was about to be done GODAMNIT)

So. Hi! I guess it's the first time I've updated so promptly, having just gotten off the plane yesterday.
To be honest, this trip was everything I didn't think it would. But more on that later.
Just wondering, have you ever wondered how a person is determined as a good travel-mate, or not? 
I've had my fair share of travelling with various groups of people: From friends, to lovers, to family, to distant relatives.
I've travelled with the 'Zero-idea-of-where-to-go' type, the 'Anywhere-also-can-but-in-the-end-cannot' type, 'Easy-going-Easy-breezy' type, and more, and to be honest I hate the kind that throw the itinerary at me, those who tell me their favourite locations are 'they-don't-know". Seriously?

Chong and Greg were the more easy-going kind, and I'm glad it was with 'em I went to Phuket with.
Me and them, we've known each other for coming 10 years now, and this is the first time we 3 have gone overseas together.
Going overseas with them is a very easy thing: having known each other for so long, there's no need for pretenses, no need for false words, it's just a whole lotta fun.
It's almost like hanging out with your siblings. They're the brothers I never had - the ones I would talk my heart out to, the ones that would endure my endless picture takings, the ones that shine light on pathways when it gets dark, the ones who I can talk countless crap with, and the ones that would be worried that I would be too tired on days we slept little.
Also, maturity has come along with their age: they had me cared for so well, that sometimes I forget they're no longer the boys I knew 10 years back.
I guess however old we grow, they'll still always be my favourite boys. I just love them a whole lot.
Thanks, my boys, for this wonderful trip.

Pictures are from the iPhone, so pardon the quality.

 We started off from Changi Airport Terminal 1 for our Thai AirAsia flight to Phuket. Flight time from Singapore to Phuket is 1 hour and 45 minutes approximate.

We spent $266.67 per pax for 4D3N Hotel Stay (At Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant | Secret Cliff Villa) and the flight, including taxes. My friends are amazed at how I can always find such deals, heh. I booked the hotel and flight on Expedia, by the way. It's always cheaper to book the hotel and flights together.

Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant - Phuket
707 Patak Rd.,Karon Cliff, Phuket 83100 Thailand
Tel :66 76 286750 - 3 Fax : 66 76 286701 E-mail:

[Did you know there's a Cactus Garden at Terminal 1? Neither did we - we had some time to kill so decided to take a brisk walk: wrong decision, weather was scorching, and it was a Smoking Corner too. But there were a good variety of Cactus though, so I guess if you like Cactus it would be a good walk for you.]

We decided to just take it easy when we reached our hotel so we hailed a Tuk-tuk (200 baht, 1-way for 3 people) to Patong Beach. The area was a very bustling place, eateries at every corner, and tourists everywhere. Massage places and similar souvenir stores were abundant, with different pricings and "services". We settled for this outdoor bazaar place which sold Phuket's specialties, and had fire-breathing performances. Also managed to catch fireworks set off by the locals, so I guess it was a good spot.

Ended the first night simple with a few wine coolers & Running Man. (I'm glad they love Running Man as much as I do heh)

We booked a Phi Phi Island Tour at the Airport for the 2nd day. (Upon exiting Immigration, it's the shop counter opposite Phuket FantaSEA, right before the exit to the terminal.) It cost us 1950 baht per pax, and included tours to 3 islands at Phi Phi, Lunch, 3 Snorkeling Trips, and Transfer (To Hotel from Airport, from Hotel to/from Phi Phi). 

Phi Phi Islands is a must-go for every trip to Phuket. It's full of postcard sceneries, with each beach more beautiful than the last. I almost couldn't believe what I saw was real, because it was that beautiful. The first Snorkel, though: 3 of us really really struggled, having no prior experience to snorkeling before. Once you get the gist, though, It was really amazing to watch all the fishes and corals below your feet. Just gotta be careful of the sea urchins, heard from the guide that if you got pricked, it's 2 or 3 weeks of medical leave for ya. (You could rent Swimming Fins, but what I thought was just wear a life jacket: with one your feet barely touches the sea floor, plus you get to see amazing underwater views without the fear of drowning.)

It rained initially, but the skies cleared up as we reached the first island. Monkey Island or something? Didn't quite hear the guide correctly. 

Sorry, just had to include this in. This is Chong's FHM Men's pose. HAHAHA
(Actually he was just scratching his back.)

Retreated back to our hotel, to find this view at our balcony awaiting us.

 The hotel we stayed in was Secret Clff Resort & Restaurant. It was right smack on a cliff, with good views of the ocean from almost every villa. Almost. It's right smack in the middle of Karon Beach & Patong Beach, but it is not walking distance from either of them. If you want to eat something else other than the hotel's food, the only way is a Tuk-tuk to either beach, which will cost you 200 - 300 baht per trip.

Side-tracking a bit: Though the rooms are not too shabby, this is not a hotel for the careless or elderly. As it is located on a cliff literally, it is a hilly area and sometimes the steps to our room were wet and slippery (Monsoon season), and even us almost slipped a few times. It was really too dark and not enough light shined the steps, especially at night. We had to switch on our phone's lights to shine the way, and walk very, very carefully. The staff's attitude also leaves much to be desired sometimes, with very bo-chap attitudes. One incident was when we returned to our hotel at night, and it was raining so heavily we decided to borrow an umbrella from the reception. (Amost all Villas/rooms are seperated and there is no walkway from one to another.) The staff just gave us a very annoyed expression and asked us to wait, while they chatted, no less. I got so annoyed I just told the boys we should just dash through the rain, who knows if we had to wait till midnight for an umbrella? 

Second incident was during Check-out. (Yes, there was a second.) Requested for the receptionist to call for a cab for us to the Airport, and without trying he told us there was none available. I just feel that it's very unprofessional as a hotel staff to say no to your customers when you haven't even tried. I would have left the matter as it were if you tried, but plain rejection without trying is just. Well, not professional at all.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the small pool on our second day. Had a great view, a jacuzzi, but a whole lotta trees blocking the beautiful view, which was a bit of a waste.

On our last night, we booked a package with the hotel reception to Phuket FantaSEA. It was termed as one of the shows you cannot miss while in Phuket, and it turned out pretty amazing. It was like a huge theme park with shopping, restaurants, little bars, and animals. Remember to go in earlier than your show start so you can finish exploring everything! Too bad the show was pretty strict in regards to photography and all camera phones & cameras had to be deposited at the security counters, so I didn't manage any pictures. But: the show is so amazing that you will be marveling at. every. angle, trust me on that. Live animals, elephants, illusions, all in front of your eyes - pretty much a must-watch. (We paid 1650 baht per pax for Transfer to/from and for the show itself.)

And that's about it. I need to head to bed, it's 12.30am now /shock

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Harmoni One, Batam

Hi from Harmoni One, Batam Indonesia! 

Heh. Me and the boy just finished with our day tour and amaaazing massage and we're currently just lazing in our room, watching The Avengers on cable TV. Got an upgrade to the Deluxe room, which comes with a lounging area, a standing rain shower, and King-Sized Bed. 

I think the main reason I always come back to 2D1N stays in Batam are the massages. SO worth it! For this 2D1N trip, we only paid $45 per pax for the hotel, ferry, buffet lunch, tour AND massage. Super cheap or what!?
It's a great way to get out of Singapore to relax for a bit, don't you think? 

Uploading pictures in a bit!

The Chloe bag I bought in MegaMall for $5.00 Singapore Dollars cos my sling bag broke. Sadly the button also died the minute I tried to close it WTF. 

Panorama shot of the room taken from the lounging area. The boy's so intensely watching the movie. Air-Con of the room is too cold! Turned it to 27 degrees and it was still freezing (Typing this under the covers now. Hahah)

Another shot. Maybe I'll add in some other shots later, I'm entranced by the Room Service Menu (I'm the kind that absolutely love ordering Room Service!!): They've got Asian Fried Rice to T-Bone Steaks to Carbonara Pasta to Beef Burgers to Banana Spilts and Tiramisu!! What should I eat, wanna eat everything....

Can't wait to enjoy the bathtub later, and/or the Swimming Pool. I'm glad this hotel has a hair dryer; if not my hair won't even be dry by the time I checkout tomorrow WTF. (All toiletries are included, including toothbrushes!)

- Apparently the Water Boiler does not automatically switch off even after it boils. By the time we realize the boiler was less than half empty WTF. 
- The water that came out from the tap AND the bath was a very slight yellow. .... I don't even want to know why. Apparently almost all the rooms had this problem. (I had to double-boil our waters for safety reasons lol)
- The room had awesome blackout curtains, which was great. Some hotel's blackout curtains barely even block out any light. 
- Free Mini-bar drinks in the fridge! Every room's different, we got Chrysanthemum Tea & Winter Melon. 
- Staff's attitude at Checkout leaves much to be desired. They insisted the 'Bath Mat' was gone from the bathroom (Which, by the way was not even there when we first Checked-In) and we had to go to back to the room to check. Didn't find it in the end BUT our tour guide solved the issue for us. Heard another group also had similar issues, so do check carefully upon checkin, lest you don't have a nice Tour Guide like ours. 
- Swimming Pool's got a jacuzzi! It's open from 7am till 10pm daily. 

All-in-one, I guess it was a pretty okay experience. But if you ask me if I would return.. I'll think about it. If it's still cheap or even cheaper, perhaps... But for now? My number 1 hotel is still Nongsa Point :D 
(Did I mention before how much I love that place? I even brought my family there before, they loved it as well :D)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I find it crazy the guys over here PMS way more often then the girls do.
What's with the fucking black faces? Does anyone owe you money?
Even if anyone owes you money, no one fucking owes you a living.
I've got 3 words for 'em: Suck. It. Up.
Aren't you a man? If you are, I suppose it's time you acted like one.

Don't know who put a stick up their asses recently. Even if someone did - With this attitude of theirs, they deserved it.
Hell, even I want to do it with all the attitudes alllllll around. Geez.

Friday, July 5, 2013


At least that was what I was feeling before you made me feel like shit.
Why did you always have to be the cold blanket, the one who strips away my happiness & fulfillment?
Fuck this shit, and fuck you, it's 2 bloody days before my birthday and I deserve the best. I do not fucking deserve your fucking attitude.

Anyway.. As I was mentioning. This work week has finally gotten itself over and I'm flying off tomorrow!
So psyched all of a sudden now. Got so many little surprises today, and it's made me smile so much.
Got to go home early at 5pm, colleague snuck a little gift inside my bag (No wonder he kept asking about my bag today! Because he snuck a red packet in! Heh thank you dear boy, it's gonna go into my Japanese Class funding ;) And after that my Aunts came to pay me a little visit & talked for a bit, they brought presents from my cousin too! All the red packets I received are going into my Class Funding wee!

I knew The Secret was a good thing. Believe & you will get it. In fact - Imma start re-reading it again! Why not, since I've got so many hours on board the flight to Tokyo, right? Heh, my adventure's just getting started...

I will kill this dead mood of mine with Running Man, they always, always manage to make me smile even after a damn shitty day. 


It's just been a long week.
My last work week before I leave for Japan, and Korea.
Exam for Elementary 2 this week.
Meetup with my boys for dinner.
And finally leaving for my planned-for-damn-long trip, & meeting my favourite Jie.
I guess I'm just feeling alot of emotions right now and need an outlet. :)

  • Last workweek before Japan/Korea
Though I'm pretty free at the office these days, still have to take care of day-to-day duties. Planned & wrote a list for my colleague so she won't get lost when I'm not around. Explained everything to her. Told her not to call me 'cos my phone's got zero service in Japan. (Seriously, lol. Was totally fine in Hong Kong's Airport, but suddenly went No Service at Osaka. Reckon it'll be the same this time in Tokyo?)
Seriously though, it's already Thursday (Technically Friday now eeks) & my luggage is not half packed. Should I be in a slight panic? Hmm. Guess not. 
  • Exam for Japanese, Elementary 2.
Had the exam for Elementary 2 on Wednesday. I was fretting over myself during the test. Others finished so fast, I was so slow! I was thinking to myself, Well I either am gonna do damn well, or damn poorly. I was so unsure of my answers, but before I handed in the paper I told myself: Ah, just fuck this. I did my bloody best. And I waited for Sensei to mark the papers. I was all trembling fingers while she did. And when she smiled and returned it to me..
I got 95 upon 100. Even higher than my Elementary 1 results! I was amazed. Sensei said it was a job well done :) I really did not expect it, but I'm glad all my efforts paid off. :) :) :)

 せんせい、ありはとう ございます!あなたは ほうとに いいせんせい ですよ!

  • Meetup with my boys today.
Met up with Chong & Greg today for dinner. Greg bought us to this supposedly yums Chicken Rice place at Bishan & it was a small birthday treat for me! I guess things are so much simpler when you hang around boys, and I being the only girl now, they treat me like a princess. Heck, this boy Chong even sent me home right till my block cos he said it was late, even when I told him there was no need to! (Even though his bike was a teeny bit too tall and my butt hurt. Regardless..) Which guys are such gentlemen nowadays! I always feel pampered by them both. :) (Heh, I always tell my boy I am a princess & he should treat me like one! But he never does. ): ) I always feel very content and just happy and satisfied after I return from a dinner with 'em. We never really do anything serious, but just talk and have dinner together, and that's great enough. They're just great boys (Men now, to be exact.) and their wives are gonna be lucky, lucky girls. I just love them so much & I want the best for them, regardless. 

  • Glad it's finally Friday tomorrow. 
I needed it, an ending to the week, and to start off our trip. A bit scared but psyched, a little nervous but excited. I just can't wait. I guess I just want a hug, now. Can't wait for my boy to get home. :)

On a random note: Can you believe me and the boy are reaching 7 years this week on my birthday? Wow. 7 years with a person, that's a bloody long time. This year's left me with so much, now it's gonna get better. Happy birthday to me. :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tokyo Drift

At the ending of Fast & Furious 6, I saw a peek of the streets of Tokyo & it stirred up so many emotions in me. Happiness, excitement, fear.. Just to name a few. I was so excited to finally be able to step into the country, a different one from any I've experienced. Sure, I've been to Osaka, but Osaka & Tokyo are so much different from each other, every country offers a different view, that is what I'm looking forward to. Tokyo and Korea.. Hope I can see Garie-oppa there LOL! -fangirl-

(Digressing, never thought I would enjoy the movie so much. I was a never a 'cars' kinda girl, so when I went to the cinema expecting time to pass real slow - whoa. Amazed. Definitely gonna catch the other five installments now; and that means alot, coming from someone who has zero interest in vehicles.)

Haven't had time to properly finish my itinerary yet - it's about 45% done at this point, but I guess I'm still in a slacking kinda mode since there's still time. Japanese level 2 however, is a different story. Sensei was right when she mentioned it would be different from Level 1. It is, more interesting but more difficult. So many concepts similar yet different when infused together. I always anticipate lessons now, and now the thought of continuing with Level 3's bouncing in my mind. What for go for Level 1 & 2, but stop there, right? Might as well go all the way. Sure, I take time to understand the concepts and what nots - but the language's really intriguing me, bit by bit. And Sensei! The way she teaches and her plentiful expressions, I adore her style of teaching.

Ah, I've started rambling again. Perhaps I'll update this space with some pictures when I get home. Till then, happy Monday! (I know Mondays are normally not associated with the word Happy.. But that's how I am feeling, after seeing pictures of our Monday Couple! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Because sometimes I look at her & I think,
was I so inconsiderate, so naive, so foolish, so immature when I was younger?
Thinking I could hold the world up on my own, not believing in anyone's words..

And that is what makes me want to strive to be a better person, even now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Tears(눈물) (Feat. Eugene(유진) of THE SEEYA)

We have bad attachments rather than good attachments
We fight all the time and go for days without seeing each other
But we wanted each other so much
Because we loved each other, because we couldn’t live without each other
The freckles on your body, the food you can’t eat
When we kiss and made up after fighting
When we tightly held hands while driving
I remember all of those things
Even if you’re not next to me for a moment, I get nervous
After letting you go, I easily get blank
I hate the changing world
I forcefully take out your memories
Your name, face, laughter, scent
There are so many memories you gave to me
There is so much soul that you left to me
They come to life and find to me
I crush them all with the word, love

Sitting alone between narrow streets in tears
In case someone sees, I secretly shed tears
I try so hard not to become weak
My tears

(Tears, by LeeSsang. The english translation is from here.)

I love this song. 


I can't wait to go to Korea and Tokyo for my birthday trip this year, and Taiwan year-end.
Oh, by the way - I passed my Japanese Elementary 1 with the result of 92/100!! :D
Guess my brain still remembers how to study, huh? Now, let's continue on to Elementary 2 :D 

Friday, March 8, 2013


I'm so, so tired of this job.
People who don't appreciate you for your work, who nit-pick on you, who gives so, much, fucking excuses.

I've almost reached my limit.

Don't try me - I'm sure you'll be the one to regret more than I will.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ever since the first time I've stepped out of Singapore without my parents, my wanderlust had begun.
The thrill of exploring somewhere you've never been, that breath of air once you stepped off the plane.. That was what I anticipate the most everything I travel now.

Since it all begun, I've told myself that I've had to go overseas at least once a year but so far, I've exceeded that target by so much more. ;)
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangkok, Japan... And I'm so excited to add so many more countries to that list. 
After experiencing Osaka last year, me & the boy has taken up learning Japanese (Elementary 1!) in order to go to Japan to experience life there for a while. We know this wish of ours will take time to conquer, but we're gonna work towards that goal! Anyhow, we'll need to get to brushing our Japanese up to higher levels first. Sensei (Teacher in Japanese) says a minimum understanding of Advanced is required to go work/live there!
So... がんばります~~ (Translation: I will work hard~)

Anyhow, on the travel list this year is Seoul & Tokyo! Since Shimin will be headed to Japan in March, our plan is to first meet in Seoul for a couple of days (& maybe get to meeting the Running Man wtf) and then head on to Tokyo for another few more days! I'm so damn psyched just thinking about it, can't wait for it to arrive!

That's about it for now. I'll drop by again to update soon... Perhaps?

[Edit @ 24th February 2013, 12:20am] 

I know, twice in a month - that's gonna be breaking some record of mine. Since I was clearing pictures off my phone and into my computer, I thought I may as well update.
This space's been too stale lately, full of the old. Y'know what they say right? In with the new, out with the old.

(Picture credits: here: One of my favourite episodes, the Christmas episode, they were so adorable when Mongji went Gary Gary!  ♡)

I've been watching SO much Running Man episodes it's scary. For the fast 2+ months it's just been endless episodes after another in my iPad, from the oldest episode back in 2011 till the newest episodes in 2013.
My favourite's gotta be every Monday Couple moments, they're so adorable together ♡♡
Because of Running Man too, I've started listening to K-pop more & the newest songs on my iPhone are LeeSSang's. Take a listen to Tears by LeeSSang, you'll like it like I did. Gary's voice really suits the rap!

Happr birthday Gary-oppa! Wishing you all have all the happiness you could ever have, & smiles everyday!
(GST +7 hours is Korea's 12am, hence all the SWAGgers started trending #PeacefulGaryDay on Twitter! I'm so glad we managed to trend this for Gary's birthday :)

Heh. The boy & I on a trip to Sentosa last year! His signature grumpy face.

Christmas party at the office! My most unfavourite person left early & I took the opportunity to snap some pictures with the other office staff!

My colleague's wedding in Malaysia; boss drove us over to Muar for his wedding. Fate's a funny thing, just before he announced his marriage, he was telling me he didn't want to get tied down so early - now he's a father. Heh, that's destiny isn't it? I know he'll be a great father though, this kid.
(Yes, we're of the same age.. BUT he's 15 days younger then me - still a kid to me lol)

Still mantaining my love for beautiful skies & scenery.

Gardens by the Bay with the boy & his little sister. Haven't had the chance to go to the SuperTrees, maybe soon!

The Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. (I know you can't see any flowers but I just wanted to take a picture of the structure then. Lol)

The boy & I got ourselves terrapins. He's been whining about getting them for awhile, so we got a pair to begin with... And now we have 5 palm-sized ones. (Not kidding) They grow so fast! They used to be so small & adorable and now sometimes we are scared when we change the water of the tank. (Again, not kidding. Wish I was, though. Lol) Still love them to bits, though!

Bangkok last year with Shimin for my birthday trip! It's really an interesting place, I found.
Love the temples, all the statues & tiles were pretty detailed, and Bangkok's really, really a shopping heaven. I think I just may make Bangkok a yearly affair - things there are SO affordable! The only bad thing is that once you're back - you find things here too expensive. Pfft.

Didn't have much of street food there - mostly smells that Shimin and I weren't too keen on exploring. Had this though, something like Singapore's roti-prata, but with banana slices and condensed milk drizzled on generously. It was good, but not impressionable.
Perhaps from the right vendor it would be good? Ours was from an old uncle below our hotel.

Love, love, love the Siam Aquarium in Siam Paragon. Who would have expected a aquarium underneath a shopping mall be filled with so much fun? Arabian guys tried to hit on Shimin there (LOL! Most epic experience ever, she had to lie to them that she had a boyfriend in Singapore. Still wouldn't give up, them. They even said I look Arabic -_-)
Had the chance to sit on a glass-bottom boat - watching sharks swim underneath you, now that's something you won't ever forget.)

All my Bangkok loots for 3 days! Brought about S$700 there, and it was just about right for everything - including souvenirs & gifts for family. Enough to practically live like a King (or Queen, actually).

On the eve of my birthday, went on a 1 night cruise with my cousins! Had SO much fun - wandered around the ship, sharing jokes, talking about nothing & everything - best night of 2012, I reckon.
I'm so glad we're going overseas (Although to Batam only.. But still better than nothing!!) in 3 weeks' time! I can't wait - I've got a surprise for them all! Heheh!

Sunset on the cruise - breathtaking, actually. I love watching skies. It's something that's there everyday, but never quite the same.

One of the most exciting days in 2012.. When our Japan trip finally got confirmed.

Going to Japan is quite different from going to other countries, I think. It was the first time Ive been so far - & in a country where people could completely not understand our language. But the Japanese, as always, exceeded my expectations. I remember the first day when we arrived - we were just staring at the Railway map, and this Japanese man came up to us & offered his help - he thought we were lost.
The Japanese are always so willing to help, and offer a smile with everything. I guess that was one of the things that caught our heart there. (Besides the beautiful men & women, of course. And also the warm toilet seats during Winter always helps WTF)

In Koyasan. This was a family graveyard.
 (At Koyasan, every picture I took of the graveyard I prayed in respect to them - it's a graveyard, after all - better to be safe right?)

At the Supermarket in Japan. They really have everything there. Me and the boy really wanted to bring SO many things home, but due to luggage constraint... :(

A random garden in the temple's also so beautiful. It's the Japan air, I believe. The air's so fresh, at Koyasan. It's really what you would term as clean, crisp, mountain air.

Near Shimin's apartment in Osaka.

The main entrance to the Inari gates in Japan. After climbing Mt. Inari I came down with a bad cold the next day - sweating during the cold nights climbing a mountain in winter, probably not a good idea. Lol!

It took us around 2 hours to conquer Mt. Inari. Each of the Tori gates are donated by someone, the size of the gates would differ according to the amount donated. There were nearly tens of thousands of gates on the way up, they line the path up to the peak. Each of the gates are carved with the donator's name & date donated.
It's a very astonishing sight - they line the way up, then down. I can still remember wanting to give up & rest but the boy and Shimin kept saying: Almost there, almost there! when we were nowhere there. They kept telling me that, and when we finally reached the peak - there was nothing but a sign that says: 顶端 (Peak in Chinese.)
Felt very cheated -_- At least at the half-way mark there was a view of the glittering city lights that spanned for miles. Could have stared for it longer but we were rushing for the train home wtf.

Again, at Koyasan. Postcard scenics there, to be honest. Every corner you turn, it was beautiful. Even the drain canals -_-

Us at USJ (Universal Studios Japan!) Didn't explore each & every ride - but it was fun enough, we got to enjoy USJ's Halloween! There weren't too many scare actors, which were saddening - but! The scarce actors really were quite scary!~
My favourite ride was the Hollywood Dream: it looked mild but it could be compared to Battlestar Galactica at USS (Universal Studios Singapore)! When I got down I was stunned into shock & one of my eyelashes almost dropped off wtf.

Some of the souvenirs we got at USJ! No wonder they say Japan's the land of souvenirs, they think of everything! Keychains to phone chargers to dust caps or coins - all there.

I love this one that Shimin snapped of me going down the stairs from Sagano.

Sunset at Sagano. The 3 of us (Shimin, the boy and I) just practically stood there & admired the view from an overhead bridge.

All the amulets we got in Japan - that's why Shimin said we'll be very safe going back home, we had a ridiculous amounts of amulets.
In our defence, most of them were for friends & family! (Mom dropped the one I got for her :(

Lastly, this quote I thought every girl should know. Bye, for now. ♡