Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend rendezvous

I'm in my bed snuggling in my blanket on a Monday and it's perfect. How can it not be when I've had such a great weekend - with a holiday on a Monday to top it off? Heh :)
A little glimpse into my last few weekends..

I think this was taken last weekend or something? At one of my eldest cousin's baby shower!

It looks fierce only because another kitty was snatching its' food. It did warm up to me after some snuggles, though.

Brought Baby to Universal Studios Singapore on Saturday as a birthday gift since he's never been there before.
I went on the Battlestar Galactica ride on Saturday - it was more awesomely scary than I realize it would be! Baby refused to sit on it with me, citing that he might puke from the ride. Wasted I'd say!!
(Yes, I'm in the above photo screaming my head off. 3rd last row, 2nd from left - that's me LOL)

Then we went to Sentosa (again) yesterday cos "his relatives from China" were here and we had (kinda) obligations to bring them around.. (I guess.) He looks older by 10 years in this picture though, haha!

Baby says our cheeks match cos we both have really chubby cheeks.

That about sums up my great weekends - I'm hoping to meet my friends soon, I miss them so much!
I haven't met Leemin and Joel and Hui and Greg and Chong in so long... :(

There's alot of things weighing in on my mind. A lot of thoughts running through my head.
Many things have changed, that I've realized. But I'm not one who associates well with change.
Quite a few events have occurred that have changed my mindset on things, and on human behaviour.
Sometimes I really think I need to speak up, but that's really something I need to work on - me being kinda introverted and all.
I need an outlet - Boyf doesn't really understand sometimes and my friends don't really have time for me so sometimes there's nowhere to turn.
It's funny how alike yet different we are, though. I've always believed a partner & a best friend should be hand in hand - while he believes they can never be the same. Why so? I don't know.
I envy those who can just pour their heart out - that never seems to come easy for me. I'm getting tired of holding so much in...

Ah well. Time to get back to work tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?..................
Currently there's this quote that keeps rewinding in my mind - Memento mori.
Translated from Latin... Remember you must die.