Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bob ftw~

Bob FTW~
(I've been wanting to say this ever since Survivor: Gabon started,
but since now it has ended and BOB WON (!!) so..
He's totally awesome, winning 5 challenges in a row and he's 57 and a physics teacher
and if you wanna know more you can google 'Bob Crowley' or 'Survivor Gabon'!)

(Random: I am such a TV junkie)

Anyway I'm only here typing this cos Darling got called away to guard duty last night,
when he was supposed to be sleeping beside me in my bed tonight.
(Eh, no idea why but that sentence with a perfectly decent meaning sounded wrong)

Ah Mom just asked me to go help with her with tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) for tomorrow~
明天是‘冬至’, 该吃汤圆咯! (妈说, 吃了汤圆, 就会老了一岁~)

I hope Christmas this year will be a fun one! :)

(Random: The 3rd blogshop I was refering to was
I saw her being blacklisted in another blog, lor. Those who're interested can go google it,
cos I'm not going to waste any more time on her.)

(Random: I just realized alot of guys (And I mean ALOT) like to take pictures of themselves straight upfront.
Like when you see the picture, their face is kinda 'in-your-face'.
Did that make sense? Ah never mind LOL!)