Sunday, September 28, 2008

(Random picture: This is Blackie. He can change faces, & he is named Blackie so cos he's black. HAHA)

I forgot to mention this, but the last Toma gathering I went to went better than what I've expected, though I didn't meet the girl I was supposed to meet but met another one. (lol)
We were both quite shy, not knowing what to say, but I'm glad I met you fellow Toma-fan! :)
(Ah I'm so sorry I didn't quite ask for your name.. Gomen! x.x)
I hope we can all meet next time, neh? :)

I hate people who automatically put me on their mailing lists just cos they saw my email.
Though I sometimes get guilty when they reply with, "Oh, so sorry!" when I ask them to remove me.. (lol)

I'm happy cos the clothes I've ordered for Darling arrived!
However they sent a wrong item, and I had to topup the amount :/

This is the one I ordered. It is cheaper by 12 bucks.

This is the one they gave. And the words makes no sense. But Darling thinks it's okay, so.. (lol)

Ah I don't know why I'm so tired. Does watching F1 races make you tired?
Maybe it's a side effect or something. Ah, to the library tomorrow!

(I am being so random again.)