Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ever since the first time I've stepped out of Singapore without my parents, my wanderlust had begun.
The thrill of exploring somewhere you've never been, that breath of air once you stepped off the plane.. That was what I anticipate the most everything I travel now.

Since it all begun, I've told myself that I've had to go overseas at least once a year but so far, I've exceeded that target by so much more. ;)
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangkok, Japan... And I'm so excited to add so many more countries to that list. 
After experiencing Osaka last year, me & the boy has taken up learning Japanese (Elementary 1!) in order to go to Japan to experience life there for a while. We know this wish of ours will take time to conquer, but we're gonna work towards that goal! Anyhow, we'll need to get to brushing our Japanese up to higher levels first. Sensei (Teacher in Japanese) says a minimum understanding of Advanced is required to go work/live there!
So... がんばります~~ (Translation: I will work hard~)

Anyhow, on the travel list this year is Seoul & Tokyo! Since Shimin will be headed to Japan in March, our plan is to first meet in Seoul for a couple of days (& maybe get to meeting the Running Man wtf) and then head on to Tokyo for another few more days! I'm so damn psyched just thinking about it, can't wait for it to arrive!

That's about it for now. I'll drop by again to update soon... Perhaps?

[Edit @ 24th February 2013, 12:20am] 

I know, twice in a month - that's gonna be breaking some record of mine. Since I was clearing pictures off my phone and into my computer, I thought I may as well update.
This space's been too stale lately, full of the old. Y'know what they say right? In with the new, out with the old.

(Picture credits: here: One of my favourite episodes, the Christmas episode, they were so adorable when Mongji went Gary Gary!  ♡)

I've been watching SO much Running Man episodes it's scary. For the fast 2+ months it's just been endless episodes after another in my iPad, from the oldest episode back in 2011 till the newest episodes in 2013.
My favourite's gotta be every Monday Couple moments, they're so adorable together ♡♡
Because of Running Man too, I've started listening to K-pop more & the newest songs on my iPhone are LeeSSang's. Take a listen to Tears by LeeSSang, you'll like it like I did. Gary's voice really suits the rap!

Happr birthday Gary-oppa! Wishing you all have all the happiness you could ever have, & smiles everyday!
(GST +7 hours is Korea's 12am, hence all the SWAGgers started trending #PeacefulGaryDay on Twitter! I'm so glad we managed to trend this for Gary's birthday :)

Heh. The boy & I on a trip to Sentosa last year! His signature grumpy face.

Christmas party at the office! My most unfavourite person left early & I took the opportunity to snap some pictures with the other office staff!

My colleague's wedding in Malaysia; boss drove us over to Muar for his wedding. Fate's a funny thing, just before he announced his marriage, he was telling me he didn't want to get tied down so early - now he's a father. Heh, that's destiny isn't it? I know he'll be a great father though, this kid.
(Yes, we're of the same age.. BUT he's 15 days younger then me - still a kid to me lol)

Still mantaining my love for beautiful skies & scenery.

Gardens by the Bay with the boy & his little sister. Haven't had the chance to go to the SuperTrees, maybe soon!

The Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. (I know you can't see any flowers but I just wanted to take a picture of the structure then. Lol)

The boy & I got ourselves terrapins. He's been whining about getting them for awhile, so we got a pair to begin with... And now we have 5 palm-sized ones. (Not kidding) They grow so fast! They used to be so small & adorable and now sometimes we are scared when we change the water of the tank. (Again, not kidding. Wish I was, though. Lol) Still love them to bits, though!

Bangkok last year with Shimin for my birthday trip! It's really an interesting place, I found.
Love the temples, all the statues & tiles were pretty detailed, and Bangkok's really, really a shopping heaven. I think I just may make Bangkok a yearly affair - things there are SO affordable! The only bad thing is that once you're back - you find things here too expensive. Pfft.

Didn't have much of street food there - mostly smells that Shimin and I weren't too keen on exploring. Had this though, something like Singapore's roti-prata, but with banana slices and condensed milk drizzled on generously. It was good, but not impressionable.
Perhaps from the right vendor it would be good? Ours was from an old uncle below our hotel.

Love, love, love the Siam Aquarium in Siam Paragon. Who would have expected a aquarium underneath a shopping mall be filled with so much fun? Arabian guys tried to hit on Shimin there (LOL! Most epic experience ever, she had to lie to them that she had a boyfriend in Singapore. Still wouldn't give up, them. They even said I look Arabic -_-)
Had the chance to sit on a glass-bottom boat - watching sharks swim underneath you, now that's something you won't ever forget.)

All my Bangkok loots for 3 days! Brought about S$700 there, and it was just about right for everything - including souvenirs & gifts for family. Enough to practically live like a King (or Queen, actually).

On the eve of my birthday, went on a 1 night cruise with my cousins! Had SO much fun - wandered around the ship, sharing jokes, talking about nothing & everything - best night of 2012, I reckon.
I'm so glad we're going overseas (Although to Batam only.. But still better than nothing!!) in 3 weeks' time! I can't wait - I've got a surprise for them all! Heheh!

Sunset on the cruise - breathtaking, actually. I love watching skies. It's something that's there everyday, but never quite the same.

One of the most exciting days in 2012.. When our Japan trip finally got confirmed.

Going to Japan is quite different from going to other countries, I think. It was the first time Ive been so far - & in a country where people could completely not understand our language. But the Japanese, as always, exceeded my expectations. I remember the first day when we arrived - we were just staring at the Railway map, and this Japanese man came up to us & offered his help - he thought we were lost.
The Japanese are always so willing to help, and offer a smile with everything. I guess that was one of the things that caught our heart there. (Besides the beautiful men & women, of course. And also the warm toilet seats during Winter always helps WTF)

In Koyasan. This was a family graveyard.
 (At Koyasan, every picture I took of the graveyard I prayed in respect to them - it's a graveyard, after all - better to be safe right?)

At the Supermarket in Japan. They really have everything there. Me and the boy really wanted to bring SO many things home, but due to luggage constraint... :(

A random garden in the temple's also so beautiful. It's the Japan air, I believe. The air's so fresh, at Koyasan. It's really what you would term as clean, crisp, mountain air.

Near Shimin's apartment in Osaka.

The main entrance to the Inari gates in Japan. After climbing Mt. Inari I came down with a bad cold the next day - sweating during the cold nights climbing a mountain in winter, probably not a good idea. Lol!

It took us around 2 hours to conquer Mt. Inari. Each of the Tori gates are donated by someone, the size of the gates would differ according to the amount donated. There were nearly tens of thousands of gates on the way up, they line the path up to the peak. Each of the gates are carved with the donator's name & date donated.
It's a very astonishing sight - they line the way up, then down. I can still remember wanting to give up & rest but the boy and Shimin kept saying: Almost there, almost there! when we were nowhere there. They kept telling me that, and when we finally reached the peak - there was nothing but a sign that says: 顶端 (Peak in Chinese.)
Felt very cheated -_- At least at the half-way mark there was a view of the glittering city lights that spanned for miles. Could have stared for it longer but we were rushing for the train home wtf.

Again, at Koyasan. Postcard scenics there, to be honest. Every corner you turn, it was beautiful. Even the drain canals -_-

Us at USJ (Universal Studios Japan!) Didn't explore each & every ride - but it was fun enough, we got to enjoy USJ's Halloween! There weren't too many scare actors, which were saddening - but! The scarce actors really were quite scary!~
My favourite ride was the Hollywood Dream: it looked mild but it could be compared to Battlestar Galactica at USS (Universal Studios Singapore)! When I got down I was stunned into shock & one of my eyelashes almost dropped off wtf.

Some of the souvenirs we got at USJ! No wonder they say Japan's the land of souvenirs, they think of everything! Keychains to phone chargers to dust caps or coins - all there.

I love this one that Shimin snapped of me going down the stairs from Sagano.

Sunset at Sagano. The 3 of us (Shimin, the boy and I) just practically stood there & admired the view from an overhead bridge.

All the amulets we got in Japan - that's why Shimin said we'll be very safe going back home, we had a ridiculous amounts of amulets.
In our defence, most of them were for friends & family! (Mom dropped the one I got for her :(

Lastly, this quote I thought every girl should know. Bye, for now. ♡